FAO John Smith MP

28th January 2009                                 Barbara Wilding

  • 1. Today I am informed the Chief Officer of South Wales Police, Ms Barbara Wilding, is to sign a sworn affidavit that her police did not break into my veterinary surgery with a crow bar and sledge hammer and put back the daughter of one of their inspectors in the overhead flat with a local drug dealer, nor does she have any knowledge of the incident.
  • 2. Madam is to sign a sworn affidavit that her police did not take a statement from Christopher Paul Ebbs who informed Special Branch I had been smuggling pigs into the Vale of Glamorgan from Eire in my 2 seat Piper aircraft leading to a memorable court case, nor was she aware of the incident.
  • 3. Madam will also be mistaken, if she states that her police did not leave my confiscated BMW for 6 weeks on the road side and unlocked, with Immobilon veterinary drug on the back seat, sufficient to kill a three figure number of the general public passing through the Vale of Glamorgan.
  • 4. Madam will be complimented for her terminological inexactitude, should she state her police did not arrange the theft of my veterinary ambulance nor did they prosecute me in Barry Magistrates on this foreign vehicle for ‘no MOT or road fund tax' saying "there was no court case" and she has no knowledge of the incident.
  • 5. Madam will again be 'economical with the truth' if she states she did not know of the unlawful conduct in Cardiff Crown Court causing direct intervention from the jury leaving my trial dead in the water and the wrong person sent to prison.
  • 6.  Madam will again be 'telling fibs', if she states that her police had no recall of record, subject to CPR court disclosure, of some 50 to 60 incidents against me and my veterinary staff despite carrying police ‘occurrence' numbers for reference.
  • 7. Madam will be a blatent liar if she states that her police failed to identify me while Cardiff Magistrates remanded me to prison to stay until some passing pigeon may ‘recognise me'.
  • 8. Madam will again be telling 'porky pies' if she is to sign a sworn affidavit that her police did not conduct a campaign of harassment, my having to present my valid driving documents 35 times with their harassment stopping almost to the day, 29th May 2002, when my name was removed from the veterinary register by their complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the climate of 120 failed police prosecutions. This, despite the current stench of our UK judicial system controlled by HM Attorney General, HM Government and HM Partnership.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Nor does she have knowledge, the published affidavit next week will reveal, of the 30 odd incidents in the 4th and 5th Action for damages, currently blocked from disclosure by HM Partnership  but her planned retirement before we go to court, my being refused a jury trial of course, is unlikely to deter my issuing the occasional witness summons.

Today I was also informed I am to pay the costs of my application for above disclosure should I lose the trial in some year hence and I ‘appear' to be 'out of time' to appeal it, despite the draft court order never being agreed. So I am yet to receive a ‘sealed order' upon which to appeal.

[To the new reader on this site I must explain. All my court actions in the past 15 years have been spirited up/down to the HM Attorney General, his team of Whitehall lawyers and  defendants interrogated, in order to prevent my disclosure application being heard. The RCVS/SWP/HO ‘relationship' all relies now on Section 42 ‘legal professional privilege'!  HM Attorney General and HM Government are, we are repeatedly told, independent of HM Court Service and HM judges nor could they influence the 1967 RCVS Royal Charter despite admission by the RCVS it is, in itself, in clear breach of the farcical 1998 Human Rights Act both ratified by Her Majesty in Council].