12 th day seemed to be taken up arguing about what cannot go up on my website.....interesting when you think that there is 100% silence by the Welsh press with the this order being handed down preventing me from publishing startling documents from Leighton Hill, the force solicitor about Barbara Wilding and just what orders were given out and those that should have been given out in 2006.





Tomorrow we have, to give evidence, after my six times being stopped, arrested, jailed or just reported , for driving whilst disqualified, a police officer who appears to have doubted the police computer!

 So why had his previous custody officers or inspectors, in charge of Barry police station, checked this out or had they ‘milked that little scam’ far enough? Bearing in mind, during that short period, south Wales Police had ordered my production of my driving documents thirty five times and made nothing of the fact the vehicles I seemed to be astride were nearly all registered in the names of past aviators and aviatrix.

Five police and ex police, for tomorrow may turn out to be forgetful or have a sudden  bout of ‘selective amnesia’.... we will wait and see.   


BUT it is all really about next week's Criminal Court of Appeal in Cardiff, on 14th March13, when the conduct of Caswell Clinic staff are once again in the spot light

with the current politics of lawyters syphoning off huge sums of tax payer's money pretending to protect the NHS , do you expect an imparial tribun ial?

Come to that also, may I suggest and balance its content with this three month trial as it  may be a warning to you all of what a special gentleman wrote about, back in the 40s/50s, of the year1984 and 'Animal Farm', both fascinating reading.

BS614159 Kirk V South Wales Police 12.07.11 Proceedings 3.pdf

Come on, don’t be frightened, come and witness your South Wales Police, tomorrow and every day for nearly three months.


 YOUR police force, is in the dock, again, not me for a change, as public servants with police quoting apparent utter lies as said in Barry magistrates court or have you not appreciated just why we fought TWO WORLD WARS? Not fought for the Tony Blairs of this world to allow  a THIRD WORLD WAR to take over our country without even a shot being fired?


My 4am appaisal, on 13th day of the facts eventually coming out , put along side what is to yet come, indicates, to me, Maurice may cause the real risk of 'contamination' of future policeman witness evidence if these new documents are not just saved to put to future and now, a number of past witnesses all needing to be recalled.

BUT when will common sense prevail? I am not holding my breath

MORE POLICE DOCUMENTS NOW COME TO LIGHT from the force solicitor.......Dated St David’s Day, 2013

I have court indication, yesterday, I cannot publish as it seriously contradicts Barbara Wilding's 25th Feb 2009 sworn affidavit, ordered by HHJ Chambers QC, produced 6 weeks late by Dolmans, who clearly drafted it, led to my MAPPA level 3 registration, under Barbara’s personal command and backed by a rogue Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, to state I had 'significant brain damage’ and therefore must not be allowed to cross examine in courts,

In the police 1st March 13 document the force lawyer lets slip information, about the four times I was arrested & twice reported for ‘driving whilst disqualified’ when clearly the Barry  police had been told to ‘lean on me’  after police officer Booker had received from GUERNSEY my much circulated 'voluminous schedule of previous convictions.

I have kept fairly quiet in cross examination, so far, on the countless well over one hundred incidents of my being a ‘victim of crime’ once word was out to the pond life of Barry I was fair game for a source of drugs, motor bikes and personalty.

Police were systematically were told , from Police Central Command , to give me a hard time......using Guernsey’s tactics of arrest on any spurious motoring matter they can muster.......once locked goad , annoy him , prod him with a stick and we might manage a ‘resisting arrest ‘ or ‘a common assault’, anything to ridicule him publically so he goes bankrupt.

Cause 24/7 surveillance so, if he squeals, no self respecting person with an animal will dare arrive at his Barry Veterinary Hospital for fear of also being targeted by such a corrupt police force stuffed with automatons.

Solicitor Leighton Hill, force solicitor, has disclosed Barbara Wilding ordered former Inspector Sydney Griffiths, in circa 2006, not to investigate the Cardiff incidents ‘as they were not in the Vale of Glamorgan’!

This allowed Dolmans to then deny knowledge of Sgt Roe smashing his way into my Cardiff veterinary surgery on or about 3rd July 1995, with a van load of coppers, just to put a pilice inspector’s daughter back into my flat

This allowed Dolmans to then deny knowledge of my being stopped in Cardiff and prosecuted for failing to have insurance...as it was yet another set up of theirs that went ‘pear shaped’.

‘I know nothing’ was the order of the day from high command. Only rely in the witness box on those facts written in your personal note book.....do not ‘recall’ anything else, under cross examination or it may open the flood gates and the conspiracy will collapse

Wilding’s orders to then Inspector Sydney Griffiths allowed the Cardiff police to have me locked up in Cardiff Prison, in 1993, as 'not identified' never going to the Police Complaints Association and CCRC with the full facts

£1000 REWARD for witnesses who can furnish information that can be used in oral evidence