HMP Bristol can't help. Maybe HMP Cardiff can?



Or the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman? 


Maurice had been given bail at the beginning of this year by Judge Bidder; it never happened.

May 2nd 2014 he was eligible for tagged release; it never happened.

Now he has found out why. Back about ten years ago Maurice was involved in an incident in Bristol which resulted in him being held in custody for a short time. He had a run in with the custody people and through their behaviour towards him he got them into trouble.

Now he has discovered that the ring leader of the custody people has moved on and the same man is now head of NOMS, (National Offender Management Service) in the Cardiff area by the name Mulholland. He is Sarah Rowe's boss and the boss of many other staff in the prison and it is he who has TOTAL control over what happens to Maurice within the Prison.

Hence visitors are denied entry on the pre-arranged dates, Maurice's access to his Judge demanded Computer has been permanently obstructed and of course any opportunity to leave the Prison under licence has been blocked.

Never mind Judge's orders; they are all overridden by this man. No wonder Judge Bidder, Judge Rowlands and others have said in open court that they have NO jurisdiction within a prison. One can have no sympathy for the 'overcrowded prison situation' when the Ministry of Justice runs the prisons with such as Mulholland given free reign to persecute those who annoyed him in a previous existence.