You can't make it up, once again: after all the procedures of 'logging into' HMP Cardiff, 'white shirt' officer 056 tells us that 'Maurice refuses to come to the visit'.

A nice 'gate officer' found out that it was the doctor in the hospital wing who had made the decision not to let him have a wheelchair. I wonder whether she's ever been on a fast for nearly five weeks and how much energy she would have left??? 

But Norman Scarth cares, the 88-year-old veteran: 

  1. to Dr T W he wrote in 2009
  2. today he writes to Governor Steve Cross, HMP Cardiff. Fax: 0044 (0)2920 92 33 18

Monday 3rd March 2014

Sir, I understand that Mr Maurice Kirk, Prison Number A7306AT, currently in your tender care, is on hunger strike.

Please ensure he receives the document below. IT MAY SAVE HIS LIFE. NOTE: THIS MACHINE DOES NOT ACCEPT INCOMING FAXES.

Please confirm the document has been delivered to Mr Kirk, by email to:

To Mr Maurice J Kirk, Currently held captive at HMP Cardiff.

Maurice, If your hunger strike is a serious one, I urge you to cease. It will achieve nothing. Your childish faith that Britain is run by people with compassion & humanity is touching, but totally wrong. Governor Steve Cross has of course power to release you on compassionate grounds, but the hope of compassion from him or any other prison staff is a futile one.

Compassion or Humanity are not in their make-up. Nor in the make-up of South Wales Police, their Judicial Mafia pals who put you inside, Court Service staff, Government Ministers, or any of the other Quislings who now rule Britain. THEY WILL SMIRK BEHIND THEIR HANDS AS THEY WATCH YOU DIE OR LEARN OF YOUR DEATH.

While the rest of the people stay glued to East-Enders, Corrie, or ‘Sport’ – the present day ‘Opium of the Masses’(qv). Convicted of no crime, you are held ‘On Remand’ accused of ‘Breaching a Restraining Order Contrary to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997’. That is one of the worst of the many bad ‘laws’ brought in by the mass murderers & war criminals of the Blair Regime (the ‘Heir to Blair’ is no better).

SUPPOSEDLY brought in to save women from being murdered by stalkers (often ex-husbands or lovers), it was specifically & cynically designed as a weapon for police to harass law-abiding citizens, & is used by them with enthusiasm (woman are still being murdered by stalkers, just as before)..

Your captors would have obeyed the orders of King Herod or Judge Jeffries with the same enthusiasm they use to enforce the ‘Laws’(?) of those mass murderers. They remain free to jet-set around the world, while you rot in the ‘Hell-Hole’ which is Cardiff Prison.

It was Martin Narey, one-time Director General of the Prison Service (no less!) who wrote of “A Litany of Failure & Moral Neglect in HELL-HOLE prisons!"

It was General Sir David Ramsbotham who spoke on the TV Frost programme of ‘BARBARIC GUARDS’! The General had just been sacked from his post as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons - for doing his job too well - as had his predecessor, Judge Sir Stephen Tumim!

That was ten years or so ago, but obviously things are no better now. Unable to get more than token improvement, the humane Martin Narey gave up in despair, to become Director of Barnado’s - [to advise on accelerating adoptions!]

Norman Scarth. WW2 veteran, forced to flee the land of my birth to avoid the same sadistic treatment as being inflicted on Maurice Kirk.

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