Maurice's case was further adjourned today by Judge Bidder to sometime next week.

Maurice had argued that the case was being brought to stop Judge Seyss Llewellyn from giving judgment in his civil case against Sth Wales Police, and he had shown that he had been persecuted by the police, especially in revenge for his acquittal in the "machine gun" case.

Maurice also stated that he now had exclusive evidence that Dr Tegwyn Williams had concocted the bogus medical report in respect of him, and had tried to get him committed to Ashworth Secure Hospital for life on the ground that he had "significant brain damage", and that these events related to the conspiracy against him back in 2009.

A proposed address in Northampton for bail was also totally discredited as an officer from Northampton police who went round to it and make enquiries at two flats A and B. The occupants of the first address had stated that they had never heard of Maurice.

The other residents also stated that they hadn't seen the occupant, a former pilot and associate of Maurice for several weeks and believed that he was away in the Phillipines.

Maurice accused the Sth Wales police of trying to make suggestions of an improper nature against him, but when this was raised, Judge Bidder informed him that there was no suggestion that this was the case.

However, Maurice disputed this, and stated that the Sth Wales police had put this on files, but Judge Bider then cut of the video link so Maurice couldn't address the court further.

An address in Cowbridge Road was also refused for Maurice on the basis that Mr. Davenport, the alleged victim of common assualt had raised objections that he had passed his house on several occasions, and was concerned about Maurice contacting him.

He was however refused bail by Judge Bidder on the basis that neither of the addresses provided were suitable according to the various police reports. this was on the grounds that Maurice might "interfere with witnesses".

However, Judge Bidder then directed the Probation Service to try to make arrangements to see if a Bail Hostel could be provided outside of Cardiff, and we will see what transpires next week.

Judge Bidder also made the observations that Maurice had probably already served the time for any prison sentences that would likely to be imposed in respect of the common assaults involving Mr. Davenport and also the Intimidation of Witness charge.

Judge Bidder also tried to get Maurice to present arguments as to why the cases should be transferred out of Wales and gave him several opportunities to explain why, and after Maurice had addressed him, ruled against this on the basis that it would cause further delays. Maurice again raised the "machine gun" case and the massive conspiracy against him by Sth Wales Police.

In addition, Judge Bidder directed that the new appeal that Maurice has lodged re the alleged common assault on Prison Officer Rogan be heard later than the current Gareth Evans appeal.

This was because he considered that there would likely to be findings made by the Judge, relating to Maurice's credibility in that case, so a different judge should therefore hear that appeal.

He also directed that the Gareth Evans appeal should be heard by a Circuit Judge and not a Recorder, as it involved an alleged assault on a barrister in a court.

Judge Bidder finally commenting on the common assault charges generally that the CPS prosecutors and the police should show some tolerance and better judgment in bringing them, as they were taking up an inordinate amount of court time.

He was also concerned that common assault charges appeared on an Indictment, and this appeared to be disproportionate.

He also requested that in future, those responsible for prosecuting take more care in considering which charges were the most appropriate rather than bringing these minor type of charges.

It has therefore become clear that Judge Bidder is extremely concerned that a "sledge hammer to crack a nut" approach has been adopted by the Sth Wales Police and the CPS in respect of minor charges such as common assault, and that the court was thereby becoming clogged up with these types of cases.

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