I shall have to become techno-savvy and record my phone calls to be believed. After all, only Maurice can really tell what went on today. But he said clearly: he should be immune from prosecution, as he did not only investigate crimes, but can now also prove them. He tells more in this phone call to a solid supporter.-This morning's phone call adds a few notes about Wales vs UK.Here is his bail application

From our joint perspective of long-term supporters, here is the scenario:

1. At all cost Maurice must be prevented from succeeding in his civil damages claim against South Wales Police (SWP).

2. The essence of this claim is his supposed possession of a machine gun.

3. Having been struck off as a vet, courtesy of SWP, this machine gun case led to untold further extreme and exceptional bullying, harassment and imprisonments which were supposed to lead him to high security prison Ashworth – with the infamous fraudulent diagnosis by the famous doctor.

This Machine Gun Case summary was put together in January 2011.

This Background to Arrest for Gun Possession of October 2009 mentions the following judges involved:

1. Judge Nicholas Chambers QC
2. Mr Justice Goudie QC
3. Mr Justice Lloyd
4. Judge Hughes.

On 26th June 2009 it ends citing more or less the same kind of complaints that he’s been experiencing every time he’s been imprisoned.

Since then some six more judges got to know about the various levels of crimes committed and being covered up.

The current arrest is just one of them:

• vague charges such as witness intimidation and breach of restraining order, produced for today’s hearing, not in an arrest warrant,

• no bail because the addresses hadn’t been checked out by SWP. One wonders why not!?... After all, HMP Cardiff were promised he'd be moved to HMP Bristol because they can't cope with him any more!

Some dare call it ‘conspiracy realism’, for it’s not a theory. One of the questions to be asked is: what makes Luigi Strinati, the Delivery Director for Wales pick which judge for which purpose?

The barristers from Swansea and Bristol (!) who were unprepared for today might be better informed by Tuesday and SWP might have checked bail addresses out by then. The glimmer of a ‘fair trial’ might just be seen next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, SWP is being investigated in the House of Lords and the falsification of crime statistics has been the subject of an inquiry by the Justice Committee. Is it a consolation that Maurice is not alone?