The latest Position Statement: 

Position Statement Police refuse to intervene:

  1. After 15 days in Cardiff Prison without access to photocopying and my legal papers, for both civil and criminal litigation, with ancillary matters also remaining affected, such as 15 ongoing cases preparation, now most urgent.
  2. Despite HMP Cardiff refusing to release my passport.
  3. Refusing to allow me visitors exactly as on the previous term of imprisonment whilst unconvicted.
  4. Refusing to explain why I have been denies legal visits in private.
  5. Refusing to release my car key for retrieval of legal papers.
  6. With neither courts nor CPS answering my letters.
  7. Despite a booked follow-up brain scan (from 30/8/09) following diagnosis of ‘significant brand damage and possibly cancer’ (2nd Dec 2009 transcript) HMP now refuse even a psychiatric examination booked in for 10th September 2013 but mysteriously cancelled despite both Cardiff Courts and HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) repeatedly and successfully putting the argument I am not fit to cross examine. Anything to prevent a repeat of the 2010 machine gun trial fiasco proving wide spread conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Copy to CCRC


I don't like acting as a typist. But what can you do when prisoners don't get legal representation or their lawyers are prevented from visiting them? As Litigants in Person they are soo badly prevented from advancing their legal proceedings that one just has to help. Especially when I see it not just with Maurice and not just in HMP Cardiff, e.g. in HMP Holloway with!

On the left is Maurice's letter to Luigi Strinati, the Delivery Director for HMCTS Wales, asking for the transfer of his cases to England.

And here's a little cry for help to Maurice's MP Alun Cairns: 

Dear Sir

I have been arrested 18 times now without successful conviction since 2010 machine gun trial fell about the ears of the South Wales Police.

I am currently on remand since being arrested 11 days ago. 

  1. I am refused release of cash, cheques and credit cards to prepare for trial.
  2. I am repeatedly refused release of my car keys for helper to get at legal papers.
  3. My 2nd lawyer now and witnesses have been refused visits to me.

Please, what can you do about it?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

And finally I sent an email to Liberty regarding his prison conditions:  

Dear Liberty

I'm writing as McKenzie Friend on behalf of Maurice J Kikr BVSc, A7306AT in HMP Cardiff. He writes:

Dear Sir,

HMP Cardiff Prison Conditions

1. I am facing two jury trials whilst unrepresented.

2. I am refused use of private funds to prepare.

3. Cardiff Magistrates refused my access to public counter or answer letters with regard to legal aid.

4. The prison has, so far, refused two lawyers access.

5. I am refused photocopying of relevant statute law.

6. I am denied release of my car key for legal paper access.

7. I am refused a visit by a witness as to conditions.

8. CPS refuse to disclose CCTV, each time, on the same issue of fabricated forensic psychiatric reports.

9. Prison has cancelled a brain scan appointment without a written explanation and despite my being diagnosed with 'significant brain damage and possible cancer' to have me, mysteriously registered MAPPA Level 3 for Ashworth.

The issues are NHS (Wales) political, but please can you help?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc