I have personal detailed evidence, much proven in previous court hearings in which I attended, of the apparent continuing unchecked conduct by a  string of Haringey Council lawyers clearly all  driven by avarice. Tottenham police had me sectioned last September, on two year old psychiatric reports, for conspiracy to abduct chilodren and fly them home to Nigeria in my WW2 Piper Cub!

I was also jailed for alleged 'tape recording in court', on the word of these very same family Haringey Council lawyers, only to leave the Met police profusely apologising on finding no recorder, it havingt been just a ploy to get me out of the hearing before Her Honour Judge Atkins. 

Family courts and their secrecy must be revisited by those responsible for the Rule of Law in so called democratic society.

 Musa Trial continues, at Wood Green Crown Court, London.....YOU have duty to get someone there if only to realise what is clearly  going on in a family court near you. Trial will drag on for weeks.

The medical evidence I needed to hear today but Cardiff prison jailed me again, yesterday, without trial, while my arguing for the release of my twenty odd leaver arch files, for this pending Appeal, that should have been given to me from my Bristol prison during my release last week.

DO I have an axe to grind?

OH Yes.  South Wales Police launched a helicopter and mustered many armed men just  to jail me as a  MAPPA level 3 victim with MAPPA minutes confirming I was likely to be shot. While this was going on, dependant purely on one forensic psychiatric opinion, they then  attempted  to snatch my then, ten year old daughter, under 'Operation Orchid'. Oh, we Kirks know, only too well, just what lengths 'authority ' will go to just to preserve their state pension. '

I am just out of prison because of this only to face yet another trial, in Bristol Crown Court, tomorrow , Fri 25th May at 10 am, again based on this abusive use  of Section 36 of the Youth and Justice Criminal evidence Act 1999 and that psychiatric report. Anything to block the truth coming out of what really is going on in our courts.


(LONDON) - Thanks to all those who turned up at Wood Green Crown Court on Day 1 of the Musas' criminal Trial. We were in Court 2 under Judge Patrick and Court 2 only had seating for some 10 persons in the Public Gallery and we were way more than 10 and had to sit 2-3 to a seat and some were dismissed from the courtroom altogether.

In the lunch-hour we petitioned the Judge to get us moved to a bigger courtroom, with the result that we'll be in Court 5 from tomorrow morning which is slightly roomier but not much, if memory serves.

Judge Patrick made 2 things very plain to all those assembled before him today:

1) he wants to keep strict time in these proceedings in order that the case will not have to run into 5, 6 or even 7 weeks over the original 4 allocated. Every day will start at 10 am sharp and run to 4.30 pm (might occasionally overrun to 4.45 if a key witness is still not quite finished) ;

b) in deference to Sir Nicholas Wall, President of the RCJ Family Division, he is imposing a ‘Blanket Ban' as he put it on all public reporting of these proceedings, including on the internet. He was informed that reporting was still going on on the Gloria Musa word press site and immediately went on line to check that, then mumbled something about ‘contempt of court' and ‘imprisonment'. By the same token he absolutely would not allow anyone in the public gallery to take notes unless they could show professional reasons for doing so. A few requests then went up to his bench from members of the press including a Daily Mail reporter.

I of course didn't qualify for a dispensation so couldn't take notes, therefore it will not be possible to go into much detail in my daily reports, simply to give an idea of the way things are unfolding and what has been chiefly at issue day by day. This may work out better as I have a reasonable grasp of the case by now having helped the Musas as a McKenzie friend in the family proceedings, so will hopefully be able to follow reasonably easily and pick out the important points.

LB Haringey is being represented by a Ms Smith (whom I haven't yet been able to identify out of dozens of legal Smiths but will ask her first name tomorrow) with DC Sewart and a female colleague sitting immediately behind her, while the Musa's legal team is headed by David Owusu and Raana Sheikh assisted by Don Marcus of AB Mackenzie Solicitors.

Chiwar and Gloria sat quietly in the dock, having been told firmly by the judge they can't intervene (Chiwar put his hand up a couple of times). Most of the day was allocated to selecting the jury out of some 15 (?) volunteers and 10 (?) ‘conscripted' potential jurors and making sure those shortlisted for jury-panelling down to the final 12 are not connected in any way with Haringey Social Services, Child Protection service or Contact service. Counsel for the Defence objected to one lady being from LB Barnet Social Services, the Musas having resided in Barnet prior to coming to live in Haringey. The judge tetchily asked him to substantiate why this posed a problem? and didn't uphold the objection.

With a kind of wry grin, as if attempting to be humorous, Judge Patrick then told the jurors that they too are not allowed to go online to research the case and were reminded that 3 jurors have recently been sent to jail for doing just that.

The jury were then sent off home till tomorrow and the rest of the day's proceedings were given over to discussing the programme for the week and the judge finding out if both sides were ready to go, with bundles complete and expert witnesses lined up? Mr Owusu asked to be supplied with missing pages 1-3 of the key medical bundle relating to the 6th child Q's hospitalisation on 28th June. Since the events of this day had led to her being removed from her parents and the parents being arrested and charged, it was crucial to have all the pages of this particular bundle. Ms Smith said that all the relevant pages were there but had been "re-calibrated" . This was laid on one side for the moment but further questions will undoubtedly be asked.

It appears that the focus of this week will be on the events of 28th June 2011 as this concerns the most deeply ‘criminal' of the multiple charges against the parents, that not only have they abused and neglected their older children, they have apparently attempted to murder their baby. In the latest family proceedings which I attended as a McKenzie friend, Hon Justice Charles reiterated firmly that he was proceeding with the case according to how the facts before him by that time stood, Chiwar or Gloria or both having been ‘found' by Sir Nicholas Wall, the top Family judge, to have committed acts of cruelty on their 5 older children and to have attempted to poison their 6th child, Baby Q. For this reason Charles J had seen no option but to uphold Haringey's and the Guardian's urgent insistence that the 7th child, Baby N born in prison on 9th March 2012 should be removed from his mother immediately at birth and denied ***-milk since it is now established ‘fact' that this mother is a danger to her babies as well as to her older children.

Hence the issue of Baby Q having been wilfully drugged or poisoned by her parents raises the present proceedings to the level of a murder or attempted murder inquiry, therefore this will be dealt with first in line before the other issues of child cruelty & neglect which although serious, are not deemed to have been life-threatening.

The judge adjourned around 3 pm, enabling the Defence team to spend useful time down in the cells with their clients and also to consult a supporter who is a Biomedical specialist, who although she insisted she was not an expert, thanks to her scientific & medical knowledge was able to interpret the medical notes and shed a lot of very useful and timely light on what had gone on in St Thomas' hospital re. Baby Q on 28th June 2011. Defence's own expert witness/Toxicologist had already disappointed them in concluding from her clearly less than adequate perusal of the medical log for 28th June that the parents had indeed administered toxic substances to the baby very early that morning, in fact at 5 am. Searching questions will now be put to this Toxicologist who may have to revise what she has been intending to present to the court this week and be forced to actually study the medical notes a good deal more carefully than she has so far done.

Court reconvenes at 9.50 tomorrow, Court 5. Let's maintain a good attendance!

BE THERE, your children could be next.