First of all, there's a new kid on the block:

Then there are actions planned by lawful rebels, active Norman Scarth supporters and other well-meaning folk, veteran victims turned starfighters, McKenzie Friends and Angels: 

August 13th

The "FREE NORMAN CAMPAIGN" - 86 yr old WW2 Veteran Norman Scarth has been imprisoned for 6 months for contempt of court. It may have been unwise to try and make a recording in a court of law, but he was trying to expose corruption in our court system. He needs our help. There is to be a demonstration in Leeds and we would like as many as possible to join us on a Patriots Battle Bus. 30 seats are available (to share fuel costs, which would only be £5 each if we can get 30.

Norman has managed to get a letter out:

Come for a jolly boys n gals outing (like on the buses) on an old fashioned bus . We shall be handing leaflets out and taking part in a small demo putting pressure on the establishment to release Norman. Please contact Paul for details: Bus travelling north from outside Grantham up A1 (can collect people on way through).

August 20th

Rally in London organised by British Patriots Society: An Invitation to Fellow Patriots
Here is a link to the website -


I HAVE JUST RECEIVED BY SNAIL MAIL, in Brittany, (not e-mail), that on the 25th July11  the Cardiff Court of Appeal have now cancelled their Order of same date (enclosed), adjourning 29th July 2011 oral hearing to 28th Sept11, before Mr Justice Williams.
Cancelled to a 'papers only judgment', in due course,  due to my lodging a new appeal to the Court of Appeal, on 20th July11 asking the court to consider:
1. 29th June11 Cardiff Magistrates refusal to 'state a case' on Dr Williams/Barbara Wilding private prosecutions
2. 4th July 11 Bristol Magistrates Private Prosecution case referred back, by the court, to Cardiff Crown Court who are sitting on it
3.Refused MAPPA minutes disclosure in 11/12 July Seys Llewllyn QC Judgment when not even a PII issue
4.MJK application to consolidate machine gun case/Dr Tegwyn Williams case with existing Kirk v SWP Actions
5.MJK application to instigate a police investigation by an outside force

And a wee missive from Nick Chance;

"And what is particularly galling Stan - is these damned bldy useless MPs are now on holiday whilst London burns.
I think it is now time that we March on Westminster  and Whitehall and lock the bldy doors so these useless bastds can't get back in! We must then get some more rope and lamp posts and swing these bastards in Parliament Square. They have all committed treason. Enough is enough. We need a new Government which repeals ALL legislation since ECA1972 and tears up ECA1972 into a thousand pieces.

All of the MEP bastrds then need to be hanged for treason as well. Along with those ACPO bastards who have committed misprision of high treason. Then all those seditious bastards at Common Purpose. There is much work to be done Stanley, lad! This land of ours is very, very sick and the cancer needs to be cut out. We have cancer in the Judiciary, Councils, the Law Society, the Universities, Tavistock, the Fabian club, the Freemasons, Whitehall, Westminster, the Privy Council, Bilderberger Members. Get shot of this shite and this country might survive.

Oh and one more thing: we need a Monarch with Anglo Saxon roots and not German, so Elizabeth Saxe Cobourg Gothe will also have to go especially since she has gone against her Coronation Oath on at least five occasions and awarded Heath The Traitor the Garter, her very own personal award (so she did know what Heath was up to and cannot claim she was just a pawn as some of her defenders claim!). It is time this treason was put down!

Lawful Rebellion at Leeds there

AND DOWN UNDER John Wilson and his good mates seem to be ahead of us!

"Good on yer, M'te"


1. Election Now 2011 No Carbon Tax National Rally Canberra - 16 August 2011

2. Coalition of Industries Convoy of No Confidence - 17 to 22 August 2011


You will all be aware that 2 massive Rallies are planned for August 16 & 22 2011, at Parliament House Canberra.

Although the focus is on the Carbon Tax, these rallies are now representing the fierce anger in the Australian community.

This is the start of the People's revolution against

  • Governments that no longer listen to US
  • Government that discriminate against the free-born Australian men & women who built this country with their hardwork
  • Government that worships atheism, pagan & green religions to our Christian common law heritage.
  • Governments that play evil games with our money and our rights
  • Government that are selling US out to corporations and international cartels
  • Government that borrows money to give to another country and expects us to pay it back
  • Government that allows men & women in this country to fear for their future, yet bends over backwards to create a

better future for illegal immigrants

  • Government that WE vote in who then believe they are superior to US
  • Governments that are ruling outside of OUR constitutional contract
  • Government that have created a republic without asking for OUR permission & against our referendum votes
  • Governments that operate without OUR agreement and don't care

The only power any government in Australia holds is through our agreement -

  • when we decide we can't be bothered to worry about what they are doing
  • when we prefer not to lose a day's pay by protesting
  • when we state that we voted them in to look after us
  • when we whinge that its too complicated to understand
  • whatever, whatever, whatever

they win!

Government use They enforce their rules with

  • deception NOT truth * police
  • lies NOT truth * courts
  • manipulation NOT truth * bankruptcy
  • fear NOT truth * multitude of legislation
  • false advertising NOT truth * legal talk
  • misdirection NOT truth * multiple tiers of bureaucracy

all to "persuade" you and I to "agree" with them

Good people - these planned rallies are where we stop agreeing, stop asking and stop begging. We now say -







Good, decent, hard-working Australian, living, breathing men and women from every state in this great country are rallying

on those days at that time and in that place.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 - "To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven..."



worked FOR the men and women, both native and free-born.



This Labor government answers only to a minority party that has the stated aim of destroying business in this country - if

they succeed, how will you eat, how will you pay your bills, how will you survive?

This Labor government swaps its leaders without any reference to the People - if they do that to each other, what makes you

think they have any loyalty to you?

This Labor government bribes politicians to vote for it with massive hand-outs that benefit one community at the expense of

all others - where is the equality in that?

This Labor government has a person called the Prime Minister who tells the men and women of Australia that he or she has a

plan that we must bow to - our vote was for them to administer OUR plan only.

Get behind these rallies in Canberra - it will be difficult for many, many people but then so will the poverty

government are wanting to inflict on us through their measures.

Make your voice heard - it will cost you time and money - but then all you will have is time if this country folds.

Stand up as a free-born men or woman, capable of making adult choices - or remain as a child under the care of the

government nanny, asking permission for element of your life.

And never forget - governments since 1973 knew exactly what they were doing when they created the awful mess we

the men and women now find besetting us. Do not just give ANY of them your trust, make them earn it.

Ecclesiastes 3:6 A time to gain, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to throw away.


Ecclesiastes 3:7 A time to keep silence, And a time to speak



Join all the magnificent men and women who are doing just that.

CATA - contact for bus timetables and

details - scheduled for 16 August 2011. - they suggest everyone wear black as a symbol.

Convoy of No Confidence - contact Mick Patel and Cate Stuart (God bless them) on scheduled for 22 August 2011 - the convoys carry different

coloured ribbons & balloons which towns on the routes will copy.

My suggestion - we are bleeding - the corporate governments are squeezing the heart out of our

country. A country is just dirt without its heart - the living, breathing men and women. We build

the economic structure with our labour. We build the lifestyle with our creativity. We build

community with our mateship. We are the heart. Wear a red ribbon to show you will shed no

more blood for this government. Keep wearing it until every politician learns to obey our


Dear precious Father God - in the mighty name of your Son Jesus Christ - bless the people, fill

them with courage and honour their righteousness.