This is to ask visitors to this blog to send an email to and, by taking Maurice's comment in, with Cc to

  1. referring to Case CF101741
  2. asking the Clerk to the Court to arrange for the RELEASE of Maurice Kirk's MEDICAL RECORDS to him - on humanitarian or other grounds of sympathy and empathy you feel are right
  3. so that Maurice can get his hip replaced and get off morphine and other pain killers.

You may want to Cc to let him know of your support. 

Maurice's hip replacement was scheduled for July 22nd, but surgeons said they cannot operate without access to previous records. Why this enormous and indefinite delay???

Maurice is sooo used to fighting on his own that he was reluctant to agree. At the same time, he is aware that 3rd parties can make a difference. And he knows that "they" are so terrified of media attention that he had to be categorised MAPPA level 3 (terrorist) - with the aim of locking him away for good: Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) in a high security prison (Broadmoor).

I have studied what McKenzie Friends ('lay legal assistants') can and can't do. But we need "McKenzie Angels" for moral and e-support now. 

Will you help let Maurice fly again???