Maurice phoned today at 2.45pm (6th Aug) and stated that his hunger strike is ongoing. Rumours that he was taking food again were inaccurate. He's now lost 3 stone and beginning to exhibit health problems.

He has stated that he has told all Doctors who have examined him including the psychiatrists that if Judge Cooke fixes a court date within 7 days, he will come off hunger strike. So far, this has not been granted.

A Dr Tegwyn M Williams of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend has written to the Court stating that he has been unable to detrmine Maurice's mental state to a conclusive level and that the only way to make a full determination would be to have him sectioned under the mental health act (sec 35) for 28 days assessment at his clinic. Dr Williams has asked the Prison Govenor to consider allowing Maurice a court appearance for bail, suggesting that it is by no means clear that Maurice is mentally incapable.

Maurice's psychiatric report has not been given to him as he requested. He has also requested a copy of the report be sent to his wife Kirstie. As far as we are aware, this also has not occurred.

Maurice has requested his family solicitor to draw up his will and assign power of attorney.