John Smith MP
House of Commons

16th Oct 2008

Dear Mr Smith,

There is another meeting at the House of Commons on Monday when we all hope to hear the progress so far from Mr Vince Cable's questions in the House concerning the current state of our courts and apparent lack of accountability for all who work there.

Can we rely on your attendance?

Yours sincerely,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc



Press Release

Bankruptcies Used As Weapons Of Terror By Solicitors!

Demonstration at the Royal Courts of Justice

20 October 2008 against unscrupulous solicitors and the failure of the self-regulatory system to control them.
Demonstration starts at 11.30 on Monday 20 October 2008 at the Royal Courts of Justice.  We will move on to the Law Society . From there we will make our way to Parliament . Committee Room No 13 has been booked at 3 o'clock not 4 so that Dr Vincent Cable and hopefully other MPs can address the meeting.

After the meeting in Parliament the demonstration will move to Dean & Dean Solicitors to see Mr Shahrokh Mireskandai at 21 Gloucester Place. 

The demonstration is open to all those who have been the victims of solicitors, in particular members of CASIA,  (Complaints Against Solicitors action for Independent Adjudication), SACL (Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers), Unjustis, and Liberty, (Wales Against Crooked Lawyers),  etc.