After 27 months protesting on his 'own roof', following dubious court cases that deprived him of his home, Rick was beaten up and "trussed up like a chicken", as he said, before being dragged off the roof by two Welshmen in the employ of others.

The two Irishmen who had 'bought' the property at auction were also arrested at the scene. The Irishmen were questioned on the possible matter of 'attempted murder', but later released while a seach goes on for the two Welshmen. Rick was taken to Cardiff hospital before he appeared in Cardiff Magistrates on Wednesday morning charged with criminal damage.  When released on bail, Rick, still suffering from his head injuries, was soon back in hospital following a collapse on the road... Arrested again this morning and out again 3.30pm Thursday........full story later.

Rick can be contacted on 07966523940