Hello (Monday pm)

M's friend travelled to Austin deportation centre to visit m today - M is allowed one person to visit for one hour once a week - Monday between 9am and 1pm.

He was not allowed access to M as M is in "segregation"? Our equivalent of solitary confinement, I suppose.

On receiving this information I telephoned the consular office in Houston. Perhaps more information can be discovered tomorrow.

It may be that he prefers his own company at the moment.

I hope that he is not refusing food - he alluded to this when being held at Austin State Hospital and I'm afraid that the conditions that were frustrating him then are now magnified.

It would be good to know when he is likely to be back here in GB. I certainly find this somewhat protracted "nil information" time rather difficult, not least because one can only speculate on the true situation.

KK (M's wife)