Today I received news of M. I was in contact with the consular office late on Friday. The saga isn't over yet.

I was told that he was invited to a restaurant for a beer (probably Thursday evening). He said he was outside sitting on a bench with other people, when he was picked up by the police. (This is in line with the information that I initially received via the FCO on Friday.)

Police stated that he had been seen walking around town aimlessly with a gas can.

M believes that the secret service traced him to this location by him using his credit card and the public intoxication charge was used to hold him until the Secret Service arrived. Three agents told Maurice he landed on a road near Crawford, and this is the reason for his deportation. Robert Rutt 237(a)(4)(A)(2) of immigration act.

As admission you have engaged or at any time after admission were engaged in a criminal activity which endangers public safety or national security.

He was given the opportunity for secret service to drive him to the airport for flight to London, and would not be deported. But he did not want the charges on his record for offenses he did not commit.

When he refused, they shackled him in hand and ankle cuffs and chains, and taken to Deportation Center in Houston.

M wants the media to know about this.

KK (M's wife)