Good evening.

A very rattled M telephoned this evening at approximately 8pm.

He is being held (in handcuffs) in the Psychiatric Department of Austin State Hospital which I understand (from its website) to be a psychiatric hospital only.

At approx 5pm local time yesterday M landed 'outside' the prohibited zone surrounding the ranch of George W Bush. He wished to thank the President for his swift rescue by US coastguards last February (the last drama of this circumnavigation flight). Realising that he could not get close, he landed as described above and walked along the lane hoping to leave a message at the gate.

He did not reach the gate. Instead a car drove behind him and he found two Smith and Wessons pointed at him by police. He was handcuffed, put in a police car while several other cars drew up (eleven he thinks including the Sherriff) and taken to a Police cell. He was arrested (I’m not clear at which point) and accused of being drunk. After failing a test of walking down a white line, he passed a definitive test showing that he was not and was told that he would be leaving shortly. He was later told that he needed to be cleared by a medic and was driven to Austin State Hospital where he has what he describes as a “minder”. He remains in handcuffs.

Since hearing from him, I have contacted the FCO and have just received information from a representative in the States called Rebecca. She has confirmed that M is being held, that he was arrested yesterday owing to security concerns and that no charges have been made so far. He is required to have a psychiatric assessment before Secret Services (CIA or FBI) question him further.

This is rather worrying.

I have no doubt that M was doing as he claims although this might seem somewhat unlikely to people not familiar with him.

A vision of Jack Nicholson in “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” comes to mind…..

However, as a friend reassured me tonight, “Give the Secret Service personnel one hour with M and they will be sectioned in the adjacent ward at the psychiatric hospital!”

A more sober reflection came from M who simply said that the ward on which he is being held has some very sad cases.

KK (M’s wife)