Watch the Cardiff Cabal's continuing wickedness unfold to block my dream 

1. Cardiff's Dark Forces

15 06 05 Dark Forces Update.pdf 


2. South Wales Police Medical Negligence

15 04 30 Endoscopy report extract & summary.pdf

  15 04 30 Endoscopy photos.doc


3. HM Partnership 

South Wales Police fabricated MAPPA 3/3 document desperate  to maintain the CAA and general community's perception of their victim as being in the top 5% most dangerous currently at large in our UK community




 South Wales Police will stop at nothing to preserve their pensions


Cornered, what is it this time, ocifer?


Police psychiatrist had neither qualifications nor 2nd signature to contradict the brain scan experts for  their victim's indefinite incarceration to avoid 'machine gun' trial. 



Preflight inspection BEFORE  PFA certification of J3L4 WW2 D-Day Piper Cub


 1943 cork float as fuel guage (it realy rattles up and down in the last 10 minutes of 'motion lotion')



Phil, now into Afrtica? 

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