Applications today  will be made for the transfer of all my outstanding court cases to be properly heard well out of South Wales, it being exactly what the Crown Prosecution (Wales) have done with me, in the past, when the 'truth' is even too embarrassing for that 'shower' of reject attorneys to stomach. (ex police officer Derrick Hasan, working for HMC&TS Welsh manager, Luigi Stranati, pushed me down a flight of Cardiff Crown court steps to break my leg).

 All welcome , lunch on me as usual.

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                                                                                                    CF 614159

Claimant’s Applications to the Recorder of Cardiff include:

1.    Chief Constable Peter Vaughan to immediately return the Claimant’s passport

2.    HM Cardiff prison to immediately release The Claimant’s confiscated legal papers and clothes required for both his civil and criminal outstanding litigation

3.    Her Majesty' Crown Court representative, the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), to immediately disclose both past and present depositions levelled against The Claimant and ordered by Her Honour Eleri Rees

4.    The Claimant be allowed immediate access to his GP

5.    The Claimant be promised clarification, within seven days, as to why he is  still a registered NHS (Wales) mental health patient of Caswell Clinic but refused a follow-up clinical examination and brain scan

6.    The Claimant be promised, within seven days, disclosure from both HM Judge Thomolow and Caswell Clinic's Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams previously undisclosed evidence that The Claimant has 'significant brain damage' and  cancer sufficient to prevent The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons allowing him to practise veterinary surgery, The Civil Aviation Authority in renewing his professional pilot's licences and for their MAPPA level 3 victim be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital for life

7.    The Claimant be allowed all civil and criminal Cardiff cases to be, within seven days, transferred to any other courts within their jurisdiction  but not in South Wales

8.    The Claimant be immediately granted court protection from the continuing criminal conduct and threats to his life by still some within the South Wales Police

9.    The Claimant be immediately granted unfettered Legal Aid and access to a lawyer independent of the notorious Cardiff Cabal 

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

17th September 2013


Previous examples of withdrawn indictable offences to avoid disclosure of 'evidence' and the jury's scrutiny

1. The 'Dangerous Driving' Trial when a Barry police inspector  was caught 'red handed ' by the jury, no less, constantly signalling to his colleague under cross examination

2. Last summer's 'Breach of Restraining Order' Trial to avoid, again, Caswell Clinic doctors' original conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice by stating I have 'significant brain damage' with possible cancer and now blocking all local area NHS (Wales) GPs or permitting a follow up brain scan for fear of risking their own bank balances


ANOTHER RING LEADER within a culture of inherent deceit driven by avarice


Nothing New Under the Sun,

where the South Wales Police is Concerned!

Yesterday’s Recorder of Cardiff Crown Court hearing was squeezed in between Her Ladyship’s heavy and far more serious agenda than Chief Constable’s Peter Vaughan’s oh so predictable continuing  harassment of one of their too fast ageing victim.

 Since his predecessor, Barbara Wilding, signed her Dolmans solicitor’s fabricated affidavit, to hide what triggered or contributed to extreme bullying, the incident of her Chief Inspector Brian Genner’s daughter’s miscarriage all blamed on me, police HQ’s  conduct lately has worsened.

 The changing of the machine gun’s paintwork , just to try and fool the jury, may be one out standing incident for Peter Vaughan to now address or Cardiff Cabal’s refusal to even return all my lawfully held antique guns, to the value of £10,000, confiscated purely out of shear spite, may be another but while the stay on all ‘Kirk v South Wales Police’  is in place for, so far 99 witnesses having given evidence, this current ratchetting up  of their multi facetted conspiracy will show us all, at least,  ‘just what really goes on in our UK law courts’.

Yesterday, for example, if you get in to the public gallery it is designed that you hear little and while not being allowed supervised tape recording for your own use, unlike elsewhere your time there is almost futile.

 If you are in the Dock then forget it as it is even worse even if handed an audio loop to use. Bullet proof glass meant, in one of my recent cases, that it became so ridiculous I pushed off to my cell to have a cup of tea and read the paper while they ‘got on with the verdict (already laid down by written instructions by the then recorder of Cardiff , HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC. In that case the District Judge, John Charles, ordered I was not allowed to cross examine anyone, not just the rogue psychiatrist and Caswell Clinic staff that sanctioned the fabricated paperwork to have me registered MAPPA level 3 to get shot.

I have to fight for my custody records but, sure enough, my passport was listed in my property but when I was ejected from the prison it was nowhere to be seen!

Why snatch your passport, my friends in the public gallery asked? Your legal papers  from your prison cell is obvious and the blocking of access to lap top and CDs but why the passport, so unlawfully?

That is an easy answer

1.       His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s 4th September 2013 Judgment, staying ALL my civil proceedings against the South Wales Police, following their latest ‘knee jerk’ flair up of ‘activity’, to have me gaoled for the seventeenth time, since 2010, without achieving a conviction, means the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) has had to employ a barrister from outside the area. The Bristol based barrister’s task is to secure my next unlawful incarceration in South Wales signifies just how desperate the Cardiff Cabal is becoming.

2.       Mark Davenport was a witness, earlier this year, to the South Wales Police having me arrested in Brittany, sectioned and locked up in a French psychiatric hospital. I only escaped further sectioning because a passing nurse, who looked after me two years earlier, recognised me and set the alarm bells ringing. I had been in Pontivy hospital for my hip replacement as my NHS Caswell Clinic diagnosed ‘significant brain damage’ excluded my being able to be operated anywhere in the UK.  Further evidence of the ‘entante cordiale’ police ‘cross border’ conspiracy could only be gathered by my personal complaint to the French IPCC, in person.

3.       Without my passport in my pocket I could be arrested again, snatched off the street, as ‘ non identifiable’ and sent back to Cardiff prison just as Cardiff police had  been done before from the very same two police stations dealing with this current scenario.

4.       Her Ladyship asked that I put into writing reasons why I needed all criminal cases to be heard well outside South Wales before considering the possibility of ordering  put in writing

5.       Her Ladyship asked that I put it in writing why my last year’s incarceration before dropped indictment , following two Caswell Clinic doctors lying to the police that I had been around to their home harassing them, was relevant to this present list of charges.

6.       Easy, I thought to myself, it is my legal submission that last year’s conspiracy with the two doctors to jail me, without trial, IS within this court’s jurisdiction BUT more to the point, it is relevant to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s civil stayed case. I might serve the full content of the hundred or so lever arch files of evidence during the 27th Sept? proposed management hearing in order to finally get that jury promised me 20 years ago when I first started fighting this cess pit of evil in South Wales.   

7.       I was, incidentally, again refused a copy of my custody video as defendant interview, under caution, as it is so crucial, each time, to expose police conspiracy.

8.       The exclusion of the video is the first positive indication of the CPS proposing to drop the charges as no judge in Wales will get you the proof of the conspiracy on depositions once the case is buried. It stinks, doesn’t it? 

9.        Often, just like in many of my previous cases, none of the relevant CCTV footage, under the care of the police/CPS/courts or ‘apparent ‘victim’ making the complaint appears to be disclosed, despite my demanding as soon as the hand cuffs clip on. Just as HHJ John Curran QC said to the 2012 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ jury, in reply to their note, for court and custody records and cell CCTV, ‘unavailable’! Deja Vu 

More facts to go on this posting later tonight IF NOT A NEW BLOG .......'light at the end of the tunnel'