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1970's Taunton Somerset police station back door, before the camera and sign on it  was quickly installed following the collapse of fire arms allegations in Taunton Magistrates, with proven perjury from information within some missing chief inspector's personal note book

This weekend's latest police forced encounter was my visit to the police station, to lay theft charges, which soon appeared to cause the perambulation of my vehicle some five or six times around a Barry round about for the driver to receive a road side breath test.



On 23rd April 2013 David Gareth Evans was arrested in the foyer of the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre under CCTV coverage.

I asked for the CCTV record to be preserved.

I asked the HM court staff to call the police.


I instructed lawyers to obtain relevant disclosure, under the control of police, Crown Prosecution Service and HM court Service, for meaningful legal argument, in higher courts but as of 23rd June 2013 all Cardiff institutions have refused.

 This is one of the reasons

This is another 



The arrested CPS lawyer had, with malice aforethought, manipulated criminal allegations against me, for example, by 

a) fabricating a court exhibit, at the very last moment, of an internally post office re directed franked letter, containing a WANTED poster, purported to have been posted by me to the Caswell Clinic. It was  only introduced as evidence at the beginning of evidence by the psychiatrist because Evans had overlooked the fact that none of the other six allegations of harassment carried no custodial sentence.

b) avoiding 'evidence in chief' from the psychiatrist that he had fabricated that I had' significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour due to South Wales Police 'pressure' (black-mail over a fellow psychiatrist, a Dr Janis Hillier) for justification for registering me as MAPPA level 3 and jailed, facing a mandatory 10 year sentence, over some dilapidated and decommissioned WW1 machine gun, sold a year earlier and still bolted to a replica display aircraft sitting many hundreds of miles away in an open hangar! 

 c) misleading the jury, at the May 2012 trial for  'breach of a restraining order', when he knew I had never had been served, in the Magistrates cells on 1st December 2011, a final copy of a restraining order as both court  and custody records clearly confirm

This lawyer had already informed His Honour Judge Curran, before an audience of witnesses, that the 'draft' part hand written document, that had originally been ordered by District Judge John Charles to be taken down to my cell for approval, was still in 'his control' and still at the Merthyr Tydfil CPS office. Why this court document was not  stored in the HM magistrates, with a breach indictment now laid, beggars belief.

Is that why, ever since, neither HM court, GEOamey Custodial Services or CPS head office (Cardiff), refuse to disclose anything!

d) misleading the magistrates in refusing me bail, for most of last summer, following this same police psychiatrist fabricating yet another S9 witness victim statement this time stating I that had been around to the home of Dr Janis Hillier and himself requiring the police to be called to 'move him on'.

 I knew not nor do I wish to know where either of them live which may explain why the police continue to refuse to disclose my multi page statement of complaint dictated to a PC Holder nor furnish this coming trial with the psychiatrist's 21st July 12 or thereabouts, complaint that had me incarcerated with all allegations eventually dropped

e) misleading the court in refusing me bail, because of my failure to attend a 28th Nov 11 hearing, when the Cardiff prison had been instructed by the  CPS not to produce me

f) misleading successive courts into stating I had an 'actual bodily harm' conviction in 1980.

this list is not exhaustive 



 As much as I would like to publish the evidence, to be used on Tuesday 25th June 2013 at Cardiff Magistrates, the risk of contaminating the truth prevents me from so doing.

My having called for police, whilst placing the arrest under the video camera in the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, will implicate the nefarious conduct of so many since the Dolmans, solicitors, fabricated 25th February 2009 sworn affidavit was signed by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, denying police broke into my Cardiff veterinary surgery or there were Barry magistrates hearings all relating to covert surveillance and collusion with Guernsey's insular authorities. 

Both Cardiff's judiciary and penal systems are, time after time, shown to be adversely affected by to 'HM's sinister influence and in particular that of the conduct HM court staff's repeatedly failing to disclose public records such as the jury asked for.

Ring leaders include Luigi Stranati , HM area court manger for South Wales who has attempted, since at least as far back as 2003, to have me registered as a Section 42 'Vexatious Litigant'.

On 1st December 2011 many litigants in person (LiPs) in the magistrates' public gallery saw David Gareth Evans, CPS prosecutor, hand up to District Judge John Charles, in our so called open court system, the CPS draft version of a proposed 'restraining order' against me following my conviction under 1998 Prevention of Harassment Act over fabricated NHS psychiatric reports to obtain my level 3 MAPPA status.

to 'protect' the 'victim'  from further harassment. 

Judge Charles put short shrift to its content and boldly and set about altering the document, by way of his fountain pen and then instructed the clerk to have it taken down to me, in the cells, for my 'approval'.

I neither read the document nor would have anything to do with it, save a glance of it in the jailer's hand, quite unaware of its relevance. He took it out of my cell and I assume, returned it to the CPS or court clerk.

Either way it promptly 'disappeared' with my sudden release with no final 'restraining order' or knowledge of it, coming my way. HM controlled CCTV camera stragegically placed at the exit gate of the custody suite, controlled by Stranati, was denied disclosure but compounded by the fact that five angry GEO Amey private jailers, for being kept waiting after 5pm. had fisickly thrown me out through the door followed by my pair of crutches being thrown onto my head as I lay prostrate on the concrete. 


Gareth David Evans had overlooked the fact that the six allegations of my harassing a NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic member of staff failed to include an incident that carried the statutory custodial sentence should I be found guilty when I had been in prison for many months already.

Coupled with the court's shock of seeing ten of my friends and human rights workers in the public gallery, at the beginning of the trial and 'blow by blow' coverage of daily proceedings on internet sites, world wide, the Welsh press censorship being legendary, Evans slipped in the seventh allegation, of my having sent a 'WANTED' poster by post to a doctor.

My deliberate act, following the updated list being handed to me in the 'dock', of screwing it up and throwing it to the ground, had the desired effect by it being published in the Glamorgan Gem.

The 4th May 2012 Crown Court jury, following the alleged breach of the so called order, heard that the cell incident, of the FINAL document being officially served on a prisoner upon his release, was all caught on a series of CCTV cameras and the drafting and final production of the finishing 'restraining order' were 'recorded' in the HM court records.

HM Judge Curran QC refused the jury any of it, having received their jury note, stating there was no such evidence 'available' leaving the jury without explanation. Why?

Barrister Evans had old the judge, in front of both myself and my Mackenzie Friend, MB, that  he may now have to be a defence witness because of his part hand written part typed draft, brought down into my cell on 1st Dec11, was up in Merthyr Tydfil CPS office.

So why didn't the judge stop the trial? 


 Lord Leveson, later, at the Criminal Court of Appeal, appeared to do likewise. Why?

The judge, on Tuesday, will have had HM orders to block the truth coming out by labelling my reasons for the arrest 'totally without merit'. Why ?


The Continuing cover up of my 2009 fabricated Caswell Clinic psychiatric reports for Barbara Wilding to obtain my MAPPA level 3 registration to frustrate the on going civil actions against her.

TRUTH must not come out



Police continue to withhold custody records and send me the wrong DVD while Cardiff court continue to refuse to disclose the record (court log), the jury had asked for, that a draft restraining order or even final order being produced before I was 'gate arrested', in the magistrates foyer and taken to London in hand cuffs  for 'failing to attend court' two days earlier! HMP Cardiff had refused to produce me and that 'failure to attend court' conviction has been used, ever since, to successfully oppose my bail.

Wrong video? Deliberate?

Private Prosecution.wmv


My Judicial Review Application is BLOCKED

As with RCJ Morgan J, over South Wales Police  ring leaders in the Cardiff hushed up three month trial, the government is left with blocking exposure of the ever increasing corruption in the judiciary and those profit from it, by now blocking members of the public applying for judicial reviews or calling for 'protected' deceitful doctors/lawyers, working for the police, to be properly investigated

See rough template for your MP to receive, asap, to be 'aware' before it is too late.

 13 06 24 JR format to MPs.docx


I AM STILL REGISTERED AS A MENTAL PATIENT.......Deliberate? Or just the 'gulag card; dealt again?

 My Bristol solicitor and Cardiff barrister are continued to be refused Crown Court copy of all the exhibits in first, the 1st Dec 11 Magistrates appeal, re harassment conviction, in 1st March 12 Judge Hughes hearing and secondly, in May 2012 jury trial, re 'breach of a restraining order' I never had served on me in the first place!

These few examples of wide spread criminal conduct is best described as a new form of a liturgy worshipped but causing serious  judicial 'melt down' of a system that this country was once very proud about

So could South wales Police so stoop in my civil action?