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My twenty year running three month civil damage trial, for police bullying, trundles on again this week portraying my general incompetence and serious loss of 'short term memory'. I am, simply, far too old and tired for regurgitating the police's scandalous day to day conduct of the 90s, supported by a thoroughly corrupt HM Crown Prosecution Service and those running the HM courts.Their joint scandalous conduct, however, is slowly but slowly surfacing from this South Wales cesspit based on inherent deceit. All the lawyers are interested in is cash, yours or mine, do they give a dam?

eg Adrian Oliver misled the court , a few weeks ago, by withholding the following section 9 police statement by Ely police sergeant , Robert Nelson Roe, served on Dolmans, about six or seven years ago, along with some 52 bulging lever arch files , by me as every page a 'prosecution court exhibit', created by my then long suffering secretary, Mrs Dianne Graham, who has now appeared to have disappeared off the map! .......Reward for her contact details..... Thankyou.

 Now retired Inspector Roe has lied to me, in court, suggesting he did  not know me despite my repeated visits to his Ely police station , in 1995 complaining to Anthony Gafael's criminal damage, making MG 11 police statements when ever possible. But Anthony was 'shacked up' with now retired Chief Inspector Jenner's daughter Alison, so I wasn't going to get much action from him or anyone else! Roe 'knew nothing about me and had not gone to Barry police station to interview me under caution.....the custody tape, of course , being buried with all the rest. 
Thankyou Norman Scarth Esq for this very topical e-mail material sent from the banks of  the river Shannon in heart of Ireland...this child snatch video goes straight on to my site.....
When I was arrested for 'trading in machine guns', under helicopter heavily armed raid of 'Operation Chalice'  by cunning b*tch Barbara Wilding , Chief Constable of South Wales Police, she had up her sleeve to realy hurt, a second, unarmed this time, raid, under Operation Orchid.
A band of police who soon arrived at our home to try and snatch our then 10 year old, Genevieve, just like this video....but  her mother was born of sterner stuff!
Evil b*stards
Adrian Oliver was behind much of  this wicked South Wales Police 'Operation Orchid' greeting Dr Tegwyn Williams and Barbara Wilding to get me locked away for nearly eight months in cardiff prison....purely to prejudice this civil case.
Kirstie, Gen  and I flew , very low level in a wee tired cub, from the river's  source, past your door and then below bank level all the way to Nenagh for the night with good friends.

In the Cardiff County Court 

Case No. BS614 continues on 8th April all week and many weeks to come

come and watch and I BUY LUNCH


Please find time and consider this document:

13 04 07 Claimant Position Statement.pdf


A North Island New Zealand beach following Sir Francis Chichester's dream

CENSORED DOC removed from site

   Maurice J Kirk BVSc 6th April 13

1984 'OUT of COURT ' TV documentary , not by George Orwell but by Sue Cooke and David Jessel on Guernsey's notorious legal system and why the Guernsey police were so 'hand in glove ' with the South Wales Police, in the 90s, to hound me both off the road and have my name removed from the veterinary register.

[GUERNSEY, Channel Islands, where Maurice 'cut his teeth' on the current Welsh subject of HM Partnership's daily corruption at the ignorant tax payers' expense.....a video so apt]....


I had up to 40 itinerent hotel workers, primarily Englsh, Irish and a lot of Welsh, during the summer months, living in my house, all hard working and only needing a bed for the night.

Accommodation  included tents in the  garden , each with a television and even the occasional Transit or Thames van!

As for second hand cars and motor bikes I was selling them off my front lawn, like there was 'no tomorrow' and known under the name, which was on a big sign spread across the house as reading:

                       "Onest Harry"

           "All Cars Guarrenteed to the End of the Drive"

I remember, once a week, at midnight , going around the skips, especially up in the 'Open Market' housing districts, of St Matins, featured on the film, and dragging out TVs , freezers and washing machines which often only needed a fuse in the plug to get them to work!

And, of course, there was the huge accumulation of house rubbish, blocked loos and vomit, all needing my personal attention at 6am on most days! I found a new use for wearing a long sleeve rectal glove.

And do you remember the Sunday night parties run on illicit houch?  Well, not sure if legal but Ollie and Josephine Reed often arrived with an appropriate bottle tucked under his arm. 

Drinking was not allowed on Sundays so pubs were closed and only residents of hotels and the locals, at home, were allowed alcohol to pass their lips. This was the reason for my riotous Sunday night parties, run on two dustbins full of home made beer, brewed to twice the strength and sold at half price!

The island's housing census, hotel inspectors and planning inspectors proved to be a slight irritation but the 'Insular Authorities' had already shown their venom on so many honest Brits, just wishing to come to the Channel Islands to work.  So well portrayed during the German occupation was their true conduct, below the thin veneer to impress incoming millionaires, many known, openly, to be drug dealers, insider  dealers and what had most angry ...Guernsey was known as an IRA 'safe house'.

Harassment and bullying was what the police did as soon as I set foot on that island to work with an old college mate and exactly what the South Wales Police set about duplicating the moment I crossed the Seven Bridge in 1992

As for their small minded incestous environment, run by no more than some two hundred inbred famillies across the Channel Islands, where nepotism totally dominated 'Noddy Land', this weekly income of mine needed to be maintained as expensive boarding schools needed to be paid for back in the UK

 Some £1,500 in cash, in the hand, on a Friday night for rental, some five or six cars sold and a half dozen or so kitchen appliances sold, minimum, every week and there was the rental of motor bikes, I almost forgot, meant, with my veterinary income the authorites were determined to quash, life was'nt so bad at %10 fixed rate income tax, quietly arranged with one of my many English born 'supporters' in the Tax Office senior management! 

As for the huge accumulation of rubbish I had dug a 'gurt hole' in the garden, while applying to build a nuclear fall-out shelter and sold the top soil, burnt and burried the rest while advertising in the Island's news paper remaining space for  'time share nuclear fall out shelter' and actually received genuine replies!

Just as with the Welsh police I was regularly prosecuted for trumped up criminal charges and jailed not less than twenty one times despite a 75 % success rate in the so called 'Norman Law' courts with no appreciation on the word. 'disclosure of evidence or the phrase, 'human rights'.


 Before I beat them in their own 'Royal Court' to get an essential worker's housing licence I bought a 60 ft French tunny boat, in Brittany, ran her up St Samson's harbour beach, exactly to the minute on the highest Spring tide, openend the 'sea cocks' for three feet of sea water to flood into the fish hold, bought 200 yards of electric cable and ran it throgh the water to the 'fishman's frre elctricity source and squatted for two years.

As for being prosecuted for housing essential wokers who were not guernsey born I dressed appropriately for that to watch the trial collapse in ridule and ignimoy, every thing they deserved for what they did in the War or didn't do.

DeVic Carey , the prosecutor featuring in the film had a grandfather who was Bailiff during the 2nd World War.

Sir Winston Churchill wanted the traitor to be hanged but lost the General Election and so Atlee had him knighted, instead.

Entering, suitably dressed for a Guernsey Magistrates hearing, that later collapsed in farce.

I was charged over their iniquitous under hand methods of administering their housing laws. I was the only one prosecuted who had failed to fill in the Island's census form...I think I was away that day!

During my regular incarcerations in  their1811 prison the police made full use of the opportunity and often raided my surgery, in the early ours of the morning , Nazi style, with a sledge hammer and crow bar, (Deja Vu?) to break into each bed room if the  terified occupant would not unlock the door.

I recall one such English lady, a Marianne Fanshawe, who refused to open the door. So the police swung the sledge and smashed the panel door in sufficient for her to be able to crawl out on her hands and knees and stand to recieve a summons.

 A sample court transcript that could so easily have been a clip fron one conducted in suchmanner by either of Cardiff'District Judges, Bodfan Jenkins or John Charles, both thoroughly disreputable characters when it comes to respecting basic human rights and laws of secondary disclosure






John Anthony Cecil Walkey Gillett, Esquire






For the record Mr Kirk, is your full name Maurice John Kirk?


Sir, over the lunchtime, the Prison has confirmed that I have not had a psychiatric report prepared...


Mr Kirk, would you please be silent and listen to the charge being read


.... Inaudible). And if you have one I would please ask to have sight of it before this case continues


A copy was sent to the Prison on Friday - on er - when was it Mr Dorey?


Yesterday afternoon.


Yesterday afternoon.


Sir, the prison has no knowledge and has nothing in their records


... on (inaudible) . Mr Kirk. Mr Kirk would you kindly be quiet and answer the charges which are to be read to you.


I request legal representation


Your request is declined


I request Legal Aid


Mr Kirk, if you continue to behave in this way I shall you taken down and remanded in custody until Monday. I have a busy afternoon. Now, will you kindly be silent and listen to the charge read and taken your - and make your plea.

I, Lynette M Baker, hereby certify the foregoing to be correct and complete extract, prepared to the best of my skill and ability from the tape-recording of the proceedings in the case.

Signed: L M Baker