Friday 5th April


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This morning, in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre  we started what is to become protracted legal arguement over current and future planned publication, on this website, of the day of the apparent cavalier behaviour of DOLMANS, solicitors, Cardiff.


In order to bleed and suck out of the tax payer's pockets simply huge sums of quite un accountable cash it is dependant on a now questionably outdated adversarial legal system, itself driven by greed, whilst also using the excuse 'it is for the greater good'! 


Police, next week, are to be cross examined over my being stopped and arrested by police officers in cowbridge main street, Bickerstaff and Holehouse, no doubt denying even knowing who I was or knowing anything about the almost weekly adverse experiences I and my familly had suffered under their constant bullying almost from the very first day, in1993, following my buying a veterinary general practice in Barry.


I was arrested in Cowbridge, Vale of glamorgan , for about the eighth time, for 'driving whilst disqualified' and then seriously assaulted by police officers Bickerstaff and Holehouse I WAS NOT DISQUALIFIED


I was then de arrested, following 'their enquiries', only to be re arrested for 'a public order offence' as I argued the need for their new bright idea for me to waste more time and visit the police station with all my driving documents!


£1000 Reward for witnesses  for incident in Westgate street, Cowbridge on 23rd May 2002


photos later today






I then dropped pamphlets over Cowbridge , 'from a great height' and did door to door 'pamphlet delivery' from the Eastgate traffic lights to the West gate road off to Llantwit Major offering £1000 reward but the environment is what is and always will be.



Friday 5th April


Today, during this three month trial, started 20 years ago for punitive damages against the South Wales Police for bullying, with total press blanketed censorship, Adrian Oliver, senior partner of Dolmans, solicitors, one of the prime movers in 2002 in having me struck off as a veterinary surgeon, effectively for life, complained!!

He has destroyed my marriage for advising the local police it was safe to have me jailed for nearly eight months, registered MAPPA level 3, trading in machine guns and also orchestrated my being  sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, using a similarly attuned villian, a Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams of Caswell clinic psychiatric prison, Bridgend, complained!!


The Welsh 'shrink' had not even examined his victim!


Using a QC and a pretty trailing barrister, he asked the presiding judge, today, to have his 'Wanted ' poster removed from my web


Does anyone, please,  have a more up to date photo of this apparently evil devil worshipping rogue for all my associated web sites?


The case continues for another eight weeks unless they try, agin, in having me shot.




Maurice J Kirk BVSc


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Thursday 4th April


In The Cardiff County Court            Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police


Retired Police Officer Robert Osborne’s 2nd Day of Cross Examination  

The South Wales Police, at the time, had an overall policy to ‘Get Kirk’ which was routinely spurred on from the Guernsey police, during the nineties, they also having been exposed to excessive adverse publicity. With this history and following numerous ignominious encounters, over the years, with Kirk and his various aircraft the local police set about a harassment campaign consisting of bullying or deliberate in activity using any conceivable means possible.


Unlike the majority of targeted victims Kirk was particularly vulnerable to abuse by any authority because he not only had the usual driver’s licence, he also had  professional ones for his chosen vocation, being a veterinary surgeon, requiring both a fire arms certificate and a shot gun licence. Added to this he had the need of a pilot’s licences all of which, as with his veterinary qualifications, all could so easily be revoked following any spurious complaint from a senior police officer.


 The police campaign was hatched within months of Kirk’s arrival to South Wales to inflict criminal acts on both Kirk and his property, coupled with the concerted policy to include ‘inactivity’, should he complain, revealing:



‘Evidence of similar fact’

  Provoke him by delaying his going about his veterinary business and to arrest, on the road side whenever possible, by using:  a faked ‘refused breath test   or faked ‘positive breath test’ or  he is in possession of a stolen car or his vehicle is un roadworthy or he is a banned driver. 




 to get him into  custody to further provoke for him to ‘retaliate’, ‘lash out’, ‘clench a fist’, anything in order that he can be further detained and charged with something that could finally ‘stick’.


  Following the trial judge’s instructions the  remaining ‘cross examination questions’ need to served on the court in writing,  AT 2002 RCVS Disciplinary Enquiry: 


  1. Who, on 5th April 2000, took this victim to Roath police cells?
  2. Who failed to secure an open windowed parked veterinary surgeon’s car, outside and full of dangerous drugs when parked just a few feet from a public high way?
  3. Why were Roath custody tapes tampered with to hide the officers’ faces who dragged the victim around the cell floor?
  4. Why were both police custody and overhead road videos not disclosed until a year after the victim had applied for them by letter, in magistrates, in Crown Courts and in several Judicial Review applications in London despite original numerous Crown Court orders so to produce?
  5. Could Chief Superintendent Collin Jones, in over all charge of this incident, have answered as to why the videos had been tampered with in such a significant manner relevant to your current oral evidence?
  6. Why, do you think, this victim’s main witness, the chief inspector, in all twenty odd subsequently generated court hearings across the country, was always refused by all courts if not a typical Masonic manoeuvre ?
  7. Why, later that day and still in custody but now at Rumney police station, after the victim had given zero/ zero readings on the alcohol definitive breath test machine did he then receive still further threats to provoke retaliation, by further detention, until next day if need be, he dared to refuse to be examined by a doctor for the remote likely hood he was under the influence of drugs?
  8. Why was victim’s threat to sue, if not immediately released, as on 2002 RCVS transcript, see D3/54  p243 & D3/55 p244 C,  not just one more example of ‘evidence of similar fact’?
  9. Who, if not Osborne, caused further detention for a doctor examination re illicit drugs?
  10. Why was the drugs procedure, a further and unnecessary abuse, carried out in the way it was done?
  11. Why if not to further attempt to try and provoke the victim to ‘retaliate’?
  12. What is the true reason for Osborne never asking the victim to ‘produce his driving documents’/
  13. Was it because court was fixed within 6 days, see D3/57 p246A, or already police had details from 24/7 surveillance?
 5th April 2000 Newport Road Overhead Video 

Watch to confirm:


a)      Why was this supervised video tampered with by police either ‘post editing’, once the June 2000 court order for its release had been given or when the original camera operator wobbled or redacted footage at the critical time of the incident?

b)      Why, if not to attempt to cover up the full the extent of the unlawful assault?

c)      Why was there a need for such an unprovoked assault on the victim, quietly sitting at the wheel of his car, just for having failed to give a breath test if not to provoke their prisoner?

d)      Why was this detained person, just recovering from an assault by his captor, considered then to be in an appropriate ‘state of mind’, ‘men rea’, to be capable of comprehending a request, from that same captor, Osborne, requiring the carrying out of road side  breath test?

e)      Why was the victim driver then left alone in the police van with no hand cuffs on or inside a ‘cage’, with van doors left wide open?

f)        Why were you all expecting your victim to ‘run away’ if you had not been receiving directions from senior management?


Evidence of similar fact is in all incidents?


The Hayes Roundabout, Cardiff  
  1. Another vicious assault on victim driver with excessive use of force and clamping of hand cuffs on by PC Cocksey, why?
  2. Owner of vehicle……show photo, Who?
  3. How many times around the roundabout? 50 times, why?
  4. Ask for driving documents? Why?
  5. Never needed to see insurance documents….why?
  6. Never needed to see driver’s licence……why?
  7. Never needed to see MOT……why?
  8. Victim taken to court for just what?
  9. And how many times was he forced to court?
  10. And their verdicts each time ?

As ever,


Evidence of similar fact’ in all incidents, heard in court, to date?


  (See law reports re Michael O’Brian v South Wales Police High Court Judgment and acquittal following Cardiff’s Lynette White Murder Trial with subsequent imprisonments). Their victim of twenty years, for fear of reprisals both inside and outside of the Swansea Crown court, following the much needed prosecution of the police officers in the Lynette White case, was, himself, again unlawfully jailed on a Caswell Clinic’s police psychiatrist‘s false allegations.  I was accused of harassment at the psychiatrist’s home with Dr Janis Hillier and jailed during the 2012 period when the accused South Wales Police were ‘due to give evidence’ which, of course, was never planned to happen. Once all criminal charges against the police were mysteriously dropped so, miraculously, were Kirk’s who was released from Cardiff  prison to try and find, yet again, that elive creature, an independent but competent lawyer not frightened to take the evil b*stards on  Maurice J Kirk BVSc 4th April 2013copy to web site   The case will continue possibly forat least two more months(see blogs below)  


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