I woke up at 4am, to day and realised the very real risk of a repeat performance, with Norman Scarth and myself videoed in the Royal Courts of Justice court, before Lord Justice Moses, over my appeal to my imprisonment after reminding the then Recorder of Cardiff, upon my acquittal over a WW1 Lewis machine gun, that his  shallow promise that 'I will get the Caswell Clinic evidence', to support the police doctor's psychiatric report, that I am so dangerous, due to 'significant brain damage'!

 I, therefore, cannot cross examine police officers and should be locked up, IPP for good, in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison, anything to protect Cardiff courts' nefarious conduct.

Three years on and I find still neither GMC nor IPCC will intervene while both indicating there will not even be 'an investigation' in to Barbara Wilding's having the 'machine gun' painted a different colour, Dr Tegwyn Williams' and Professor Rodger Wood'[s fabricated NHS (Wales) oh so damaging medical records, clearly proven criminal conduct.


Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal                                                  ref: 201203241 D

Royal Courts of Justice Court       ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012  1CF 03546


6th March 2013


Dear Case Worker,


Regina v Kirk

‘Breach of Restraining Order’ Appeal at 14th March 2013 Cardiff Crown Court


I continue to be in some difficulties in the matter of ‘disclosure’ of evidence, in order to clear my name, concerning the unlawful manner in which I was registered MAPPA level 3, later jailed on spurious ‘machine gun’ offences and then, when it became clear that lot was collapsing, to be then incarcerated in Caswell Clinic prison on a bogus psychiatric report by a Dr Tegwyn Williams who did not even afford me the courtesy of first examining his patient!  09 09 30 INTERIM PSYCHIATRIC REPORT Oct1 2009 REDACTED.pdf


 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act clearly indicate a patient’s right to either ‘detect’ or ‘prevent crime’ and my attempts in stopping, once and for all, the twenty years of extreme and unusual bullying by very senior police officers, as my current three month civil trial is  so clearly exposing, with their cowardly use of ‘bobbies on the beat’ to do their dirty work.


The Crown Prosecutor clearly stated in Cardiff Crown Court the need for him to give evidence, on oath, to confirm it was he, not the district judge, that arranged the draft ‘restraining order’ to be taken to me in the magistrates’ cells, for my consideration and approval. The fact that only one visit to me ever took place is painfully evident if one simply looks at the oral evidence and conflicting clerk of the court’s and GEOamey Custody Services manager’s section 9 MG 11 witness statements, custody records and CCTV.


I have again attempted to instruct a barrister for Tuesday’s hearing but the Welsh authorities continue to refuse me the right to listen to the court tape, of the period when I was forcefully dragged from the court dock, immediately after the trial judge, yet again, had refused me my right to have my legal papers, already confiscated and lying at the foot of the stairs and that included my defence exhibits for both me and my awaiting defence witnesses.


The Crown Prosecution Service continues to refuse me copies of my depositions, especially those prosecution papers containing Dr Williams further falsified ‘victim’ evidence, of last summer, stating I had ‘harassed’ him and his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, at his home, causing me still more months in jail, whilst un convicted, until all daft charges were reluctantly dropped.


I simply must have the ‘case summary’ prepared for Their Lordships by, e-mail and returned today, as it may be incorrect and order or not for me to hear the portion of Cardiff Crown court tape this week, with the release of depositions, by e-mail, from the CPS, if I or anyone else is going to be ready in time to prove the whole affair was an utter shambles.


Yours truly,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc