Maurice Refused a Jury


Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police                                                                                                BS 614159

11th Day

Monday 4th March13


Claimant Position Statement

Applications for Consideration

1.       Defendant ordered, to be produced today , the 27 written complaints,  as a written list,  currently in possession of Defendant and referred to by former Inspector Sydney Griffiths during his cross examination.

2.       Result from those written complaints, identified on the list, to be disclosed.

3.       Claimant awaits the findings of his other complaints, mainly of non disclosure, not being identified by the Claimant, such as court cases with Claimant being the successful victim and police instigated ‘break ins’ to his various veterinary surgeries and places of residence.

4.       Incidents, referred to in paragraph 3., are absent from Barbara Wilding’s 25th February 2009 sworn affidavit, prepared by Dolmans and signed six weeks late by her, then as Chief Constable, despite the specific court orders by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC.

5.       Identification required of which Defendant witness relates to which of Claimant’s 52 leaver arch files given to Defendant,, to copy and so expedite proceedings, as there is now total confusion deliberately caused by Dolmans, solicitors, by having masked out the Claimant’s indices on each spine on every file!

6.        52 files were originally prepared and marked by Claimant’s secretary before they were disclosed as Claimant exhibits for South Wales Police to copy and to ‘settle out of court’.

7.       Claimant is seeking a ‘Medical afternoon’ before or after 3pm’, at the court’s convenience, this week, in order to find a GP, with which to register, well out of South Wales.

8.       The Claimant cannot proceed with cross examination until Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) and the Defendant produce both  male psychiatrist’s falsely written  and his Dr wife’s section 9 statements created, to adversely affect the Claimant, since 2009, in this trial.

9.        Following orders from Barbara Wilding , to cause the forensic  psychiatrist(s) to attend Barry police station, at very short notice , to attend and contribute in the 8th June MAPPA level 3 meeting, not to inform their victim, the Claimant was so registered and should the Claimant approach the Defendant again, to attempt ‘witness statements exchange’ he was ‘likely to be shot’ ‘.[quote from MAPPA contemporaneous notes taken at the time]

10.    The doctor’s 2012 victim MG 11witness statements are partly dictated and counter signed.

11.    That , alone, has caused the Claimant to be detained  in numerous police stations, law courts and HM prisons due to one doctors  and NHS (Wales) facing my million pound damages claim citing Barbara Wilding and her agents in the conspiracy.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc





I was originally awarded a jury trial by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, nearly 10 years ago, against the bullying South Wales Police over our currently hotly contested 35 mainly motoring incidents being heard, NOW, before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, at Cardiff’s Civil Justice Centre.

But only, His Honour said, if I chose any eight from the list.

I did and Swansea High Court judge promptly overturned it as too ‘document heavy’ for a jury to ‘comprehend’ so I suggested one jury for each incident!

[My gut feeling told me, now proved, as in my Royal College of Veterinary College ‘HM Partnership’ controlled trial and  Lynette White murder trial scandal, also fiddled in Swansea and also refused to be heard out of Wales, no local judge was ever going to give me a jury unless the Welsh appointed judge could ‘get away’ with using case law, eg ‘Hill’, the murdered girl by ‘Sutcliffe’ ‘Jack the Ripper’ allowing police, effectively, ‘no duty of care’.

What I considered, for compromise, was say, four or five incidents for a jury, at a time.

But my old inherited gift of ‘premonitions’, from Mum or Dad, told me to forget it, that has kept me alive, so far, on ‘terra firma’, in ‘terra aqua’ and even after 14 ‘donkey stops’, having ‘broken the bonds of Earth’ only to suddenly finding myself running out of height , airspeed and ideas, all at the same time!

March 2001.

 While I was about to set off from Biggin Hill, with 51 other aircraft, senior South Wales police officers were scheeming to have my name removed from the veterinary register all planned for shortly after my return from Australia.

10 11 25 Forensic Analysis MJK[1].pdf

It was obvious that if I could not get these cases out of Wales, early on or get a jury, then I was now doomed as it was now far too late,  fiddled and pre planned by the Taffia, Cardiff’s Cabal, 20 years on, as still further obscene costs would have been inflicted.

As it has turned out, for the  whole World now to witness, only due to cyberspace, by no other media, four times they have further delayed these Actions, against their ‘extreme and unusual malicious behaviour, first successfully appealing against a jury, then the ‘machine gun’ conspiracy, then the ‘Dr Williams’ et al playing the  ‘Gulag Card’ and MAPPA card, the subsequent ‘fabricated ‘harassment of someone who is a criminal ‘on the run’ to this 14th March fiasco, as fiasco it will surely be, the Criminal Court of Appeal hearing of my stitched up ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’ when no order was ever served!

The most unusual case continues