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Today we start with this police incident caused by HM Cardiff Civil Justice Centre manager Neil Pring and Luigi Stranati area HMCTS manager:



The second police officer,  featurijnhg in this photograph, PC Stone of Bishopsworth Police Station, Bristol will be giving evidence this Monday ,4th March, in this


Yesterday we started  with this:




FAO                                                             BS614159


His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre



28th Feb 13



Your Honour,


Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

 Police Witness Andrew ROCH

I make application that Your Honour does not hear the evidence, today, of police officer Andrew Roch as you presided over too many judicial decisions in the Cardiff Crown that caused my being first found guilty, in 1997, of numerous motoring offences, at a racist magistrates gathering in Bridgend and causing my appeal at Cardiff Crown Court being dismissed leaving me, for life, with the conviction of ‘failing to produce insurance’.

 This motoring conviction was part of the January 2001 South Wales Police complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons that caused my name, on 29th May 2002, to be removed from the veterinary register, effectively, for life.

Removed from the veterinary register DESPITE the Crown Prosecution Service, the witness ROCH, duty sergeants at both Cowbridge and Ely police station, at the time and subsequently, a string of Cardiff judges all of whom refused to ordering of the identity of the Ely police officers , who spoke to ROCH and CPS, knew or should have made known the names of the CPS and police in the conspiracy, anything to ban me from driving.

 Why did so many public servants conduct themselves like this? Because Ely police officers would be implicated and cause enquiry as to how Sgt Roe , with a van load of his mates had, in 1995, smashed their way into my Cardiff veterinary surgery, using a sledge hammer and a crow bar, simply to put back an Inspector Jenner’s daughter into my flat, above, with a purported drug dealer, a Mr Gaphael, all denied, on oath, by Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, in her Feb 2009 affidavit, as having ever happened, with magistrates hearings that would identify those in 24/7 covert surveillance of me the minute, contrary to my parents wishes, back in 1992, I stupidly crossed the Severn Bridge to a judiciary well know to be based on inherent deceit.

To cover up the conspiracies, evidence of which is now trickling out of this three month hearing, Wilding had me registered MAPPA level 3, sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, using a rogue doctor from Caswell Clinic prison, Bridgend, and then tried to obtain a 10 year prison sentence over some antique WW1 machine gun.

 Much you know about, Your Honour, thereby indicating a risk of bias should you refuse to allow me to have in court, as a witnesses, the Ely  and Cowbridge police officers and ring leader, retired Ms Wilding.

Yours truly,

 Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Motoring Sche4dule of Police Extreme and Unusual Harassment of a motorist


Police Constable Andrew Roch was cross examined for over two and a half hours to extract the following:


to follow.


Inherent Deceit to ‘Cover Up’ Wales’ Biggest Corruption Case

Both Western Mail and Evening Post news papers, whose offices are right opposite the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, have been ordered by ‘HM Partnership’ or ‘Cardiff Cabal’ not to witness or publish any of each day’s alarming revelations in this three month trial of intrigue portraying the wide spread corruption, not just amongst senior officers in the South Wales police but with the active support of administrators from within all the  HM Cardiff courts, HM crown Prosecution Service, NHS (Wales), HM prison and HM Court and Tribunal Service.

Today I again face the task of examining, through a witness list, of nearly two hundred police officers on oath in the witness box, most of which but by no means all, having spent some twenty years of bullying me, cheating, lying and deceiving in over one hundred court rooms, here and at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, anything to prevent me from having any income left to fight back.

This week’s few both serving and retired police officers, who disintegrated under cross examination to state facts entirely different as heard at the RCVS and previous criminal courts, face recall as the conspiracy unfolds.

 Barbara Wilding, the then Chief constable, back in 2001, had complained at length to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, deliberately deceiving the members of the disciplinary committee and HM Privy Council, that I had been so irresponsible and unprofessional in obtaining so many motoring and criminal offences in such short space of time whilst practicing veterinary medicine in the Vale of Glamorgan.

One of my supporters from England spent many hours, last week, to find this Sun news paper report of my cheque for any lawyer, to defend in a small matter over a ‘machine gun’, concealed ‘per rectum’.

The reasoning behind the SUN’s news paper article was, as a ‘spoiler’, as the police were of the intention to succeed in the machine gun  jury trial, should I not finally collapse and confide in one of their chosen lawyers from within their Masonic ‘Taffia’.

 Following my acquittal, my  having offered no defence evidence at all, The Sun’ promptly ‘shut up’ as newspaper so regularly do, on such embarrassment and were forced  to  shred the long prepared news article following the promised tip[ off it was to be a mandatory 10 year prison sentence.

 It was no publicity stunt on my part, far from it but emphasising, as is coming out now in the daily evidence from the witness box , this Defendant, when ‘stitched up’, ‘locked up’ and black mailed in Cardiff prison also had to turn to  extreme measures to obtain his freedom.

 In the 2009 laughable, if not so deadly serious ‘machine gun trial’, where the jury told me their minds were made up at the end of the very first day police evidence was challenged, as it was obvious Barbara Wilding ‘set me up’ to be lawfully shot, using Caswell clinic to have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, to be registered MAPPA level 3 but I was not to be taken into custody  for at least weeks three weeks with the understanding she, with her ‘around the clock’ armed protection’, was shortly to receive my visit!

On 14th or 15th March I appeal in the Criminal Court of Appeal, re ‘Breach of Restraining Order’, Their Lordships holding the ‘application to appeal’ in Cardiff Crown Court for the after math of an equally farcical Cardiff  May 2012 jury  trial, again refused relevant witnesses, where I  again had to smuggle huge volumes of legal papers in and out of the prison and into the very court dock, via my much stretched colon, as His Honour Judge Curren QC, numerous predecessors before him, GEOamey Custody Services and HMP Cardiff all because of distinct orders from HMCTS  Area Manager, Luigi Stranati, ‘HM prerogative’ and those who really are ultimately ‘in charge’ in the UK.

 The now desperate  Dr Tegwyn Williams, then chief forensic psychiatrist for the South Wales Police, falsifying my medical records to support his masters, was fast running out of options having , as this current trial judge , His Honour Judge Seys Llewllyn QC, had just pointed out to the NHS (Wales) barrister, currently fighting my million pound damages claim, had recently again signed fraudulent documents, contrary to our country’s Fraud Act, signing that I had been around to his home, again, ‘harassing’ his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, this time and not just himself!

 This caused the desired effect and just what the police and CPS were again manipulating, anything to hinder my preparation for this civil damages trial with a further term of imprisonment without any intention of obtaining a conviction.

What is fast emerging from this trial’s evidence and reason for the quasi D notice, preventing press coverage is that the police could not have even launched the hundred and fifty criminal allegations, thrown at me in these past twenty years, without the full cooperation of South Wales’ Crown Prosecution Service and a great long string of bent embittered Cardiff judges also proven to be thoroughly deceitful.

 Police, for the lady in real trouble now, at the time of Spring 2009, when Dolmans, solicitors, had her to knowingly sign a false document, denying police incidents had even occurred, had recommended, using Dr Williams,  to nine Cardiff judges, I be sectioned , preferably for life, by my being incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison.

Following my helper, from England, who painstakingly finally  found this newspaper cutting , highlighting my routine way of being forced to smuggle legal papers, proposed court exhibits and cash, to pay witness expenses, both  in and out of Cardiff courts, reminds me that  we ‘litigants in person’ should be allowed to now have officially controlled tape recording of all proceedings to help in the battle for ‘equality in arms’-.