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             ‘Machine gun', MAPPA, Rogue Doctor and ‘Breach of Restraining Order' Damages Claims

Kirk v South Wales

13th July 2012

Witnesses needed for

Further to His Honour's direction
for me to consider your letters to me, 26th March 10 and 24th
February 10, admitting an incident and court cases, police breaking into my
surgery, denied by the Chief Constable in her affidavit, drafted by you and my
having to travel to an English court in order for Court Orders for disclosure
to be effective, it re opens the argument for the need for ‘consolidation' of
all cases and they be taken well outside Wales. 

 Your direct influence and involvement in continuing
nefarious conduct with the South Wales Police, scheming repeatedly to getting
me jailed, needs to put in the hands of The Director of Prosecutions.  

Your ignoring the repeated Court
Orders to disclose your 20th June 2009 Mr Nightingale police
complaint statement designed purely to have me jailed is replaced by the now  bogus ‘restraining order', the latest  parcel being passed around the incestuous
Welsh judiciary until  the music stops.

 I require the names of the other officers
involved, not just Sgt Roe that I had to supply you with, in the first place, some
eight or so years ago
. It proves Inspector Griffiths, your investigator, a
liar and/or widespread cover ups within the South Wales Police Force.

I have a list of some of my
witnesses needed for evidence and refer my 6th June 2009 incident schedule,
submitted about then listing my witnesses and the  then known police present 

To expedite matters I need to
know those police you are calling and the names and addresses of those,
relevant to each incident, you are not calling in order to complete my witness
list with the summary of evidence for each that have not or will not furnish me
with a witness statement

My £10,000 reward for witnesses
will again go up on websites in the hope retired police officers etc or their
neighbours come forward with names and addresses for the issuing of witness

This mimics the situation no
different to that of 22nd June 2009 when police Operations ‘Chalice,
and ‘Orchid' had me sectioned under the Mental Health Act and registered MAPPA
level 3 for jail.

Many Cardiff judges refused bail
due to this advertisement just to lock me up for many months


Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Clerk of the Court

Criminal Court of Appeal                                  Your Ref 2012 03241D2

Royal Courts of Justice


13th July 2012

Regina v Maurice Kirk

Appeal from ‘Breach of Restraining Order' 9 Month Prison Sentence

Dear Sir,

This case of breaching of a restraining order was quite unknown to me, at the time, as no such document was ever tendered for agreement or given to me to sign.

 The standard procedure in Cardiff, at least, is that in order to obtain release from the custody of the court the prisoner has to sign the ‘licence' relating to such conditions. As I was neither in court nor in the prison no such licence was procured and despite my numerous visits to the court building since, to establish the truth, there is serious indication the official restraining order may well not have been printed and or placed on the court record until the following day.

 As I expected I found on the court copy of the official restraining order, during this week's twenty year running damages claim hearing for malicious prosecutions, duly signed over by the County Court clerk, following the orders of His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC to disclose it, a hand written note by someone unknown, dated 2nd December 2011, the day after my alleged offence.

I have been refused proper disclosure of evidence before, during the jury trial and even now.

The Crown Prosecution admit no record was made of service in either the magistrates court log or that log held by the private custody firm, GEOamey.  CCTV proof, filmed by different cameras under the control of different owners, either court or GEOamey, were ‘un available' for the jury.

I write because the CPS (Wales) and South Wales Police have now both been furnished with MG11 witness statements to support what actually went on in court when a draft was being hand written.

Both the police and CPS (Wales) are now refusing to take my complaint or take statements from eight more eye witnesses who were, both in and outside the court, on the day of the alleged offence. Five custody officers were present at the time of the alleged offence but I was denied their attendance to give evidence.

The excuse given is that sufficient evidence is before them but none of the witnesses that have visited Cardiff Central Police Station, so many times, are allowed copy of any of the information given and purported to have been given the CPS (Wales).

CPS (Wales) state that until I am granted ‘leave to appeal' they will not inform you of this important new evidence.

 "What if I had not appealed as I have served the sentence?" resulted in silence on the phone.

 "If I withdraw my appeal will the police then investigate further?" again, resulted in silence.

CPS staff then stated here in Cardiff we do nothing until the appeal papers are returned to them via their London office. Yet one more telephone call, my twentieth, this time to your office, confirmed my appeal was filed , case worker allocated and papers sent on to the CPS on the 1st June 2012.

I apply to  your court to order the release of Meirion Bowen's witness statement, details attached, he giving me written permission, as it is needed for a number of outstanding directly related matters with the Administrative Courts ( CO/3970/2012 and 6357/2012 and CO/ 4298/12011) and GMC, the earliest due to be heard on 24th July 12  before Mr Justice Beatson in Cardiff as well as this Thursday's magistrates hearing, before district Judge Bodfan Jenkins, for the return of my shot guns and other weapons unlawfully confiscated  whilst attempting to snatch my daughter during an armed police response with helicopter in ‘Operation Orchid'.


  Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Enclosed Merion Bowen's copy of permission original sent to CPS (Wales)

Copies to Cardiff Administration and Magistrates Courts