How do you kill a prisoner on remand slowly but surely?

By delaying in- and outgoing post, by not allowing money to go in and out in a 21st century manner [the phone is excessively expensive to use in prison and postal orders are excessively expensive for sending money in and out!], by making it impossible to use the telephone and finally by blocking the phone so that visitors or even his lawyer can't book a visit!

Here's Maurice's latest "cri de coeur": "Inspector Holder of South Wales Police is completing my IPCC complaints WITHOUT even having interviewed Lincolnshire Air Museum witnesses, Charles Kirk witness, all about re-painted machine gun."


"Kirstie Kirk or me re 'prohibited weapon walking stick shot gun', to shoot the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, confiscated from my office during machine gun trial over 2 years ago."


Why are South Wales Police, along with Dr xx manage me as a MAPPA Level 3 victim and not informing me?

Ring Holder + 01656 302 139.

IPCC References: 2009/0116588 and 2012/001471

Tel. 0161 246 8500.