Maurice's ordeal makes it clear to everybody who sees the Emperor's clothes:

  • any document on any human right is a farce: the Police run the country, as they have the 'force to enforce' which is always stronger than any individual
  • South Wales Police, in particular, don't mind re-using a false report from that doctor of that clinic in 2009, to get Maurice sectioned by Tottenham Police, when he helped the Musas, as criticised even by Dolmans, the solicitors of South Wales Police, in this letter
  • the Courts are complicit in oppressing people, as their law is "accountable to the court" not to the court's "client", as demonstrated on this site previously
  • Litigants in Person have a hard enough time to defend themselves against the 'legal mafia' when outside; being inside makes it virtually impossible, as letter 1 and letter 2 between court/judge and prison show; only Maurice with his incredible capacity for endurance and juggling oodles of court cases can keep going.

Let's hope that his lifestyle in prison is conducive to the 43-day trial in his civil case for damages that is scheduled for nine weeks, starting 26th April 2012.

But then there is a criminal case listed for 2 May 2012. It's up to HMP Governor to decide Maurice's fate, it seems... Another reason for our newly formed Association of McKenzie Friends to campaign for legal visits in prison (and hospitals), besides NOT banning anybody from the list of people that prisoners can telephone.

Here's his TO DO list until then - in a letter to one of his keenest supporters. To the Manager of Administrative Courts, he has expressed it in this letter.