Helping Maurice (prisoner no. A 7306 AT) while he is still held in false imprisonment (a criminal offence) means supporting his current mission statement:

"The trial concerning Dr. Tegwyn Williams is on behalf of those that have been sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act unlawfully reliant on arrogant and deceitful doctors immune from HM prosecution due to HM Crown Court rules."

A former prison officer finds the fact that there is no document stating his reasons for remand "quite sinister".

How can sympathetic and supportive readers help?

Let me count the ways: 

  1. sign the petition on his behalf; large numbers of signers have helped to free Norman Scarth!
  2. telephone HMP Governor Richard Booty on 02920 923 100
  3. fax HMP Cardiff on 02920 923 318
  4. ask when "Email a Prisoner" will be operating in HMP Cardiff; it was soo good for Norman Scarth in HMP Leeds
  5. ask his MP Alun Cairns to write to the right Minister; letters by MPs are 'fast tracked' and count more than the ones by our humble selves 
  6. try anyway: email or send a hard copy letter to anybody in any authority who could make a difference in the Ministry of Justice
  7. write to him in his cell: A 7306 AT, HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, CF24 0UG
  8. visit him in HMP Cardiff by telephoning the visitors booking line on 02920 923 327  
  9. come to support him at his next hearing on Tuesday, 29th November, Cardiff Magistrates Court
  10. send him legal reading material, as he is hungry for intellectual food and hates having to watch dumb TV films
  11. blog, email, forward emails, spread the word
  12. wake up to the new world order that uses the police state for its inhuman goals. We owe it to our children and grandchildren.

Remember that Maurice is not only fighting his own case of worst police harassment but knows too much about the worst child snatching case, too. Hence he is a political prisoner: he knows too much...