14 kg lost, but HM Prison have been trying to hush up that Maurice is on hunger strike, until they were obliged today to fill in a form.

Maurice writes: "CPS, South Wales Police and HM Court Services refuse to disclose all witness statements created each incident relied on in current prosecution.

Witness statements relating to Caswell Clinic staff, Police previously taking no action or CPS withdrawing prosecution." 

Despite all the odds, he managed to get this defence statement before the courts today.

His list of complaints about HMP Cardiff will soon be as long as the list of "incidents" that South Wales Police made happen to bully and harass him:

  1. it's freezing, but they don't give him a blanket
  2. he does not get his faxes from Norman Scarth and his solicitor
  3. he is being refused stamps and needs them badly - but they are being taken out when we send him stamps
  4. it is going to take a MONTH to get to his cash and thus can't buy stamps

From ruining his professional life to holding him in prison and psychiatric clinic the steps experienced by other victims of "white collar crimes" can be foreseen: sectioning and bankruptcy... 

But "white collar crime" is a minor understatement for the "harassment" and criminalisation by the various authorities that I have been watching. These are definitely five star rating in terms of wickedness, cruelty and violence:

Norman says: Hitler was at least open about it...