Position Statement
Kirk v South Wales Police
CF 101 741 etc

28th Sept 2010

Yesterday, His Honour expected me to talk for a week on law, as well, and on legal argument for not striking out the most relevant incidents of misfeasance, malice and deliberate inactivity. These included the Cowbridge Show case, jailed despite Breach of the Peace 'withdrawn', police leaving my vehicles abandoned on the road side, unlocked full of dangerous drugs, stolen cheques by known identified crooks not even interviewed, roundabout case, careless driving for rounding an empty five lane roundabout, two and one half times at 4mph with police caught in court saying,"we will get the *** driving around in his little white sports car", and the list went on and on.

Case adjourned for 2 weeks for judge written order re MAPPA release of Executive Summaries... Police fighting tooth and nail, if released here or by Court of Appeal, I cannot publish on website or to be heavily 'redacted', cross out names , organisations etc...I have no worry about the latter. Barbara Wilding organised the prosecution weeks before my arrest dependent upon Dr Tegwyn Williams' false evidence. They even sat around the table, on the 8th June with others, known to me and Dolmans, discussing my proposed permanent departure from society.  

I had long gone from court, due to too much morphine, possibly, having tried to juggle the amount for pain versus a woolly head! The case continued in my absence for the rest of the day. I was later told by someone in the audience... Judge not happy about adding 4th Action while police QC used the word 'vilification' more than once, stating my 'game' was always to bring in fresh evidence at the last moment! Rich from him refusing to identify all the police names at each incident or Crime Reference numbers to enquire as to the progress of any of the hundred or so encounters in my eight miserable years...

I am not fit. So judge is pushing for the case to continue from home... my argument in writing... I cannot get my head round that idea when no court, not even this one, will order police to hand over medical evidence used on 2nd December 09, in Crown Court, in Defendant's 'last ditch' attempt to have me sectioned to Broadmoor, for life.

I was only in court a few minutes today, but did hear judge confirm with police QC, trailing barrister, partner of Dolmans and their hangers on, all acknowledging the police, the Defendant, present in court, did not have the MAPPA 'minutes' of the Barbara Wilding chaired meetings! 

Why do I bother to attend at all?

His Honour, yesterday, suggested I obtain a signed witness statement from scrap dealer. So I enclose, obtained this morning, on Barry Island. The scrappy now told me I had originally complained to the police for not arresting him, in April 1996, for theft of car but police refused to investigate. Time passed until Jackie Seal, CPS prosecutor, was asked on how to get Kirk off the police back. She told the policeman go and arrest him, interview and then release, 'no charge' and in that way Kirk cannot get anywhere with it! This interview has now found six more witnesses implicated in the 3 Actions but CPS and Dolmans continue to refuse to disclose identity or crime reference numbers.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc