After a particularly terrible night, morphine having little effect on my hip and ankle, other than getting me to vomit, I have just heard enough: 10 minutes of complex legal argument, and left court room number one with a headache. The judge says Barbara Wilding's hiding fifty witnessess, and therefore fact sensitive evidence, is not relevant.

Well, he didnt say it quite like that, as I am confused; but for him to allow the QC to carry on means that it is the essence of his arguement NOT to adjourn as for the trial on evidence, adjourned, last week for as much as six months!

The QC, as with the judge on Friday,' denied knowledge' of my appealing the challenge on 'no cause of action', in Bristol court, in 1998, despite the QC having conducted the case then.

"Two Bites of The Cherry" procedures, vast resources always at their disposal, deliberately withholding essential witnesses, interference and stifling of both  NATS and CAA safety procedures, in our skies above us, just for personal gain etc., etc., just further proves the point of the the 'day to day' behaviour in our Welsh courts and unbeknown to most in the the Welsh community.

I cannot drive on these drugs. So it is a taxi back to Barry and a bit of 'shut eye' ready for tomorrow's bit of nonsense in the 'adjourned case on medical grounds'.