Friday 17th Sept 2010

I went to Magistrates, yesterday but refused to enter the court. Hence I simply handed in my original medical report from my own GP, which was not accepted by the Trial judge despite being backed with previous Dec 09 transcripts and Dr William's reports etc. I was given immediate adjournment.

Despite my late arrival due to the Magistrates, the trial progressed, the Judge allowing the police to put in legal pleadings to 'strike out' all three claims.

I brought it to the notice of the court that the police had done all this, some fifteen years ago, and had managed to have about three or four of the thirty odd incidents struck out. I discharged my Bristol lawyers for having 'wrong police force' or wrong facts in Particulars of Claim, despite countless reminders, appealed and had some restored. The judge stated all this was 'new to him' as the police legal team remained silent.

The court adjourned on the argument I was not 'not fit'. Dead right but I was 'not fit' all month!

Extra medical reports, lodged this week, caused the judge to adjourn, for around six months, the rest of the proceedings, as I understood it...

So I am even more confused now being told the trial will continue on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 11am COURT 1, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre.

I did manage, however, to obtain His Honour's assurance that the MAPPA Executive Summaries, written in the past few weeks, under Dolmans guidance, be duplicated and given to District Judge Phillips by 4pm. This was the deadline for me to show the HM Prison HAD received my summons and application for judgment for £50,000, last summer, as they were referred to in the minutes of the monthly MAPPA meetings with prison, police and Caswell Clinic 'well represented'.

I also managed to ask that the HM Governor's 1st July 2010 prison document, denying any knowledge of my being under any MAPPA procedure, whilst in prison last year, be also duplicated and given to Judge Phillips before the 4pm deadline.

Reminding the court that Barry Magistrates, Cardiff Crown and now, this judge, had, so far, ALL continued to refuse to order either Dr Tegwyn Williams or Professor Roger Wood to reveal, on oath or statement, the information before Judge Bidder QC, required by my surgeons, His Honour suggested I have a new brain scan!

Catch 22  But this had been refused by the Cardiff hospital on the pretext my 'released' medical records did not cause the need!

My own 'petty debt actions', ONE, against Dr Williams, for costs incurred, in three wasted journey,s travelling to Caswell, Bridgend, on his 'assurances' the relevant documents would be 'handed out at the door' and TWO, for the Chief Constable delaying the renewal of my shot gun certificate, could not be suppressed any longer, within their silly little world and their respective response is as follows:

Redacted Caswell Clinic Medical Records
The Dr's Defences for petty debt hearing, due 2.30pm, Friday, 24th September 2010, disclose many before 'unseen' medical records under the control of NHS and the South Wales Police, some triggered following my 16th February 2010 MG11 written complaint of criminal conduct.

Interestingly, the police, on receit of my complaint, have never come back, refused to inform me of Crime reference number, progress or seek further information. Deja Vu?

Police have been always been willing to arrest me, on Dr Williams related matters, [roof of Caswell, 'Airborne delivery' of the evidence to Judge Cooke, top shirt pocket 'delivery' of Court of Appeal 'grounds']. But once confronted in the police cell, each time, on the matter of the fabricated medical records, at the original behest of CPS and police and am I 'fit to be interviewed'?, the police have simply slammed the cell door, thus cutting short the 'basic rights' afforded to an accused, like being medically examined after police assault and entitlement to be interviewed, under caution, while evidence is fresh for their duties on 'preservation'. Deja Vu?

If it were not for 'the right arm not knowing what the left arm is doing', in the South Wales Police none of these damning documents would ever have been disclosed. Some of these will be on Downloads, shortly, under Chief Executive of Abertawe Morgannwg University Local Health Board 15th Sept. letter from me, following the timely intervention by Welsh Assembly Health Minister, Edwina Hart AM.

Shot Gun Certificate Renewal
The police have been 'perspiring' over this application, for quite some time now, thus causing my petty debt action for damages leading to a favourable judgment. The Chief Constable knew full well, any disclosure needed to defend it, in the Cardiff Justice Centre, despite having that place 'completely buttoned up', or any High Court Appeal, next year, in London, should he be so minded as not to 'renew' my gun licence, will cause a' very real risk of' hidden unlawful MAPPA covert surveillance evidence being disclosed.

This is still urgently needed to be put before His Honour Judge Seys Llewlyn QC, for the current 10 week civil trial. That evidence would further prove the unlawful 'machine gun' imprisonment was utterly dependent on Dr Williams and Professor Wood's false medical evidence suggesting 'significant brain damage' and Barbara Wilding's Feb 09 false affidavit, she being the Executive Chair or her Deputy, at their irregular run monthly MAPPA meetings.

The police, I remember, told the 'machine gun' jury, in January trial, they had 'no record' of my ever having held a 'fire arms certificate' let alone a shot gun licence with the jury telling me afterwards, in the resteurant, they all concluded the police were obviously lying.

I must go back to bed now and get some rest, for I have a few other problems to address, the consequences of collateral 'machine gun' damage.