Trial Day 6: But hear this..... court ruled I was 'unfit to face trial' and then proceeded to hear police on the law to 'strike out' the whole case, all 18 years of it !  All so predictable, their deliberate delays of 18 years, failed, then machine gun trial, failed, then Broadmoor/brain tumour, failed,  knowing adjournment is to my advantage, on new late police disclosure, attempted 'strike out', last week but failed allowing MAPPA abuse to enter the ring.

Today,   3 doctors' reports said I was clearly not fit, so judge, in  desperation to kill me off, agrees 'I am not fit' for trial, but immediately allows police to continue argument 'strike out', In front of part heard MJK argument that made police hand over, to judge only, numerous monthly 'Executive Reports' of each clandestine MAPPA meeting between June 2009 to Dec 2009 inlcusive, his imprisonment to eavesdrop on my preparation for 10 week trial.

I asked for adjournment to argue the law when fit, refused! Asked to find a lawyer, refused!

Deja vu?
They are in far more trouble than I ever dreamed they would be.....MAPPA unlawful surveillance must not be aired, because 10 Cardiff Crown Court Judges, addressed for bail, were never informed of the police, defendant in this damges trial, had me MAPPA level 3 for personal use.
More later...headache and chemist out of morphine sulphate, again! Barry? Do they have a burglar alarm or not?