Day 1.

“For countless false imprisonments, malicious prosecutions and failure to properly investigate crimes committed against the Claimant and his family in his house, surgery, law courts and in particular in the court of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.”

Ex Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Barbara Wilding and Dr Tegwyn Williams, Director of South Wales Police Forensic Psychiatric Prison, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend both failed to answer to witness subpoenas served on them by the Claimant.

Dr Williams, it transpired, had communicated with both police defence lawyers and the court by letters and numerous telephone calls but never to the Claimant, his witnesses.
Claimant's contact with Caswell Clinic, immediately after today's hearing, established the obvious in that Tegwyn had 'offered' alternative days to give evidence, but the Claimant knew none of it and the Dr's secretary and Morgan Cole, solicitors, Graham Miles, now acting for the Dr, had been primed to keep their mouths shut!

This appeared more interesting in that the Claimant reminded the police lawyers and trial judge that, as MAPPA members, both Barbara and Tegwyn were, most likely, sitting at their same monthly MAPPA meetings, last year, discussing Maurice's Level 3 and surveillance. Lewis machine gun running was just small beer for why Maurice was classified 'terrorist level'. These two were far more interested in obtaining evidence from surveillance, to undermine the 18 year civil action for damages and how they could get him to Broadmoor maximum High Security Psychiatric Prison. The defence admitted, as late as last month, the MAPPA meetings to have started in June 09, weeks before he was even arrested. Why? They continued through July, August, September, October, November and December 09 when, for some mysterious reason, the Claimant was removed from the MAPPA register completely. Why?

So why was Maurice really refused bail by 10 Cardiff Crown Court judges, after Barry Magistrates had granted him unconditional bail? Was it because he was dangerous to the public or dangerous to the defence legal team, just serving an estimated bill of £800,000 on Maurice, if he loses? The trough, the snouts, the gravy train..... come and witness for yourself and follow this cartel, in Cardiff, unravel in an environment of deceit and intrigue.

Today's opening proceedings uncovered what the police are really worried about. Wilding, using her position on MAPPA, obtained information on Maurice from the high level surveillance, enjoyed by the legislation, with no need to divulge its findings except the external defence lawyers, in court, using tax payers' cash for their own pecuniary advantage. The prison, in July, denied, in writing, the Justice Ministry had any knowledge of these monthly MAPPA meetings. If they are not also lying, then South Wales Police have a problem that may scupper Maurice's desire to cross examine the hundred or so police officers due, shortly, to be cross examined, cross examined at length.

The Judge cut proceedings short, at 14.30, to study any possible 'abuse' by Tegwyn and Barbara, getting Maurice refused bail, on 2nd December 09, when the CPS, it has now become clear, had asked Tegwyn to tell HHJ Bidder QC, with Crown Court tape turned off which, in itself is unlawful, if anyone out there is still really taking the South Wales judiciary seriously. So the CPS are also behind this web of deceit.

Late disclosure by the police dominated the day's proceedings. First it was Tegwyn's 26th August letter to the court and communications with Dolmans, first denied by leading QC, Lloyd Williams and trailing barrister, Natalie Sandercock, trying to wriggle out for their major player, Tegwyn, facing lengthy cross examination by writing his professional involvement with Maurice had ended, when he was transferred back to Cardiff Prison in October 09. What a blatant lie. No, he's a doctor, he walks on water.

So why was Tegwyn giving evidence on the 2nd December 09, Maurice in the cells below, stating that Maurice had 'significant brain damage', suffered 'paranoid dillusional disorder' due to his belief that the South Wales Police were persecuting him? He was far too dangerous to be given bail, as the HM Crown Prosecutor, Thomolow, was anxious to repeat (this time caught on tape), Tegwyn believed Maurice had a brain tumour?

Defence complained that Maurice, in his DOWNLOADS skeleton argument had revealed he was hiding the identiy of those in the helicopter chase across Wales in 2001. But examination of police skeleton doc has revealed that at least 15 new witnesses deliberately withheld for 10 years, despite monotonous requests for crime ref numbers and identities of those at each of the 100 odd police incidents. Dolmans 'shot in the foot', not necessarily, come tomorrow and find out.

On a lighter note the police conceded that if they were claiming £800,000 costs (rarely taxed) I could alter my Particulars of Claim, limited at no more than £50,000, to 'unlimited'. What Dolmans were really saying was: the tax payer pays or Maurice pays, either way they can continue to 'milk the system' in a simple case, DENIED A JURY, what any High Street solicitor could masticate during trip from home to his office.

So, tomorrow, every one in court is to pretend MAPPA rules are 'clear and understood', Maurice is 'fit to face 10 weeks of this opening garbage' and the nasty cop will reign triumphant again and continue getting the promotion, while the vocational minded leaves the force in utter dispair. We may be hearing about MAPPA minutes, Caswell masonic minutes or even hear about disclosure, at last, of police surveillance material gathered from outside Maurice's veterinary hospital, over many years.

Ex Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and Dr Tegwyn Williams in Tuesday court to realease medical records needed for hip operation. Judge Orders Police Covert Serveillance MAPPA details be disclosed with Medical Records as Judge's Cooke, Thomas & Bidder Refuse to Obtain Police Planned Falsified 2/12/09 Court Medical Records to Get Me an IPP Broadmoor Imprisonment of Indeterminate Length.

This video blog and diary of fact, not fiction, UP DATED almost DAILY, is of what is really going on in our courts. and British Constitutional Group   is a warning of things to come. Who is next?Oliver Reed takes a flying lesson    
Remedy?  I remember, fondly, the newspaper cartoon at the height of trouble with Saddam Hussein and government ministers considering sending in their ultimate deterrent... the cartooon is of Oliver Reed being parachuted into Iraq (above photo is Ollie just before his 'flying lesson' in my WW2 Auster in a Cork field just down the road from his house). Full picture on 'GALLERY' Maurice's Pics.

And here's a video of me in a meeting of victims in the House of Lords.

The latest count, now, is twelve Cardiff Crown Court Judges, no less, appearing to have 'cooked the books' just to protect the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Dr Tegwyn Williams, Professor Roger Wood and many more within their HM or Royal Charter protectorate free to harass and jail innocent members of the public with gay abandon.

"Do as I say, not what I do"', is the current  welsh judiciary mentality reminiscent of, perhaps,  "When government is wrong, it is dangerous to be right", attributed to Voltaire.



I am getting just the 'smidgen' of a feeling Cardiff 'HM Partnership' Crown Court judges, immune to any form of prosecution, namely Their Honours, Nicholas Cooke, Vosper, Bidder, Peter Thomas, LLewellyn Jones, E Rees, Jones, Hughes,Thomolow, the latter doubling up as HM Crown Prosecutor, et al, all opposing me bail, ALL KNEW or should have known, from day one, Fixated Threat Assessment Centre [FTAC] and medical evidence had been fabricated, totally dependant, it now turns out on a Dr Tegwyn Williams and his down the road 'world expert', so described by him, in the same masonic lodge, no doubt, a Professor Roger Wood, to help 'cooke the books' with Caswell Clinic's Maesteg back street 'wonder boy' holding the reins. Below's diary will indicate to those, paying for all whis, South Wales Police had me under covert surveillance for years thus now witholding 'disclosure' for my 18 year running civil action for a host of malicious prosecutions and imprisonments catagorised in my 2008 Abuse of Process Application for police failing to identify occurrence numbers for some two hundred incidents involving both me, my family and veterinary practice.  

Messrs Wood and Williams will also experience 'Lawful Rebellion' in my eighth attempt to obtain ALL the medical records, redacted and falsifed, put before numerous Cardiff judges, just to refuse me bail and obtain an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) under Section 41 of  the 1983 Mental Health Act. The doctors have been reported to the police in England, for what good that will do, having falsified reports and now, just because I escaped a potential ten year prisone sentance, for possession of a machine gun and and ammunition, the doctors have had to hurriedly 're write' them!

In April Barry Magistrate District Judge dismissed my Caswell Clinic 'attempted burglary' allegations but refused  disclosure of South Wales Police medical records (MAPPA) or costs whilst the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons used the same proven falsified records, that I was mentally ill, attempting, in Cardiff County Court, to strike out a one million pound damages claim. The original conspiracy with South Wales Police, to have me struck off, in 2002, the very same RCVS lawyers, for example, were recently at the Royal Courts of Justice  claiming £6,676.83p costs for a mere £250 exercise to put a £75,000 charging order on my property which was tantamount to FRAUD. It started with £66,000 for the 2004 Privy Council Appeal costs, taxed down to £44,000, just another example of FRAUD but then who cares with their 1967 HM

112.  7th Sept.  court progress report shortly

111. 6th Sept. 18 years of police persecution on today's DOWNLOAD

110. 3rd Sept. outbreak of war again

109. 2nd Sept. Off on my buggy to the nearest doctor to try, again, to get the South Wales ringed medical industry to hand over my medical records for Judge Seys Llewelyn QC......the police may attend

108. 1st Sept. Judge Seys Llewelyn QC said, on 17th inst, "go out and get an independant medical report....what a bloody joke, I said, what a bloody joke, in South Wales?

I have just wasted most of a day hobbling around Cardiff:


Minister of Health
The Welsh Assembly
Cathays Park
1st September 2010
Dear Sir,
Withheld Medical Records by Caswell Clinic
I find it disappointing that after some six months or so, of asking Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, to release my records, it continues to refuse to release to me or to my GP or, more urgently, to my surgical team now having cancelled my proposed total hip replacement operation yet again!
Despite numerous promises from Caswell, to me and my GP, my records, discussed in public, on the 2nd December 2009, before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, stating I had 'significant brain damge' and possible cancer (see transcript), none of us have yet been furnished with the relevant  documents for surgery.
Rest assured I have exhausted all normal avenues available to me, for lawful recovery and so, under high levels of pain killers now, I am most worried as what I might do next.
Both the executive and politicians, already contacted, continue their apparent behaviour that I will eventually go away.
His Honour Judge Jeys Llewelyn QC is awaiting that medical report in order to give weight to an enquiry into the conduct of the South Wales Police when Dr Tegwyn Williams acted, unbeknown to other members of the South Wales MAPPA, something I also have had confirmed, in writing, before going public on web site.
My complaint to you, direct, is with the hope a reply from you can be obtained, to put before His Honour on 6th September 2010.
Thank you
Yours faithfully

Note to Welsh Assembly Health Minister

1st September 2010

I found an 'independent' doctor today, or so I thought and presented her with my last year's hospital records, but only obtained by way of my FOI ACT application. The purpose was to reply to the suggestion, put by the trial judge, on the 17th August, that if I found an independent report, on your current medical state, I will look at it, to adjourn the hearing.

Once The 'independent' doctor heard of the medication I was on, she quickly said," morphine alone will affect and cause 'confusion' and 'drowsiness' which, in such a long court case, as you descibe, will seriously affect your ability to conduct your own case. If you had a lawyer, of course, to do the questioning of all those witnesses, it would not be quite so bad."

She then contacted my GP Practice and left the room for at least ten minutes. When she returned it was a completely different story. "Without all your records I cannot write you a report". "But that is the heart of the problem", my having shown her Dr Tegwyn Williams' Oct 2009 Psychiatric Report, earlier, required under the 1983 Mental Health Act, Section 35, for a Crown Court judge.

The doctor had read Dr Williams' report, stating I had 'significant brain damage' but she commented, now, that my GP had written, today, asking her,

"focussing mainly upon the use of analgesia to control his pain and its potential side effects".

I told the 'independent' doctor, "But I have been trying to obtain verification and copy of my medication from my practice for two weeks now and why, in such extreme circumstances, I need to be on such a high level of analgesia." The GP records, I told her, are for a psychiatrist, radiologist and an independent doctor, all in England, all anxious to prepare their own independent reports for the judge, in five days time.

I then said, "well, please, write what you said you would, earlier, on my word alone, this time, that I am on morphine sulphate". I offered her the chance to see the prescribed drugs with me but, while she had been out of the room, something had occurred to change her mind and so she refused whilst declining payment.

Maurice, why do you continue to dream of the old days, before Blair et al?

[Now I may understand as to why Dr Ruth Bagshaw and Dr Joseph Sylvester, after hours of Maurice interrogation, in Caswell Gulag Prison, last summer, now, in writing, through area NHS Management, of course, the usual tactic to hide the truth, deny any record was kept of their joint findings!]

Extracts from 2008/2009 MAPPA/ Barbara Wilding Police Report for Welsh Assembly. (She has the chair of charity that helps fund Caswell and Tegwyn, I have just been be checked out.)

Who are the MAPPA offenders?

Offenders eligible for MAPPA are identified and information is gathered then shared across relevant agencies.

The nature and level of the risk of harm they pose is assessed and a risk management plan is implemented to protect the public.

There are 3 categories of offender eligible for MAPPA:

Registered sexual offenders(Category 1) - sexual offenders who are required to notify the police of their name, address and other personal details and notify any changes subsequently;

Violent offenders (Category 2) - offenders sentenced to imprisonment/detention for 12 months or more, or detained under hospital orders. This category also includes a small number of sexual offenders who do not qualify for registration and offenders disqualified fromworking with children; and

Other Dangerous Offenders (Category 3) - offenders who do not qualify under categories 1 or 2 but who currently pose a risk of serious harm, there is a link between the offending and the risk posed, and they require active multi-agency managementLevel 3

Active Multi-agency Management . As with level 2 but these cases additionally require the involvement of senior officers to authorise the use of special resources, such as police surveillance or specialised accommodation, and/or to provide ongoing senior management oversight.


Dr Ruth Bagshaw

Psychologist and Clinical Lead,

Caswell Clinic

Gwenan Roberts

Cwm Taf NHS TrustProtection Department

    * Memorandum of Understanding between SMB and Duty to Co-operate Agencies
    * Formal Terms of Reference developed and agreed for SMBViSOR

ViSOR is a national database holding details of sexual and violent offenders, and other dangerous persons. The three MAPPA Responsible Authority agencies - police,prison and probation - are able to work onthe same IT system enabling the sharing of risk assessments and risk management information on individual violent and sex offenders in a timely way to reduce re-offending.

South Wales have been pro-active in developing a multi-agency ViSOR / MAPPA team that works together within the same office and shares access to police and probation IT systems. We look forward to prisons joining this co-located team, ensuring that we have the capacity to provide a comprehensive single help-desk facility for all MAPPA professionals in South Wales.

The team is committed to ensuring that no member of the public comes to harm because critical information known by one agency was not, subsequently, shared appropriately with others.

(above Extracts taken from official South Wales Police 08/09 Annual Report overseen by Barbara Wilding)

107. 31st Aug.

South Wales Police (MAPPA) refuse Judge's Order to disclose content of MAPPA  8th June 09 meeting at Police HQ, Bridgend, between Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell Clinic and Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to have me arrested 22 days later, just to get me to Broadmoor. See police letter on downloads.

106.  Arrested, recently, at 5.30am for Section 4 'Racially Aggravated Harassment' catching, red handed, a couple of coloured gentlemen paid to smash up my property. Today PCs Adam and Dave, just 28 days after the damage complaint, pretend they have come for the extensive damage, promising immediate arrest of the culprits, but it soon became clear all they wanted were my photos taken at the scene...all so predictably devious, when dealing with the South Wales Police.

105. I just don't believe it! What are these HM departments going to pull next?  see download MAPPA disclosure order and court manager continuing to block all my e-mails for 14 on going court cases

104.  Norman,

l've forgotten your phone number under morphine suphate, diclofenac etc ! web site, closed again completely now please confirm
Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship or Shooting Rats in a Barrel?
Special and Punitive Damages
MJK v HM Prison
In Cardiff court, today, HM prison revealed  in-coming mail is always copied before sent onto Justice Ministry (ie Particulars of Claim sent by Cardiff court in April 2009 and my Application for Judgment for £50,000 sent in June 09).
But HM prison, today, denied receiving either, their reason to throw out my judgment.
But if 'no record'  how did I hear His Honour Judge Seys LLewlyn, in October 09, castigating the HM Treasury Solicitor's department when it admitted to him ( or his secretary) "they had received the application for judgment in June/July 09 but believed it to be part of their on going 2003 investigation, using a team of Whitehall lawyers, who have been beavering away for seven years, trying to stick a 'Vexatious Litigant' label on me, purely to block disclosure in the South Wales Police case for damages?
Apparent judge's annoyance of what he heard, following my letter from prison, caused me to obtain judgment, there and then, in the middle of a case management hearing re South Wales Police.
But who, if not both are lying? Police were made to admit, in writing, I had been under MAPPA level 3 (terrorist) covert surveillance from early June 09, before I was arrested to December 09, once Dr Tegwyn Williams had obtained my continuing imprisonment telling yet another judge I had significant brain damage and possible cancer.
HM prison have denied, in writing, any knowledge of me ever being under MAPPA whilst I was in Cardiff Prison.
Cardiff Court is blocking my e-mails, to file documents and failed to send me His Honour's comprehensive three page account for both parties as he was unavailable to continue the case today. I was handed it only after the hearing it stipulating serious issues, one being that the transcript of of His Honour Judge Chambers QC 's view on the case, in January 2009, was needed today.
The judge had also ordered the full audit trail of the two court documents, had they been received by the prison, getting to the HM Treasury Solicitor, be disclosed to today's court  but the prison has, again, refused, using the routine procedure of using some else to swear a statement, reliant on 2nd hand information by avoiding the recently retired Governor, Ms West.
The prison failed to send me, until during the hearing, the new Governor's 'statement of truth',  ordered by HHJ Seys LLewelyn QC, because, of course, Ms West, who under the circumstances of MAPPA , Vexatious Litigant Surveillance and ECRO (Extended Civil Restraint Order Rules), together with my previous successful claims for false imprisonment against HM Prison, meant Ms West was not just in the MAPPA loop of monthly probation and police and Caswell doctors around the same table, I was a litigant in person and therefore had free access to all defence preparation for a pending 10 year prison sentence.
 For a man purported to be 'trading in machine guns' and 'fighter aircraft' having applied for a £50,000 judgment are we expected to believe HMCS/HMPCardiff/Probation/Police and Caswell psychiatrists were not discussing my welfare daily to overlook a claim for £50,000?
Nothing new under the sun, they say as I await, but do not holding my breath, for a judge has ordered full MAPPA disclosure during this relevant period by 31st August 2010.
Interestingly, Norman, HHJ Seys LLewelyn QC wrote his  four page brief to 'parties' before 4pm 25th June 2010, two months ago, stating I had to state if action was personally against Ms West. No wonder I only recieved the document today!
So that is why am I being denied sight  of court logs, prison records, etc, PROPER DISCLOSURE, under the law, the heart of all our grievances?
Now back to some more pain killers.
Bonne nuit.
103.  WARNING, should you fly too close to the sun!

Eight Examples of HMCourt Service blocking Maurice Kirk's E-Mail court papers being processed


1) 25th August 2010  The following message to  <>  was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:

5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'5.1.0 Sender Denied'

2) 18th August 2010 The following message to <> was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:

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Cardiff Magistrates

3) 25th August 2010

The following message to <> was undeliverable.

- Show quoted text -

The reason for the problem:

5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'5.1.0 Sender Denied

This email has been scanned by the MessageLabs Email Security System.

For more information please visit

Final-Recipient: rfc822;

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Status: 5.0.0 (permanent failure)

Remote-MTA: dns; []

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'5.1.0 Sender Denied'  


4) 23rd August 2010

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Barry Magistrates

5) 25th August 2010

The following message to <> was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:

5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'5.1.0 Sender Denied'

Court of Appeal (Civil Division) London

6, 7 and 8)

Dear Sirs

Please find enclosed correspondence from Mr Maurice Kirk in connection to his appeal.

Unfortunately neither Mr Kirk or Mr Bowen are able to effect delivery of this document by email and have asked me to forward same for your attention.

Please be as good as to confirm receipt.

Yours sincerely

Dafydd Morgan

102.  Absolutely Urgent

24 August 2010

Jane Hutt AM

Assembly Member for Vale


Ms Edwina Hart,

Minister for Health and Social Services,

Welsh Assembly Government,

Cardiff Bay