Trial Day 4: Not your usual predictable day.

The defendant lawyers continued to question the authenticity of my three doctors' reports and made it obvious, again, that MAPPA disclosure was to be zero.....not even why registered or who sat around the table at the monthly meetings.

It became appropriate to produce the equivalent file of a police held MAPPA file of reasonable information that had been released by the Powys Police about Meirion, Dafydd and Watkin. Even letters from the very same lawyers, in court, Dolmans were made available but declined by the judge.

It may have done the trick because at the close of play the judge requested the 7 months of 'Executive Summary' to study overnight.

But will he release it at 12 noon, tomorrow, when court resumes or will it have been so redacted, re-written and generally falsified Maurice may have difficulty even finding his own name on the parchment?

The judge was reminded that the Claimant was of the view that his joint conduct with MAPPA, the South Wales Police, present in court, was deliberately continuing his alarm, distress and pain to refuse disclosure of the medical information, given by Dr Tegwyn Williams pleading with Judge Bidder to have the Caimant sent to a maximum high security psychiatric prison for the doctor's own safety.

Less politely, following the judge's comment, stopping Dr Williams attending court, again, saying 'his time looking after patients was far more important', I reminded him he had been nobbled along with the ten Crown court judges not notifying me, why I had been refused bail each time.

Bidder, Thomolow and Williams had 'made  a balls of it' and now the judges, prison and CPS were scurrying around trying to cover their tracks...... proceed tomorrow at Noon (court documents on DOWNLOADS)

(See DOWNLOADS for Judge Bidder QC (quaintly corrupt) 13th September 2010 e-mail to HHJ Seys Llewelyn QC and unlawfully redacted 2nd December 09 Crown Court transcript.)