On Friday 17th September the court is likely to hear that police, in law, are immune to prosecution and the matter will lead to a £800,000 bill for Maurice, NO, now £1,200,000!

All  invited for tomorrow's 'fireworks' (proceedings) Cardiff County Court 11am - Maurice is buying the lunch.

Judge quickly switches part heard MAPPA 'argument' in court, revelations becoming rather too embarrassing for the 'Welsh authoirites', to offer for South Wales Police to 'strike out' all three Claims for damages, after eighteen years of litigation, it having already been argued and lost in a previous court!....DOWNLOADS will explain why.

Gem Newspaper catches judge say, "the matter of whether the case is 'achievable' had yet to be considered"...see DOWNLOADS.

In preparation, Maurice sent this letter to HM Treasury Solicitor.