Trial Day 2.

Are Dolmans, solicitors, today, going to continue lying to the judge? Is Dr. 'walk on water' Williams going to be arrested for failure to attend, again? Is Barbara going to 'come clean' re using part time Cardiff judge, CPS barrister Thomolow, last December, to get me IPP to Broadmoor on falsified medical records made by Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood? Come and watch the pantomime at court 1  10.30am.

5pm. I am far  too tired to reveal the pantomime of deceit witnessed, today, in Cardiff County Court, for but one purpose, to protect ten Crown Court Court judges, Dr Tegwyn Williams and Barbara Wilding, last December, some determined to get me to Broadmoor, for life.

PS. At least I did win a significant bet, today. Even to the uninitiated, it may have looked trivial, not knowing the 'end game'. It has taken 20 years to achieve, that the judge would accept, as others were wearing 'hats', I could wear my Yellow Piper Cub Hat, working towards an eventual 'level playing field' for 'litigants in person' in UK law courts.

In court were two barristers, a partner of a protected Cardiff law firm and a young gentleman, in crazy winkle pickers, just 6 days from solicitor qualification, when just one High Street solicitor would have sufficed. Somebody mumbled in the young man's direction, "Will you maintain your integrity to retirement date?"

What deceit and intrigue, in court  today , wait.......tomorrow.

He just wants to go to Brittanny, tomorrow, to get out and away from this current hell hole, South Wales.