The 2nd Writ of Habeas Corpus went into their Lordships on 'the Glorious 12th'!

We are all waiting for their deliberations.

Meantime the 'battle bus' arrived at Armley Jail on Saturday with little disturbance from others:

Many contacted me worried ex-prisoners may hijack the demo and it could possibly lead to violence....just what the police were waiting for - for another excuse to having me shot.

Video update on successfully getting a Writ served and possibly, properly considered-----a rare event!!!

Real partnership! 

 See Writ of Habeas Corpus on yesterday's comment, on last blog post and 1st Oct 2009 Cardiff Crown Court hearing transcript link with Norman and others attempting, for the very same reason, to serve a Writ of Habeas Corpus on Cardiff Crown Court to stop me from being sent on to Broadmoor, possibly for life.

Video: A Den of Evil - Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth in court 28/6/2011

And here is a copy of Norman's hand written letter to Her Majesty

And here is the transcript:


Monday 8th Aug. 2011


From Norman Scarth, WW2 Veteran, Prisoner Number A1903CF, Wing D 240, Leeds Prison

Your Majesty,

At your coronation you swore BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD to "DELIVER JUSTICE WITH MERCY". I cannot hope for Justice, but ask that you abide by your Oath & show MERCY by granting me a PARDON.

I served your grandfather as a Wolf Cub & Boy Scout: I served your father by joining the Royal Navy in WW2, was on the Arctic Russian Convoys & in the Scharnhorst battle, lucky to survive when brave men were dying around me in large numbers. Since the war I have served you by working honestly & hard, harder than ever now.

On Monday 25th July 2011 I walked into Your Majesty's Crown Court in Bradford & entered the public gallery for a case I was interested in, and sat there as quietly as a mouse. Half an hour later I was dragged off to a police station in handcuffs, then to Leeds Prison, where I am now. I am SUPPOSED to be here for ‘Contempt of Court', but am really here to silence me. The savage sentence proves the ‘bias?' (a euphemism) of the judge. SIX MONTHS for a man of 85 is equivalent to 15 - 20 YEARS for a younger man.

WHY should a judge wish to silence me? There is a horror story behind this, but no space to tell here. Your Majesty's Prisons are NOT ‘Holiday Camps' as the Press pretend. So far I have suffered 14 days of torment, requests to see the doctor and Legal Officer ignored. Denied medication prescribed for me outside. I am denied access to Lawyers, denied the documents needed to start my own appeal, denied ALL the things to which we are supposed to have access.


I have proved my loyalty to your Grandfather, your father & yourself.

I am too proud to beg for the MERCY which you swore to deliver, but ask that you prove the words of your Oath really meant something. The ‘UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners' is contemptuously ignored.

From Norman Scarth, veteran of the Arctic Russian Convoy & the Scharnhorst battle of World War 11.

Now a victim of injustice in one of Your Majesty's Court(s) from one of Your Majesty's Judges, and suffering torment & mental torture in one of Your Majesty's Prisons.

Signed Norman Scarth

PS There is much criminality by those who guard us. The book ‘PRISONGATE' (by Your Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prison, General Sir David Ramsbottom) tells only a part of it.




On 25 July 2011, Norman (85) and I went into Courtroom 5 in Bradford Crown Court to listen to a case. We sat in the public gallery, which is separated from the body of the court and partitioned by a glass panel, next to the defendant's mother (93). Both these elderly people have hearing difficulties, therefore the Court's support worker was requested to provide ‘hearing loops'. The ‘loops' were not made available before the hearing started. None of us could properly hear the proceedings therefore I stood up to hear better. The judge, Jonathan Rose, immediately ordered me to sit down. I informed him that the ‘hearing loops' had not been provided for the elderly people and I could not hear either. I asked whether we could move closer. Judge Rose ignored this and ordered me to sit down or leave the court. He was not at all sympathetic and was quite aggressive. I sat down and whispered my complaint to the court official that the hearing should not have started until she had supplied the ‘loops'. She apologised to me for not providing them nor being able to interrupt the judge to do so.

Norman decided to record the proceedings with an audio-video device (knowing that court transcripts can be edited). A support worker who was sat behind us alerted Judge Rose who then ordered Norman to hand it over so that the contents could be forensically examined. Norman denounced the judge and the support worker. Judge Rose issued instructions for the police to arrest Norman for ‘contempt of court'. He was handcuffed and taken away.

A ‘hearing loop' was then provided for the defendant's mother. After the hearing, Norman was brought back to the courtroom in handcuffs and represented by a court-appointed barrister, Oliver Jarvis of Exchange Chambers, Manchester. Norman issued an apology through Mr Jarvis (for what he had called the support worker, but not for recording). Judge Rose ordered that Norman be detained overnight and brought back for sentencing the following day (26 July).

Norman liked Oliver Jarvis but chose to represent himself on 26 July.

Outcome: Six months imprisonment and one year ban from entering court premises.


PRESS RELEASE 12 August 2011

WWII Veteran Victim of Justice System Petitions HM The Queen

Norman Scarth, born 1925, is hard of hearing and was going to ask the Judge for permission to record a Court session. He attended as a supporter, in Bradford Crown Court on 25 July 2011. But before he got round to it, a support worker alerted Judge Jonathan Rose2 who issued instructions for the police to arrest Norman for „contempt of court‟. After the hearing, he was brought back to the courtroom in handcuffs, represented by a court appointed barrister who apologised on his behalf. Judge Rose ordered that Norman be detained and brought back for sentencing the following day. The outcome was six months imprisonment and one year from entering court premises. An exact account is published on Victims Unite!

On 8th August Norman sent a petition to HM The Queen asking Her Majesty to abide by her Oath and show Mercy by granting him a Pardon, since he is experiencing what he describes "a definition of hell" in this open letter. Leeds prison is one for serious offenders. Two formal complaints6 about his prison conditions have been ignored.

A major campaign has been mounted to free Norman Scarth: a demo will take place outside Leeds Prison this Saturday, August 13th, 10am - 4pm, his story has been reported on a number of blogs.

Comment posted in Leeds News newspaper

Norman Scarth and I have been in court together many times, helping others and conclude the law is only as good as the integrity of those entrusted to administer it.

The main perpetrators of the law, within our judicial system are, so often, driven by plain and simple avarice. They appear, time and time again to be protected by outdated Royal Charters that invariably conflict with our basic human rights for a fair trial.

Maurice Kirk

Hang in there, Norman.....''truth will out"!