Maurice calls himself a 'chronic litigant'.He juggles court cases like others juggle parties or similar events with far less effects on their liberty, finances and health: Physical, mental and emotional stress appears to be taking its toll though after three decades of it...

Maurice's Invitation  for 29th June 2011, Cardiff Magistrates, at 10am, to witness an arrest 

CF101741 + 3 others

49 Tynewydd
Barry CF62 8AZ

23 June 2011

HHJ Seys  Llewellyn QC
Trial Judge
Cardiff County Court

Your Honour,

Re: Request to Cancel Listing of pretrial 11&12 July 2011 hearing until highest courts determine what is to be heard and give direction on "ALL" legal issues raised in "ALL" my court documents of  2010 & 2011 now criminal allegations are laid.

In the light of new evidence of criminal conduct committed by the Defendant I write to express the strongest objections to listing the pretrial hearing, on 11 & 12 July 2011, prior to my having opportunity to go through the full process of law that may allow me to consolidate my grievances against the Defendant, from 1992 to the present day and still ongoing situation.

Further criminal allegations have been brought, following my arrests by the south Wales Police , designed purely to frustrate the Claimant, with, as usual, the criminal allegations against me either being later withdrawn or  embarrassingly lost in the criminal courts due to HMCS and CPS abuse of process.

It is recognized, in case law, thatcases can be before the Courts where the facts have not yet settled. Developments and facts central to my grievances have also occurred since the narrower issues that are to be examined on 11 and 12 July 2011.

The facts of my case are still developing.

For example, the Lewis machine gun case, brought by the Defendant and similar criminal conduct by Dr Tegwyn Williams, falsifying medical records, was an attempt to having me shot and if that failed, to obtain imprisonment, IPP in Broadmoor high security prison show such malice, manipulations and an abuse of the imbalance in power, by the Defendant(s), that their mindset and deeds in 2009 to 2011, form new evidence to reconsider all of the Defendant's conduct since 1992.

It is not just criminal law that now has to be considered but updated incremental change to both public policy and case law.

It may help to say that I need time to detail my grievances as legal cases there being, also, cases that now exist and that are relevant.

They include:

1.        Kirk v South Wales Police, the ‘machine gun' conspiracy 10 year imprisonment   CF1CF03546

2.       Kirk v Dr Tegwyn Williams, Professor Roger Wood and South Wales NHS     CF with Cardiff court

3.       Regina v Kirk  Royal Courts of Justice ‘contempt of court' 28th June                  201004016C1

4.       Regina v Kirk Cardiff Magistrates ‘common assault'  21st Sept  Judicial Review CO/4298/2011  

5.       Kirk v Chief Constable , HM Court Service & Dr Tegwyn Williams 29th June    Cardiff Magistrates

6.       Kirk v South Wales Police Court of Appeal  hearing 29th July                    CF 101741+ 3 others

7.       MAPPA disclosure                                                                                   CF 101741+ 3 others

I believe listing 11 & 12 July, for a pretrial hearing, does not allow me to even list the true severity of my grievances for the early stage of consideration before the Courts and that would seem to be a most profound denial of access to justice and a blatant attempt to deny me ‘Remedy' for the true extent of my difficulties as extreme and indefinite. Only by examining early grievances, is a way to hide my best evidence, of the Defendant's mindset would seem to me to surely be a denial of a fair trial, which can be unfair and so unlawful in UK law. It is also a breach of ECHR Article 6 & 14.

A priority is the much awaited  ruling by you for the release of further Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements minutes identifying further evidence of the conspiracy by the Chief Constable  to having me shot.

Please cancel the pretrial listing of 11 & 12 July 2011 in favour of supporting me in an ongoing process of law to appeal to the high courts that I be allowed to consolidated cases from 1992 to the present day ,to be heard outside Wales and before a jury.    


Maurice J Kirk BVsc

Copy to Defendant's solicitors.


VERDICT of  22nd June Cardiff hearing

1.  All bail conditions quashed meaning Maurice can return to Brittany for medical attention.

2. Private prosecution, 'laying of information' blocked again, sine die, all trying to bury the simple fact that the welsh judiciary, en masse, tried to have him shot by armed police..

Will Lord Justice Moses, on the 28th June at the RCJ, join their conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and also block a criminal investigation? 

3. Maurice established, yesterday, the High Court judge, Mr Justice Henson, upon refusing his Judicial Review Application, relating to the original conviction in his absence, was given considerable false information by HM Court Service (Wales)  (judgment here when scanned) now causing the CPS to reconsider the whole case to avoid an appeal outside Wales.

4. Only after seven months of refused applications has cabal of HMCS (Wales) finally been made to release the original court clerk's notes of totally contradictory evidence as to what on earrth really was said on the 2nd November 2010 in that Cardiff court.

Maurice told the two magistrates not one of the HMCS (Wales) staff told the original court he had been violently pushed part way down a flight of stairs by the ex-policeman, Derick Hassan, causing  a suspect fracture in his ankle and a spell in hospital.

HMCS had refused his solictor, filing the JR, of the very existence of recorded 'evidence' or whether or not DJ BORG ever did get told of Maurice's medical state despite his GP faxing, to the court, yet another medical report that very day!.

It stinks, doesn't it?

And still they refuse to identify the CPS prosecutor, in the fifteen minute trial and why, with such conflicting nonsense from all three of the HMCS staff prosecution witnesses, did District Judge J Borg not ask a single question to clarify?

It stinks  doesn't it?

It appears the HMCS withheld the original six medical reports from the trial judge, D J A Borg, that Maurice was unfit and about to undergo surgery, telling Mr Justice Henson only one judge had ever dealt with the case, failing to admit a District Judge Charles had already accepted Maurice's condition for the case to be adjourned until after he was off the morphine, after his total hip replacement operation that had to be done in Britanny.

Why France? Because successive Welsh doctors refused to operate as Dr Tegwyn Williams had informed them Maurice had 'significant brain damage and possible brain tumour'.  

Maurice let it be known, to the court, God help the Welsh threatened, shortly, with their own independant judiciary and now only accountable to Europe.


Lord Justice Moses hearing 28th June RCJ (Appeal for Contempt of Court Conviction)

Is His Lordship going to join the conspiracy and allow the stench of the welsh courts pervade all that my family fought for in two world wars?.....come and  witness it for yourself....lunch, as usual, is on me.

Some detail of the blocked two year running private prosecution process the welsh HMCS and 10 Cardiff Crown Court judges have attempted to block. 

Private Prosecutions Application 22nd June 2011 11am, adjourned sine die 

Following my continuing case, originating in February 2009 and last heard 11th December 2009 Cardiff, before District Judge Charles, via prison video link, in my laying of information re an attempt on my life by Barbara Wilding, aided, abetted by Adrian Oliver of Dolmans  and Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell Clinic with numerous others, well aware, attending seven MAPPA monthly meetings, either in Barry police station or that notorious Caswell Clinic Bridgend, I state: 

In reply to District Judge Charles questions before a hearing shortly,:

1. Names?

Barbara Wilding, Adrian Oliver and Dr Tegwyn Williams and if not immune to criminal prosecution, at least ten Cardiff Crown Court judges who had to be aware.when refusing bail between June 09 to Feb 10

2. Offences? include:


Attempted murder/conspiracy to commit murder

False imprisonment

Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

Attempted murder/Conspiracy to commit murder :

Barbara Wilding:         Between 25th February 2009 to 17th December 2009

Adrian Oliver:             Between 25th February 2009 to 17th December 2009

Dr Tegwyn Williams    Between 8th June 2009 to 17th December 2009 



Barbara Wilding           Between 25th February 2009 to 31st December 2009 

Adrian Oliver               Between 25th February 2009 to September 2010

Dr Tegwyn Williams     3rd August 2009 to 2nd December 2009


Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice:

Barbara Wilding           Between 25th February 2009 to 31st December 2009 

Adrian Oliver               Between 25th February 2009 to September 2010

Dr Tegwyn Williams     Between 3rd August 2009 to 2nd December 2009


False Imprisonment:

Barbara Wilding           Beteen 22nd June 2009 to 9th February 2010  

Adrian Oliver               Between 25th February 2009 9th February 2010

Dr Tegwyn Williams     Between 3rd August 2009 to 17th December 2009 


Evidence? includes:

Attempted Murder

Barbara Wilding         evidence with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, police HQ and MAPPA

Adrian Oliver             evidence is with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court ,dolmans .,solicitors offices and MAPPA

Dr Tegwyn Williams   evidence is with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, Welsh NHS and MAPPA


1. 25th Feb 2009 Barbara Wilding sworn Affidavit

2. Adrian Oliver created documents within current civil proceedings Kirk v South Wales Police

3. All Dr Tegwyn Williams psychiatric reports relating to Maurice John Kirk


Above evidence is already lodged with either welsh criminal or welsh civil courts 

Perverting the Course of Justice

Barbara Wilding         evidence with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, police HQ and MAPPA

Adrian Oliver             evidence is with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, Dolmans, solicitors offices and MAPPA

Dr Tegwyn Williams   evidence is with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, Welsh NHS and MAPPA

False Imprisonment

Barbara Wilding         evidence with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, police HQ, HM Prison Service and MAPPA

Adrian Oliver             evidence is with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, Dolmans, solicitors offices and MAPPA

Dr Tegwyn Williams   evidence is with CPS, Cardiff Crown Court, Welsh NHS, HM Prison Service and MAPPA


I am unable to attend court tomorrow until 11am as I have to report to a Cardiff police station.


Bail Variation Application

I apply to have;

1.  My having to report to a police station be removed from bail conditions

2.  Disclosure of information in the control of HMCS/ police /CPS to be disclosed

3.  Return to Brittany for medical attention, being, yet again, unable, in South Wales, to get access to my medication or promise of possibly needed surgery, recently diagnosed by a team of competent Breton doctors not under the influence of HM Partnership.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Written by Sabine K McNeill:
In Leeds
, he acted as McKenzie Friend for Norman Scarth who helped him get out of the psychiatric clinic back into prison.(Apparently a real improvement!)

Norman had 'layed the information' about a private prosecution, in the same way as Maurice has done - regarding those key culprits who have ruined his life not only by getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons, but also with a firearms response and those seven months of incarceration. This included breaking his marriage, as Social Services threatened to take his daughter if his wife were not agree to him having a 'mental disorder'...

We can only hope that these two 'seasoned' and 'veteran fighters' may well blaze trails for justice, fairness and the Rule of Law rather than the Rule of Person that victims have been experiencing over and over. 

Maurice will be in Cardiff Magistrates Court no. 5 tomorrow at 11am He is hoping for supporters to be there for him. Please phone him on 0790 793 7953, if you like.

NB Maurice, again, warns newcomers to the insular world of HMCS  tactics, to limit exposure to the unsuspecting tax payer, of, what he calls, their  'gravy train', the court number, at RCJ, might well change at the very last moment.

No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled,or deprived of his standing in any other way,nor will we proceed with force against him,or send others to do so,except
by the lawful judgement (sic) of his equals or by the law of the land.....