Manchester Private Prosecution

Manchester Magistrates was the venue today, for Norman Scarth Esq. to ‘lay information', including Misfeasance and Perversion of Justice but this time committed by a Chief Superintendant Rose of Bradford South Division, when refusing to properly investigate, if at all, serious crimes on an 85 year old.

Not even ‘crime numbers' were issued for graphically described vicious assaults on Norman by hooligans, despite video evidence being available. His letters of complaint remain unanswered.

The District Magistrate accepted Norman's evidence given, on oath, as true and smiled stating:

1.       Misfeasance

He had heard no specific evidence of the police officer ‘in charge' committing the offence and that this apparent conduct was ‘not one for the criminal courts' but for the IPPC or possible Judicial Review!


2.       Perversion of Justice

He also had heard no evidence of the accused ‘attempting to pervert the course of justice' suggesting Norman should have taken a private prosecution, instead, against his assailants!!!

Once again, it was abundantly clear to all those in the auditorium, as with the thirty odd supporters in yesterday's Leeds Administrative Court, that ‘injured' members of the public, also being ignored by police, whether it be from assaults, theft, burglary, fraud, whatever, should now ALL carefully swamp the law courts, right across the UK, with their own private prosecutions, until those responsible, currently enjoying no accountability, are finally named and shamed and then more.

After leaving the court Norman went back in and again referred to the injuries on the photographs, he had submitted, saying, "You might as well have done it yourself. That you had proved your hatred of the ‘Litigant in Person' equalled that of the *** for the Jews. That there was nothing in the world lower than a lawyer".

Maurice may now particularly enjoy, up through the utterly corrupt Cardiff court system, continuing his private prosecution against Ex Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and Dolmans' partner, Adrian Oliver, defending the nineteen year running damages claim for malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments.

Laid information includes their conspiring with MAPPA, Caswell Clinic's Dr Tegwyn Williams and HM Prison, Cardiff, to having him shot and if that failed, incarcerated for an ‘indeterminate period', IPP, in some high security psychiatric prison.

AND NOW, a few words from Norman.......

To Fellow Maquisard:
4.30a.m: Now refreshed after much needed sleep, I can start to tell you of HH Judge 'Wasted' (Gosnell), & 'Nice Guy' DJ Taff.

My Magna Carta Day hearing in Leeds was before His Honour Judge Mark Gosnell QC, Presiding Circuit Judge for much of Yorkshire.  I suggest it is highly improper that a Circuit Judge, who was only ACTING as a High Court Judge should be in a position to overrule Mr. Justice Parker, a genuine High Court Judge, who had refused my Application 'on the papers'.   It was obvious, he never would do, even if he could.  Below is my  presentation of case to Gosnell (a Circuit Judge is usually addressed as 'Your Honour' but, acting as a High Court Judge he was entitled to be addressed as 'My Lord', & I did so) :
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My Lord, I was surprised to learn that you are a guitarist in a Rock Band called Wasted.  Perhaps younger people will tell me whether you are more likely to be that rare creature an Honest Lawyer?  

My Lord, this is about bent coppers & crooked judges.  I hope you will not try to say there are none.  My Lord, I hope you will not tell us, ‘There are proper procedures to seek a remedy'.  You know as well as I do that ALL such procedure are designed AND USED to send the victim running around in circles until he collapses from exhaustion or gives up in disgust!  None more so than the IPCC - the ‘IMITATION Police Complaints Commission', the CCRC - the ‘Completely Corrupt Review Commission' or the OJC, the Office for Judicial Complaints.

From centuries before the police were invented, it was the right of everyone in the land to report crime to a Justice of the Peace, who would then cause a Summon to be issued.  We STILL have that right.  It was confirmed by the blood of all those who gave their lives in World War II to defend that right.   Sadly the legal professionals hate us having that right.  With contempt for the law they purport to serve, they will use every dirty trick to block us, as now. 
That this case is in the High Court at all is itself crime: the extortion of money from the taxpayer to put money into the pockets of the legal profession, when it SHOULD have been dealt with quickly & cheaply by Bradford Magistrates' Court last October.  Instead they deliberately sent me, an old man, on what they had arranged would be a wild goose chase, in bad weather with slippery pavements, to Leeds.

Combating those who seek to abolish juries, Lord Devlin said, "They are the lamp by which we see that Freedom lives".  Justices of the Peace have that same vital function; to protect us from an oppressive State - & present day Britain is certainly that!  Instead, going into a building with a great big sign saying ‘MAGISTRATES' COURT', all too often we find ourselves before a District Judge,  a lawyer on the payroll of the very State which is oppressing us. 
In Leeds, District Judge Darnton was well prepared, ready to repel boarders, i.e. the hated Litigant In Person.  To be generous let's say he ‘Misdirected himself on the law', though in truth he was really perverting the course of justice, & acting from malice, towards the LIP in general, me in particular.   He even said, "I have no power to make Orders", though contradicting himself later, saying "I will decide what Orders to issue"

The false excuses he used in refusing to issue Summonses against the four named persons who had assaulted me were NOT valid against the police officer named [Chief Superintendent Rose, a female, who I wished to prosecute for either 'Misconduct in Public Office' or 'Perverting the Vourse of Justice]. 

HAVING BEEN TOLD THAT THERE WAS VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE ASSAULTS (either of which could have been fatal, particularly on a man of my age) Rose had ignored the letter from the Deputy Chief Constable's Staff Officer, ignored my written complaint & an hour long interview at the police station, refused to investigate the crimes, to record the complaint or to give it a number, but DJ Darnton still refused a Summons in that case too.  His only reason for that refusal was that she was a person with power ( though that of course was not said).  I remind you: we are SUPPOSED to have equality under the law. 

I'm sure you are aware of Regina v Dytham, which ruled that failure to act (omission) can be just as culpable is the commission of an offence.

Lord Denning was rated - BY SOME - as the finest judge of the 20th century.  In his book ‘WHAT NEXT IN THE LAW' he wrote about ‘Abuse of Power'.  "No matter who it is - who is guilty of the abuse or misuse (of power).  Be it Government, national or local. Be it trade unions.  Be it the press. Be it management.  Be it labour.  Whoever it be, no matter how powerful, the law should provide a speedy remedy for the abuse or misuse of power, else the oppressed will get to the point where they will stand it no longer.  They will find their own remedy.  There will be anarchy." 

The current Lord Chief Justice said much the same more recently: "If the law will not provide a remedy, people will find someone to throw bricks through windows - OR WORSE!" 

If ‘The Law', (i.e. the police & the courts) will not protect me, or provide me with a remedy for crime committed against me, then I am fully entitled to protect myself & seek my own remedy!  As it is, anyone in the land has licence to commit any crime against me with impunity.  Far from preventing crime against me the police would be more likely to join in against me.  I don't like guns, but if I am forced to get one to protect myself I will do so.   Lord Denning gave a most important warning to the nation - but is notable that he excluded the judiciary from his list of those who might abuse their power! 

Some of Denning's earlier words were less worthy.  At one of his lectures to the Holdsworth Club at Birmingham University he said, "No British judge has been biased for 300 years": Palpable nonsense, but the ECtHR subscribes to that view. 
In Sirrus v Moore, 1974, he said, "No matter that (a judge) be motivated by the utmost malice, greed, envy & all uncharitableness, he is not liable to any action".  This self-proclaimed immunity was falsely proclaimed, but accepted as the word of God ever since. 

Elsewhere Denning said, "Better that innocent men should remain in prison than that the integrity of the judiciary be impugned". 

The words themselves belie that integrity, but Denning has many present day followers, including successive Governments, Parliament, the Media, the Prison Service & the ECtHR.   Denning's words were in gross contempt of his own Judicial Oath, & that of the Sovereign, in whose name he purported to act.  So much for the finest judge of the 20th century!

I ask this court to make Orders: (a) that P. Craig Mitchell & Judith Clarke, who know the addresses of those who committed serious assaults on me in 2010, shall give those addresses.  (b) That Bradford Magistrates' Court and Leeds Magistrates' Court shall issue Summonses when Information is put before them. 

You don't need me to tell you that when doing so the Private Prosecutor (like the police or CPS) only needs to give such detail as will enable the person summoned to understand to what it relates: i.e. ‘On the afternoon of Friday 6th January 1906, Joe Bloggs came into my shop & stole a bar of chocolate".  Court staff should then tell the Informant, ‘That is a Common Law offence', or, ‘That is an offence under Statute so & so', or whatever, & a Summons should be issued.    

(c) That Bradford & Leeds Magistrates' Court, the Ministry of Justice, & Bradford Councillors shall cease blocking my emails. 

(d) That the DPP's office shall deal with communications from me as appropriate, & NOT (as they have stated) that ANYTHING  from me will be ‘put on file & ignored'.  
We're fighting a war that's DISGUISED as ‘THE LAW': the enemy are terrorists in police uniform - AND WIGS & ROBES! They don't follow rules OR the Rule of Law - they follow orders!  COVERT orders from the Godfathers of the Legal Mafia. (though the last sentence was in the document which I handed up, I actually spoke something slightly different) 
Hitler conquered most of Europe, including France & Norway.  In France he installed the Vichy Government.  In Norway He made Vidkum Quisling Prime Minister.  He FAILED to conquer Britain, BUT, waiting in the wings was a Fifth Column.  THEY WERE ALREADY HERE!   

During the last 60 year British Quislings have achieved by stealth that which Hitler failed to do by force.  They are the new Master Race (though not the one Hitler envisaged):  During those 60 years Quislings have quietly taken every position of power.  WE are the Resistance, the Maquis - we are Maquisards! 

IF THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, THERE IS MUCH MORE! (end of typed copy of presentation, handed up with the request that it be an offical document, 'on the record').
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -
I am grateful to Maurice Kirk, my McKenzie Friend, for his suggestion that I should hand up the typed copy of that presentation, requesting that it be an official document 'on the record', & I did so.  In fact, I did put in a few spoken ad libs, but I don't think they added much to the above.  I felt that I had done a good job, & it was pleasing that the observers confirmed this.  Must give a little credit to Gosnell that he gave me permission to use my digital recorder, but would not allow supporters to do so.  I told him I intended to appeal his decision, & asked his permission to do so, but he refused.  I can still do so of course, by asking the Appeal Court itself.

That's it for now folks: I feel the need to get back to bed for another couple of hours.  Will tell the story of 'Nice Guy' District Judge Taff in Manchester Magistrates' Court in the next instalment. 

Norman Scarth.
PS:  I did suggest to Gosnell, & to all those present that they should try to see the Charles Laughton film, "This Land is Mine".  Though it was a wartime propaganda film about Nazi Occupied Europe, the title, & the film itself, is most relevant to Britain today.      NS.

Tuesday 14th June.
Some of you may know ‘Maurice Kirk Flying Vet' (google the name).  As a result of serious oppression from South Wales Police for many years, Maurice had several criminal & civil actions against them.  To stop him there was a malicious prosecution on a RIDICULOUS charge.  However, they didn't really want there to be a trial, so they put this SANE man in a local lunatic asylum, with the idea of sending him to Broadmoor - silenced for ever!  (A trick from Stalinist Russia).  One of the best things I ever did in my life was to get Maurice out of the Nuthouse & back into Cardiff Prison on remand.  
Eventually there WAS a trial; the jury realised SW Police were a bunch of Gestapo thugs, & Maurice was quite rightly acquitted.  Having been shown up so badly, you would think that SW Police would leave Maurice alone, but no!  On another RIDICULOUS charge they got a warrant for his arrest.  Maurice was forced to seek asylum in France
- the first Englishman to do so for centuries!  

Intending to attend the Magna Carta Day hearing in Leeds, Maurice left the safety of France, but on leaving the ferry was arrested by Portsmouth Police, to be collected by their chums in South Wales. 

at 12 noon on Wednesday 15th June at Leeds Combined Courts Centre (off Westgate, Leeds LS1 3WG,  close by the Town Hall). 

You OWE it to all those who gave their lives in World War II, but have been so badly betrayed by the Quislings who now run Britain.

For more contact Norman Scarth. Tel: 01274 541 213.  Mobile: 0779 435 8691.