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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

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Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Regina vs Maurice Kirk

    Once again the words will be written "Regina vs Maurice Kirk". These words echo across countless pages of court transcripts meticulously typed up over tens of years.

    However, Maurice Kirk begs to disagree, he does not regard Regina as an adversary. He actually bears no personal grudge against Regina or any of her kith or kin. Rather it is her employees he is concerned about, those who take her name in vain and use their positions and powers to ruin the lives of innocent civilians throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. It is they who have caused him decades of controversy against which he, being a believer in truth and justice, has had no option but to defend himself or to litigate.

    Maurice Kirk, in common with millions of other civilians across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, has wished for a very long time that Regina would discipline her millions of employees, all those who have sworn an oath, all those Chartered or wearing the symbol of the Crown upon their garb. He wishes that Regina would do her duty to all her subjects and delegate orders for those who act in her name to act in accordance with the age-old principles of human rights which are now enshrined in the UK Human Rights Act 1998 and other Commonwealth and international Human Rights legislation.

    In common with many who have in-depth knowledge of the system gained by personal experience, he wishes that the links between the defence, academic, police, legal and psychiatric fraternities were exposed and torn asunder. Of particular concern are those involved with human research, the tactics and technologies of surveillance and the influence of the human body and brain.

    Regina is in the unique position to unravel the matrix from the top down, unless it is her wish that her subjects should live as a psycho-civilized society.

    It was reported that during a conversation she had with Paul Burrell (Diana's butler) the Queen stated that there were unknown forces at work.

    "When I came back, I was in grief along with the rest of the world. And then the queen asked to see me at Buckingham Palace. And what she said in that meeting was, "Paul, do be careful. You know, there are forces at work in the country of which we have no knowledge."

    Fox News report

    I was grieving. I saw the Queen and she warned me of dark forces.

    Interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme

    Maurice wishes that those operating under the aegis of Royal Charters would deny their prerogative of ‘non-recital' (concealment) and ‘mis-recital' (deception). In particular he wishes that the courts and judges, ministers and civil servants would renounce the orders which explicitly command them to give favourable treatment to the chartered bodies. In order to achieve this, he wishes that Regina would order the Privy Council to change the wording of all Royal Charters from that which provides immunity and pre-excuses improper conduct.

    Maurice Kirk himself has even been in Regina's employ. He has faithfully applied his skills as a veterinary surgeon on the Prince of Wales estates. In fact, on one occasion when he had been dehorning the royal steers, his journey home was interrupted, a commonplace occurrence, by the South Wales Police and he was charged with being in possession of a dangerous weapon, a garrotte - actually embriotomy wire for dehorning cattle. The boys in blue were obviously well informed about the precise contents of his veterinary kit for that day and were prepared once again to exercise their powers against him.

    On that occasion he was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of an offensive weapon. Next he was charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon. He was 48 years old and spent 3 days in Cardiff jail during which time the South Wales Police said that they did not know who he was, after which all charges were dropped by the magistrate due to lack of evidence.

    Maurice Kirk has experienced a perennial problem with being permitted to hold a trial with jurors, as courts were held in the old days. He feels that the presence and opinion of twelve civilian equals might negate some of the sanctioned lies and withholding of information of Regina's servants. Unfortunately he does not anticipate that this chronic challenge will be addressed in his favour.

    He would greatly appreciate it if at least his named adversary Regina would appear to face him, and if that is inconvenient that she should appear on video-link, and if that is inconvenient that she should apologise for her absence.

    He would prefer, of course, that in each session of the court, Regina would pardon him from the offence of the day caused by her loyal servants.

    In the current case regarding the ownership, registration and sale of a single decommissioned, inoperative World War 1 machine gun, Regina should understand Maurice Kirk's current situation better than any citizen of the United Kingdom. Regina owns numerous buildings across the British Isles which are full of weapons dating from the most ancient to the most modern. Regina owns armouries brimming with pikes and staves, rapiers and swords, cutlasses and flintlocks, blunderbusses, rifles and bayonets, most of which have been meticulously restored and preserved in perfect working order. On Regina's rooftops and terraces, hundreds of canons stand at the ready with cannonballs at their feet. They point outwards across the land aimed at thousands of innocent civilians.

    Has every single one of Regina's weapons been registered? Does Regina hold a licence for every single firearm on her premises? Or is Regina exempt from the rulings of the Firearms Act?

    How can Regina, the owner of thousands of fully operational weapons, be versus one man who does not own a single weapon and who did not own, nor was in possession of the single deactivated firearm in question when he was arrested and charged under the Firearms Act?

    "Regina vs Maurice Kirk", these words will assuredly reverberate across the land until his dying day or conversely until they are changed to "Rex vs Maurice Kirk".

  • 22nd September 2009 – 3 Months Anniversary

    Maurice Kirk's body and brain have now been inside government premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since the 22nd of June 2009.

    When he left Cardiff prison and arrived at the Caswell Clinic, he was still on a hunger strike. He realised that there was no point continuing the hunger strike when he had no access to the courts for at least 28 days. He broke his fast by eating food brought in by family and friends. This choice was regarded as paranoid despite the fact that none of the staff eat the food provided by the institution.

    With regard to his physical health, he has observed many changes during his period of incarceration. He states that during this time period he has experienced deterioration in eyesight which manifests as loss of focal clarity, particularly in the morning. He also notes that his hearing has deteriorated markedly. He observes that his long-term memory appears normal most of the time but that his short-term memory has weakened. His senses of smell and taste now vary in intensity. On occasion his heartbeat is slowed and he feels cold. He has experienced numbness in both arms below the elbows which disappears when he changes location. He also moves when either one of his feet becomes cold. He has experienced no dreams since he has entered the clinic and like one being roused from a state of deep unconsciousness, it takes him over an hour to feel fully alert each morning. Concurrently his head feels stuffy, as if his sinuses were blocked. He has also reports that whenever he settles down somewhere to eat, read and write or sleep, he experiences a sharp pain in the right ear which lasts for about 30 seconds.

    He hopes that these physical symptoms are temporary and that, if he is ever again permitted to reside on private property his body and brain will make a full recovery.

    The psychiatrists and psychologists at the Caswell Clinic conduct research on the inmate population in conjunction with the universities of Cardiff and Swansea. Maurice Kirk has had MRI and CT scans of the brain, but has neither been permitted to view them nor to receive copies of them. He has not spent time with a doctor, as would be normal under NHS circumstances, to sit down and go over them.

    It seemed initially that the institution's goal was to diagnose a dangerous personality disorder. Each psychiatrist has a speciality, and it now seems that the diagnosis is leading towards a personality disorder caused by brain damage. Coincidentally Maurice experienced a headache which lasted for the three days before, during and after his scheduled CT scan.

    The Cardiff Court sentenced Maurice to incarceration in the Caswell Clinic. The documents did not mention compulsory participation in research projects.

    Maurice's experience during these three long months has been one of delays and petty rules. He has established that the never ending and ever changing sets of rules at the Caswell Clinic are actually Home Office based. He has asked for all the rules to be available to all inmates, but the request has been denied. Instead rules emerge from the ether synchronised to requests from inmates.

    Control of the individual is paramount and is ensured by being under observation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    It has been a year of negative press for the South Wales Police. Stories have been reported about some of the miscarriages of justice which have occurred over the years. However, the South Wales Police, in their inimitable way, have sidestepped complaints to the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) to which they are bound to respond and have rejected calls from Cardiff Council for a Public Inquiry into the force's historic miscarriages of justice.

    Chief Constable Barbara Wilding said that the five miscarriages of justice, which included the Cardiff Newsagent Three and the three men originally convicted of killing Lynette White, had all been fully re-investigated.

    She said: "What we are referring to here happened a long, long time ago."

    "We have to put this in context, these cases represent a minuscule percentage of the number of cases that were dealt with by South Wales Police over that period of time."

    She said that the force had completely changed since that time and there was no suggestion that the same miscarriages of justice were continuing.

    She said: "This is not the same force that it was in the 1980s."

    However that is patently not the case as two events reported by Wales Online on 29th March 2009 verify.

    "South Wales Police has had a difficult week, having to issue two apologies in the space of 48 hours - the first to a 63-year-old musician who was mistakenly arrested and strip-searched by armed police officers and the second to a grieving widow to whom officers returned the rope her husband had used to kill himself."

    Maurice Kirk would also beg to disagree especially as his arrest and confinement coincided with his failed attempts to deliver documents to Dolmans solicitors. The solicitors refused to accept the documents which were actions against the South Wales Police.

    According to the legal directory Chambers and Partners "Dolmans has a high success rate for the defence of claims for damages and contested trials, and takes on a steady flow of instructions from its main client base of four police forces: South Wales Police, Dyfed Powys Police, West Mercia Constabulary and Gwent Constabulary."

    "It has successfully acted for the defendant in a claim for damages arising out of the claimant's arrest and detention, a case that established an important precedent in both civil and criminal law in relation to the Mental Health Act."

    The civilian taxpayer initially pays for the police forces and their CHIS (Covert Human Information Sources) to operate, then they pay for lengthy court cases and their associated costs, additional costs for years of accommodation for inmates may follow. The next payment is for solicitors, like Dolmans, to defend the police for their initial actions plus further court costs and finally there may be compensation payments calculated in hundreds of thousands of pounds for those declared innocent.

    The South Wales Police cannot afford any additional bad press in 2009. Maurice Kirk's court case has now been moved to 2010. Chief Constable Barbara Wilding will be retiring at the end of 2009.

    Maurice Kirk's court cases and even his Mental Health assessment have been characterised by a series of delays. By the end of 2009 the delays in "processing" Maurice will have served their purpose.


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