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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

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Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Extract - Psychiatrist's Final Report


    "Paragraph 36. I have been asked to give my mind to the issue as to whether or not Maurice Kirk is fit to plead and stand trial. Maurice Kirk clearly understands the nature of the charge and the significance of the plea. However, due to Maurice Kirk's mental disorder described above, specifically his brain damage and its relationship to self awareness, judgement, decision making, self regulation of behaviour and control of emotions, combined with difficulty in organising and sequencing information, his inability to filter out relevant information and his problems with attention and concentration, his overwhelming perception of himself as being a victim of persecution by the system, all of which are clearly evident in discussions with him concerning the alleged offence, he appears unable to address a specific legal and technical area of law necessary to appropriately conduct his defence."

    "Paragraph 37. Should Maurice Kirk be legally represented in court, I would consider him a fit person to stand trial as a legal representation would be able to focus on the relevant features.

    "Paragraph 38. Maurice Kirk's current clinical presentation is clearly causing major problems for the criminal justice system, though is not of a nature and degree to warrant compulsory treatment. He would, however, benefit from continued contact with mental health services to both monitor his condition and attempt to establish a relationship which would allow other treatment avenues to be explored.

    "Paragraph 39. I am aware that my opinion will cause significant difficulties for the court.. I am also aware of the difficulties that the court has had gaining further psychiatric evidence which to a degree is due to Maurice Kirk's perceived ability to intimidate and threaten those who become involved in his case. Should Maurice Kirk rerquest in patient hospital treatment. I have concerns that a medium secure unit would not be able to provide the degree of procedural security necessary to maintain the safety of its staff, because of the confidentiality of other patients and the necessary security. Should the court wish a second opinion, they may wish to consider instructing a psychiatrist from a high security hospital to assess Maurice Kirk both as to treatment and the environment in which that treatment should take place. I stress that the requirement for  conditions of specific security are purely as a result of Maurice Kirk's communications with the encouragement of others, rather than his clinical presentation.

    "Paragraph 40. Maurice Kirk can return to court for any disposal that the court sees fit."

  • Just Another Frustrating Day In Crown’s Cuckoo Land

    ‘You can see the rules (policy) if you hand over your cigar lighter', the Ward Manager said, whilst surrounded by her 'heavies' in the doorway of my cell.

    Subsequent delivery and a further promise, has, as yet yielded nothing.

    So I repeat the academic exercise, a few days later, ensuring this time, there are at least 14 involved.  Worrying when the obvious question was put, few it seemed had even seen the Rule Book yet alone Statutory Health and Safety regulations.

    Whenever Her Majesty chooses to lock me up, the first job I do is to ‘case the joint' with the view, as so many of my adversaries would have you to believe, to try and escape.

    My survey on such places has always been, revealed in confidence towards the end of my internment, but here I am at Her Majesty's pleasure for an indeterminate length of time.

    I remember, long ago, a Guernsey born prison officer in the quaint old HM Prison, Dorchester, breaking all the rules and letting me peep at my confidential file.

    In it, handwritten, was a note from a certain Taunton Police Office stating ‘Potentially Dangerous and likely to try to escape.

    This, the prison officer explained, immediately barred me as an outside gardener at the old people's home, librarian or the plum job, the HM Governor was trying to clear to be his own tea maker and ‘batman.

    Perhaps his passion to ‘Break the Bonds of Earth', at every conceivable opportunity, influenced him a little?

    And still these ‘shrinks' refuse to read the evidence brought in by my good wife, for fear it may endanger their ‘interim diagnosis' of paranoid delusional disorder.

  • A ‘Hunger Strike’ or Just ‘Not Eating?’

    On the 8 October I may have just lost my appetite but, since then, apart from the occasional apple or grape, I have ‘refused food'.

    I do not expect much to change until I am given my medical records from both State Psychiatric Hospital, Austin, Texas and the South Wales Forensic Service.

    Informed interrogation of both patients and staff of the Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, leaves me in no doubt that I was taken from HM Prison, Cardiff on the pretext my so called ‘hunger strike' indicated a ‘psychiatric disorder' in order to prevent me ‘preserving evidence'.

  • Well and Truly Cooked?

    On 1st October I was promised Dr Tegwyn Williams would attend the Crown Court to be challenged regarding the content of his three "interim" psychiatry reports.

    He refused me both witness summonses on other psychiatrists to attend, in rebuttal, and also my medication.

    My daughter has just told me that, during the hearing, in my absence, the Crown Prosecution was again included in the deliberations on the decision to order a second psychiatric report of Her Majesty's very own choosing.

    HM prison withheld my legal papers for over 7 weeks followed now by my having to resort to a similar process, this time to try to obtain my own medical records in an attempt to defend myself in a British court of law.

    Even my own GP is denied access to the psychiatric reports of HM Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, purported to be under the joint control of the National Health Service and the Ministry of Justice.

    So far I have had 6 psychiatric reports and 3 psychologist reports written since I have been in custody, which, no doubt, Judge Cooke knows all about.

    Cardiff Crown Court continues to refuse me my right to hear the 3rd September tape, when the official transcript omits completely my application for bail.


  • It Takes Two to Tango

    28 more days and another report.

    Judge N Cooke has now ordered his second psychiatrist, a Dr Roland Jones, to examine me in order to comply with the 1983 mental health act and to enable him to section me for life, without trial on the 26th October.
    Does Dr Tegwyn Williams therefore have the opinion that I am insane? His 29th September report does not state that. 
    He refuses to allow me to prepare for trial by blocking access to my laptop containing my legal records. A trial that has the potential of a 10-year prison sentence.
    He refuses to release my medical records, even to my own GP. My GP confirms they cannot obtain them on my behalf. 
    Dr Williams obtained my medical records from the State Psychiatric Hospital, Austin, Texas without my consent and also refuses to disclose those.
    Dr Williams states he is under threat from a Mr Norman Scarth and a Patrick Cullinane and referred the matter to the recorder of Cardiff, Judge N Cooke.
    Just a warning to all of you out there of things to come.



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