Remand Prisoner Kirk BM8473

HM Prison


South Wales



Tuesday 03 November 2009


0853     PO refuses to inform me whether it is police, probation or lawyer booked in for 9am for 2 hours 15 minutes.  Refuses to indicate which (7) court case, which files to carry to visitors compound. ‘Until you get there cannot tell you'.

0914     Different PO states it's a psychologist from High Security Ashworth Psychiatric Hospital Liverpool.  I repeat I need proper notice, proof of identity, tape recorded and/or independent witness. (All in writing to authorities on countless previous occasions)

Refuse? No.

0915   Locked up in cell.  Write hurried letter to Dr?

0918   Medication called.  Let out to medical orderlies - refused again, diclofenac tabs for arthritis (8th day).  Queue dominated by prisoners for either methadone and/or screaming to be sent to Caswell Clinic!

0940   Original PO refused who/why Dr from HM Ashworth?

            Locked up.

SO and PO explains psychiatrist from Ashworth from Court order of 26 October (HHJ Eleri Rees)

I hand letter to SO to copy and deliver to Psychiatrist, stating I am not refusing, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice, taped, witnessed.

‘This is my 9th psychiatrist' signed.

0952   Copied and returned.

10.30  Dr at cell with healthcare manager to ‘assess fit to plead and stand trial'.

XE on who is behind all this abuse.

Dr admits never experienced a case re ‘fit to plead' but ‘not fit to stand trial without legal representation'.

Seen explanation on my website?  Dr answered (later)

Seen my medical records neither I nor my GP can get? Dr answered (later).

What law are they trying now ‘because they failed miserably on Section 35 1983 Mental Health Act?   Dr answered (later)

10.50  Dr. court can say ‘not fit (no challenge of Dr William's 4 psychiatric reports or release of my medical records)

11.08  Are you fit to instruct any lawyer?

Dr promises ‘bundle of papers' from Crown Court.  I explain I have had all these sort of promises from Cardiff Judges in the past and invariably ‘a pack of lies'.

I won't get it, meaning all the correspondence between Judges and CPS and Caswell Clinic and HMCS and MAPPA and Justice Ministry and other gulags in South Wales (Whitchurch and Llanarth Psychiatric Hospitals, Swansea and Cardiff Universities, where so many previous psychiatric reports originated).

I ask Dr. did you actually ask to see my medical ‘history'?

Reply ‘They could not find MJK medical records.

Dr:  How did all this start? 

Suggest he read my 64 page witness statement dated 19 June 09 written ‘just for an occasion as this' once I realised all the South Wales Police had left, following the signing of the Chief constable's 25 Feb 09 sworn affidavit.

Documents given to Dr.

  1. 2003 HM internal memo by Treasury Solicitors and HM Attorney General Re: Vexatious Litigant.
  2. Caswell Clinic internal memos (also see website)
  3. MJK 19 June 09 witness statement.  For civil action Re Covert Police Surveillance
  4. Chicago USA, Psychiatrist Report in Rebuttal (off website)

Dr: Have you ever threatened violence?

‘I was picked for public school 7 aside rugby finals at Twickenham'

Both Caswell Clinic and Cardiff Court refuse to remove falsely reported conviction of ABH on their record just as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2002, laboured under false information, again supplied by South Wales Police with ‘intent'.

I ask the Dr "where is the element of ‘intent' in my current predicament now facing an IPP prison sentence of indeterminate length for public protection?"

"For public protection or for yet another Judge, on 2 December, at last quashing my Civil Action, on 10 January 2010 and blocking the machine gun case, never ever intended to see the light of day?"

11.32  Dr leaves cell a little better informed stating he needed to return.

Every cloud?