Investigation into Royal Charters


These orders specifically require ministers and judges* to treat the chartered body ‘in the most favourable and beneficial sense' for its ‘best advantage.' This is to be done despite wrongdoing, specifically including ‘non-recital' (concealment) and ‘mis-recital' (deception).

The 1967 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Act omits ‘mis -recital'

A Number of European Court of Human Rights Applications are currently being prepared in Brittany now that Maurice is struggling but ‘out of the woods, medically and well off the daily morphine!

‘A Royal Charter' is the common thread between the South Wales Police, in 2001, making complaint to have Maurice struck off the veterinary register, for life, just for questioning ‘authority' through the courts and a recent Criminal Court of Appeal Judgment, Regina v Maurice Kirk , for ‘Contempt of Court', currently applied for to go to the Supreme Court as the hearing appears contrary  to Article 6.

Dr Tegwyn Williams, in August 2009, was employed by Wales HM Partnership to fabricate false medical evidence, for which he had no qualifications, to have Maurice incarcerated, without trial, in a high security hospital, possibly for life. His medical reports stated Maurice having, ‘significant brain damage and possible tumour'.

Each Royal Charter affecting the ten judges, including the Recorder of Cardiff, His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, who three times, alone, refused bail on this medical evidence, that Maurice was too dangerous to be released, can be read on transcripts on this website Downloads.

The Court of Appeal Judgment is likely to refuse permission for the case to go to the Supreme Court due to the fact the ‘argument' with HHJ Cooke QC , in Cardiff Crown Court, a year earlier, had before him the now proved falsified medical evidence, proved by other medical reports, then withheld from His Honour, including a clear brain scan of August 2009 organised by Williams, no less, as Director of the Caswell Clinic prison, Bridgend!........

.......this document will expand on a weekly basis until all Royal Charters , affecting Maurice's life, have been appropriately exposed to the general public as a warning of what is yet to come.   

copy of HCHR applications shortly and any help in preparation always appreciated.

Happy Easter