Carwyn Jones AM
First Minister
National Assembly of Wales

Edwina Hart AM
Minister for Health and Social Services
National Assembly of Wales

23 March 2011

Dear Mr Carwyn Jones AM and Mrs Edwina Hart AM,

Re: My Welsh Operation will now be in France. Is this the best future for Wales?

Important New Evidence that tests the State and Future of Wales NHS.

Mr David Sissling leaves as the local Chief Executive at ABMU LHB to be Chief of the Welsh NHS in May 2011. Edwina Hart as Welsh Health Minister and Mr Win Griffiths as Chairman ABMU LHB were being very helpful by seeking Mr David Sissling to address my concerns.

However, is it your place to intervene on the bigger issues and policy effect on the culture of the Welsh NHS, by whether the future NHS Chief Mr David Sissling's approach is appropriate, for the people of Wales to have confidence in the oversight by Welsh Ministers?

"Clear Evidence" of Brain Damage/Cancer - Available Facts about Dr Tegwyn Williams:

1) It appears, especially given his constant refusal to comment, that Dr Tegwyn Williams decided this brain damage existed without using any appropriately medically qualified doctor to allow or support his conclusion.

2) Yet it seems, when not using anyone medically qualified to progress such a view, that in 2009 Dr Tegwyn Williams wrote to the Crown Court to say that there is "clear evidence" that I have brain damage. Furthermore that the brain damage (that Dr Tegwyn Williams says exists) is supposed to also, according to Dr Tegwyn Williams, give an incurable condition leading to an unhelpful behaviour change, so to support that I may need to loose my liberty indefinitely, when I have never been convicted of any relevant or serious offence. 

3) Furthermore, Crown Court transcripts of 2 December 2009 record a Crown Prosecution Counsel, Mr Twomlow, saying that Dr Tegwyn Williams wishes his concern about my having brain cancer to affect the decisions by the Crown Court.   

"No" Brain Damage, "No" Cancer: by Two Sets of Evidence from both France & Wales.

4) In August 2009 properly qualified medical doctors at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend and later, in Southampton University, give an ‘all clear' brain scan result.

5) Yet, Dr Tegwyn Williams asserting brain damage or cancer means that my urgently needed hip operation cannot occur until surgeons are certain of what conditions may exist. Limited disclosure of records only added to confusion and delay as Dr Tegwyn Williams refuses to clarify about brain damage and cancer.

6) In February 2011 properly qualified medical doctors in France did a new brain scan and concluded also an ‘all clear' brain scan result.

Questions I ask be answered:

1. Do six Medical Opinions that contradict what Dr Tegwyn Williams says and his refusal to comment, adequately present a reasonable suspicion for the employer, Mr David Sissling, to act?   

2. Why is there inaction to protect minimum standards, when ‘to be seen to act', the employer only needs to ask the General Medical Council to investigate to form their view?

3. Will this inaction justify more people to be forced to refuse to use a belligerent Welsh NHS?

4. Why is the future leader of the Wales NHS allowing and so supporting Dr Tegwyn Williams to behave as he does?

5. I am an Englishman granted Asylum in France in order to avoid Dr Tegwyn Williams' jurisdiction to use his opinion again to cause more harm or affect my liberty.

6. If I have to go to the additional strain of proving in the Welsh civil and criminal courts, by way of a private prosecution, that Dr Tegwyn Williams has acted dishonestly and maliciously, will my needing to so act spearhead that the Wales NHS uphold the basic minimum standards or will I inadvertently, as good as prove that Mr Sissling and therefore Welsh Ministers have abandoned important responsibilities and duties for which they take office and are paid?

7. My wife and daughter continue to live in the Vale of Glamorgan. Can I have your assurance the serious erosion of minimum standards in the Welsh NHS will be immediately addressed and rectified?

As you are both experienced and able politicians, I am sure you will welcome that I look forward to placing your reply alongside various comments on my website.



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