Maurice with St. George's flag and 4 bundles

The picture was taken when the 4 bundles were ready to go to the Court of Appeal in London, a day after the rugby win of England over France - hence the St. George's flag but on 6th March Maurice receives a High Court letter saying the Appeal must be heard before a 'single judge', in Cardiff of all places! Just how much more incestuous can this case get?

The bundles contain, above all,

Questions asked in House of Lords...see latest DOWNLOAD

  1. the bullying and harassment madness of 39 motoring incidents, between 1993 and 2002, that were used to get Maurice struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons (2002)
  2. evidence of delaying this civil court action (lodged in 1996) to progress, by stepping up the level of bullying and harassment through MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements), firearms response, 7 months imprisonment, including 3 months incarcerationin a psychiatric clinic, claiming serious brain damage, possibly brain tumour
  3. evidence of the torturous mis-management of medical records by the NHS and its organisations, preventing Maurice from having his painful hip replaced (first scheduled for June 2010!).

After a month of 24/7 frantic court preparation, house bound in a forest in Brittany, in much pain and up to his knees in screwed up A4 paper, empty wine bottles and half eaten plates of food, battling against the ‘invincible prejudice' of our UK judiciary, Maurice finally crawls on to his settee and falls asleep.

With no phone line or internet for weeks and hobbling so badly now, just to get to his front door, today manages to get to the village's oh so erratic access to cyberspace and e-mail. The Skeleton Argument for the Royal Courts of Justice, on a deadline, goes at last, only for it to bounce straight back, meaning it has to go via Berlin!

HM Court Service gremlins, once again, are interfering in the ‘due process' of law, the guys now, with a little help from  the South Wales Police, now seeming to have taken over the purpose of the ‘lay magistrate', lay jury and statute law, our last bastions of impartiality, setting aside the moment, the Freemasonry argument and even the occasional judge, now, is spotted quietly edging, by inconceivable steps, towards  ‘political discretion', for judgment, rather than using the truth and the ‘Rule of Law'.

Today, the K-Team finished the Skeleton Argument, some 37 pages, for the Court of Appeal in London, a legal view of a potted history of an Englishman's experience of his 20 years of purgatory, trying to go about his business in South Wales, as a veterinary surgeon, where ‘Law and Order' is now clearly a joke and where ‘Big Brother' is being groomed as a testing ground. So what does he have in store for YOU?

Maurice knows full well, just how lucky he was, not getting locked away for life in a high security psychiatric prison. He often has sleepless nights reliving his sheer hell in Caswell Clinic. Falsified medical reports by Dr Tegwyn Williams & Professor Roger Wood nearly worked, as well as nearly being shot by South Wales Police, under the pretence of him being a MAPPA dangerous predator!

He will always remain indebted to friends and the ‘silent helpers' in cyberspace, that published world wide the evilness oozing out of Cardiff and Bridgend's Authorities that year.

Next time they will be a little less arrogant and plan a little better, control coming from Whitehall next time, which is why he is one step ahead, at the moment, on asylum in France.

The power of websites, to educate those few who wish to listen, must be made more effective now that websites and telephone interference is rampant, so, please, watch your back.

PS from the sister blog (over 1,700 hits since September 2010):

The K-Team is a miraculous network of support that has formed around Maurice and includes a superb legally trained mind.

One of the outcomes is this 37-page document with 268 paragraphs. It asks the Court of Appeal to consider a number of things:

1. to "consolidate" the four actions into one
2. to consider how the lower Court erred in law on a number of levels
3. to look at the whole case in terms of "bullying" which means including cumulative effects
4. to think about the implications for public services, Parliament and the electorate
5. to remember human rights
6. to consider a level playing field between Claimant and Defendent (a huge organisation)
7. to take into account that Maurice can't get a lawyer.

All in all, the best possible overview that takes all aspects of Maurice's life into account, except what preceded South Wales: Guernsey and Somerset.........