I pose a question for the discerning twenty odd % of our Principality’s electorate that bothered to get off their butt, that day, to vote against devolution. Considering the serious situation the UK is now in, suffering from post Blair and his collateral damage, never so bad since early September 1940, may I suggest you browse a few articles in the pockets of this website, written with you in mind, to try and suggest an alternative to ‘Lawful Rebellion’, 'taking to the streets’ and protesting, before we have the wisely predicted, in the 60s, ‘rivers of blood’ or something much worse.

To assist the 'uninitiated', unaware of the day to day 'Affairs of the Welsh State', please read the following 'horror story' as a sample of things to come, if someone, perhaps you, fails to de-rail their tax payer funded 'gravy train'. 

 Machine Gun Case   

•1.       1977: Five decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine guns were designated for various replica period aircraft for museum and display purposes.

•2.        1997: MJK purchased the DH2 aircraft and ‘gun' from a private collection with its log books and other Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) paperwork identifying the ‘gun' as an integral part of the British registered airframe.

•3.       . 1998: The 1968 Fire Arms Act was amended meaning that if the ‘gun' remained as it had first been decommissioned, it remained exempt from the new regulations. This later became the critical argument in the 2010 Cardiff Crown Court trial.

•4.        2000: The DH2 flew at the Farnborough Air Show following a personal invitation from Captain Brian Trubshaw of 002 Concorde fame. On her return to Wales she suffered a propeller failure.

•5.       2006: The DH2 was moved to RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, for repair and display with the ‘gun' dismounted for much of the time.

•6.        2007: The DH2 and ‘gun' was handed out at the RAF main gate to a civilian for further repair.

•7.        2008 MJK sold the aircraft and gun to another display pilot who modified the gun, the prosecution knew only too well, for his own purposes.

•8.       1st June 2009 Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) were mobilised by South Wales Police hoping to either shoot or jail MJK, under the 1983 Mental Health Act. This followed the Chief Constable having signed a false affidavit on 25th Feb 09, in the ongoing civil damages claim for false imprisonments and malicious prosecutions, in which she denied knowledge of police incidents including lost court cases and their breaking into MJK's veterinary surgery.

•9.       8th June: MAPPA meeting categorised MJK as Level 3 (top 5% most dangerous) as ‘being in possession of the machine gun and ammunition' based, the court was later told, on photographs and sale adverts, all dating back to the year before and some as far back as 2001, when first advertised for sale in CAA and other aviation journals.

•10.    18th June: MJK obtained entry to the offices of the Chief Constable, at Bridgend HQ, for the purposes of arresting her for falsifying the affidavit. Also, the need for ‘mutual exchange' of witness statements, on a court deadline of 19th June 4pm, meant MJK took them with him to her office. Armed police surrounded the building in tin hats carrying CS and smoke grenades.

•11.   19th June: Solicitors for the police also refused to ‘exchange' witness statements and laid complaint of ‘threat to commit criminal damage' when MJK apparently suggested they may therefore be delivered through their front window, attached to a 'gurt' brick.

12.    21st June: A sizable armed police raid on MJK's home, with helicopter, was aborted only because, the court heard later, MJK was in the garden, drinking tea with his wife and could only be arrested ‘whist away from the house'.

•13.    22nd June: A twenty five plus Trojan police team arrested him in his village, for ‘possession of a machine gun, ammo and threats of criminal damage'. The new owner was then telephoned by the Civil Aviation Authority to deposit ‘gun' with a gun dealer where Welsh police later seized it.

•14.    The ‘gun', recovered in Lincolnshire, was then hawked from pillar to post, well over 2000 miles, in the back of Welsh police cars, all over England and Wales, often by only one police officer, contrary to regulations, attempting to get someone somewhere to state the pile of WW1 metal was dangerous while MJK was n possession, a year earlier and now, in its newly modified state.

•15.    23rd June: MJK is charged with ‘possession of machine gun' and its ‘resale', each carrying two mandatory five year prison sentences, with the original seller of the gun to MJK and final recipient promised immunity to prosecution for they were needed as prosecution witnesses.

•16.    24th June: Barry Magistrates' unconditional bail was immediately overturned on CPS Appeal, next day, when he was remanded in custody by Cardiff Crown Court, despite there being no evidence given of ‘likely to abscond', ‘re offend' or would ‘commit a crime'. Nine further Welsh judges were to refuse him bail over nearly eight months which, with their original argument that he was mentally far too dangerous to be given bail, leaves many un answered questions.

•17.    2nd December: The Crown Prosecutor and Dr Tegwyn Williams pleaded in Cardiff Crown Court, using falsified NHS medical records, to have MJK sectioned to a High Security Psychiatric Prison, for life. Only the foresight of an already prepared defense, by way of a privately funded neuro-radiologist's report, served on Cardiff Crown Court just the day before, saved the day

•18.   25th January 2010: The ridiculous trial, therefore, had to go ahead, so relevant disclosure of the conspiracy and access to MJK's potential witnesses was sufficiently blocked by the trial judge to further anger the jury, as MJK was told, when meeting the them immediately after the trial.

•19.    9th February: Cross examination of police was so seriously restricted the jury, therefore, were not allowed to hear any defense evidence. The Jury informed MJK their verdict was concluded after the very first day of prosecution evidence. Cross examination of police witnesses confirmed they had also modified the ‘gun' to protect their prosecution witnesses by attempting to revert the piece of metal back to fit MJK's 2008 photographs published on his web site. He was never allowed to examine the prosecution main exhibit, the ‘gun;, before or during the trial.

•20.   April. The trial judge refused MJK any costs, not even for transcripts of hearings in his absence, previously ordered to be reimbursed by The Recorder of Cardiff, HHJ N Cooke QC or claim bus fares and hotel bills incurred by his witnesses who had travelled from all over the country.

•21.    24th June: Judge Cooke sentenced MJK to prison for 28 days for arguing over the disclosure of his falsified medical records used by Dr Tegwyn Williams which, today, is still delaying his much needed hip operation. Judge Cooke also reversed his earlier decision that MJK could hear the tape, see the court logs and be reimbursed for the pre paid court transcripts.

•22.    MJK's Contempt of Court appeal is currently before the Criminal Court of Appeal in London where he will, again, be asking Their Lordships for the release of those medical records, that stated,‘ significant brain damage' and ‘possible brain tumour', concocted by the HM Crown Prosecutor, Mr Thomlow, Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd Dec 2009, with MJK, unrepresented, locked up below the court.

•23.    DAMAGES are sought for malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, fraudulent sectioning and for their deliberate delaying the civil action against South Wales Police that had been running for nearly 19 years. The conduct of HM Court Service and others leaves MJK in some difficulties.

•24.    The entire Welsh National Health Service has now closed ranks in this multi agency ‘cover up' with the Welsh Health Minister, Edwina Hart AM, area NHS manager, Mr David Sissling, HM Prison Medical Centre, Cardiff Crown Court, Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, Princess of Wales Hospital Records Department, Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Prison, Cardiff Civil Court judges, General Medical Council (Wales), Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood, the original culprits, all, apparently, ‘burying their heads in sand' expecting the consequences of their orchestrated conduct, causing so much suffering, to disappear..

•25.    Meanwhile French doctors, just as MJK's private surgical team in South Wales did, in June 2010, have cancelled an urgent hip replacement operation due to the Principality's refusal to clarify just what went on in MAPPA at least seven meetings in 2009, to have MJK in a position to be possibly shot or spirited away, behind bars, for life, on spurious medical grounds fabricated on the original instructions of senior officers of the South Wales Police.

•26.    Only a Government Remedy can compensate for the violation of human and professional rights by the Welsh authorities once again experienced by myself.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

4th February 2011