Friday night I received the email with the invitation to provide a "further submission" by Monday morning 10.30am. What a way to determine the agenda for a weekend in Brittany!

Well, the outcome was "angelic": the input from McKenzie Angels who contributed to these 15 pages. What difference will they make?

We can only hope that the 4 leaked pages will catapult the Defendant into constructive action rather than perpetuate "verbal diarrhea" as my son called it, when he observed what went on in the courts. He actually wrote down "Birmingham 6 case!!! Trying to use processes later found to be corrupt & improper as a basis to strike out this case, must rate as one of the most incompetent arguments I ever heard!..."

Mes voisins have invited me 'on quad and sticks a la foret, demain, to search for the elusive cepes et chanterelles fungi pour oeuf method chez Maurice... Who wants to go back to Wales when tomorrow, the Long Eared Owl, tooting from my barn or that  wild boar, caught  on my lawn, defecating again, will cause me to wake from my slumbers, only to wander down to the lake and catch a fat carp for lunch and supper?