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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • A1903CF: Norman's Risk of being Sectioned or Worse and ‘McKenzie Angels', in their T-shirts, out in force in Cardiff Court!

    Part of e-mail around the world

    Dear Julia,

    Norman has a real risk of experiencing what Dr Tegwyn Williams did for me, on behalf of the South Wales Police, to kill me off.

    Now please listen:

    Leeds Authorities, managed from Whitehall, will do a similar tactic to what Dr Tegwyn Williams did to me, below, i.e.:

    a. Use  Masonic connections to get his tame Masonic nurse, in Caswell Clinic (Leeds prison), to influence a peer group,  1st Sept 2009 meeting of many forensic psychiatrists, to write the following piece of nonsense: Nurse Report

    b. And then Dr Tegwyn Williams, or Leeds equivalent, writes an idiotic Crown Court report, completely contrary to  Leeds or two Bridgend Radiologists' reports: 31st Aug 2009 Dr G Tudor and Radiologist Report 1st Sept 2009

    c. That's how I got away from it. BUT, as with my ten bent Cardiff Crown Court judges, Norman Scarth, before fellow brethren, runs the similar real risk of being locked away for the rest of his shortish life...


    Do not, otherwise, worry about GB prisons. They are an absolute disgrace to  taxpayer, the elderly and law abiding citizens being more like a Butlins' holiday camp with colour television, good food, small library and peace to roll a ‘ciggy' and reflect.

    Norman's serious problems will be;

      1. his age, health and current state of Leeds prison,
        2. finding someone intelligent to talk to,
          3. the sheer paucity of a decent newspaper even after his daily rummage through the dustbins,
            4. worse, his being blocked easy access to communicate by phone or letter with the outside world.

              5. If you are a prison visitor remember you are searched and neither Norman or you can carry a pen or paper to write anything down .....all part of the blackmail to fuel the 'gravy train' by 'employing' a lawyer who shares out the proceeds with HM.  

              6. Please, everyone, send your telephone number to Norman... He cannot remember them in his head. If arrested without them on his person he has to also remember your full address!!!! He has to first have them registered with your full address and post code and limited to a few, but he can rotate them each week. But, using his prisoner number A1903CF, you can also send him an email via Email a Prisoner.

              Visits may be as low as one or two a week, maximum and while standing in a queue, for the only working phone is legendary. He will, undoubtedly, be locked up just as the phone comes available.

              [I, having been a boarder at Taunton School, a public school, prison for me, otherwise, was a doddle!]

                7. The real danger is the State standard 'treacle treatment' did not work on Norman; so what is serious is the extent of day to day HM blackmail that will be inflicted on him as a prisoner, his refusing to be 'legally' represented. HM Authorities will be trying to play their 'Gulag card' and get him sectioned, first on a 35, of the 1983 Mental Health Act and then for an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) to Broadmoor.
                  8. Please understand they first ignore your complaints of the government or law courts. Then they ridicule your complaints and if that does not stop you, they will play the ‘Gulag card', publically stating you are ‘mad' and lock you away.
                    9. If you are still a threat and ‘in side' or when you come out, like Norman and a few others I know, the State will try and ‘snuff you out'. Stalin relied on two bullets in the back of the head but the State is now far more subtle in eliminating a voice in the wilderness.

                    Dr Tegwyn Williams is my local villain and in the pockets of the South Wales Police but that does not stop HM Court Service, up in the Midlands, finding a similarly evil level 12 forensic psychiatrist to also lie in court, with immunity to prosecution, to have Norman to Broadmoor.

                    It was, incidentally, part of Dr Tegwyn Williams' very argument in Cardiff County Court, on Friday, when asking for my Particulars of Claim for one million pound damages, to be struck out....he has Crown Court immunity to lie, it is just his 'opinion' even when he is not even qualified to report his opinion of the brain scans! 

                    Ah, but we hear,, he relied on some masonic mate of his from Swansea University, a Professor Rodger Wood, 2nd Defendant, a psychologist lecturer, so that's alright, boyo.

                    Can the British Constitution Group help us?



                    McKenzie Angels', in their T shirts, out in force!

                    29th July 2011 Dr Tegwyn Williams Strike-Out Hearing

                    Well, the first and lasting impression for me of that memorable court encounter was, as a tax payer, the lengths to which the NHS (Wales) are prepared to spend just to protect a rogue doctor and regime of cover up.

                    First, there was the HM prison Cardiff, as the 4th Defendant, talking for strike out  and who had earlier been successful in overturning an earlier £50,000 judgment for my false imprisonment back in 2008 and was, arguably, ongoing and therefore an abuse, if accepted by the judge, if  incorporated in this one million pound machine gun imprisonment litigation of 2009.

                    Dr Tegwyn Williams' 3rd August 2009 1st psychiatric report on me, in the Cardiff prison, for Judge Cooke QC, was written with no communication with his victim and contrary to various psychiatric reports from others written at the time.

                    This is the exact tactic they are likely to use on Norman now he is locked up.

                    Each psychiatrist, in my case, had clearly indicated my apparent mental exhaustion was from 20 years of South Wales Police bullying and the Cardiff County Court's ‘treacle treatment' to first delay and now refuse a jury trial. It was, as the CAA psychiatrists, at Gatwick, stating a year later, following my lease from custody, my case to consider whether I was fit to fly now to Everest or Table Top, was definitely not a ‘psychiatric issue'.

                    The 3rd Defendant, this Friday, for the NHS, was a Mr Paul Williams correctly not a Defendant now as he had, meantime, been promoted to another Welsh NHS department. That did not stop the Cardiff solicitor, mind you, claiming three and a half more than the Treasury Solicitor being represented that day.

                    The Cardiff solicitor said the NHS costs were so high because I had complained to every department imaginable, while terrifed for three months in South Wales Police forensic unit awaiting a life sentence (whilst unconvicted). Apparently the Welsh Assembly were 'bothered' by my complaints, at one point. Oh, perish the thought.

                    Despite my contacting these Cardiff solicitors, as soon as they were identified in these proceedings, they claimed almost seven thousand pounds for a few hours work! It was a classic example of the day to day criminal conduct committed by too many lawyers, nowadays, protected by the ‘Memorandum of Understanding' and the Royal Charter given to the Law Society, I think in 1845.

                    The 1st Defendant, Dr Tegwyn Williams, represented by an entourage of ‘legalese' in skirts, including police agents taking a watching brief, argued that my £800 petty debt case, earlier this year for bus fares wasted, my trying to retrieve my medical records, four times, promised from his Caswell Clinic laboratory of forensic science, duplicated this one million pound claim.

                    So the barrister launched into applying to the High Court for a ‘Vexatious Litigant Order' on me, even suggesting it be before a circuit judge by the name of HHJ Seys Llewellyn that will be fun.

                    The case is adjourned for about 6 weeks, but you are all invited to hear ‘chapter and verse' on how the Welsh Authorities knowingly used 10 Cardiff judges, headed by evil Nicholas Cooke, to keep me locked up for nearly eight months on the pretext, they damned well knew were lies, all reliant on Dr Tegwyn Williams stating I had ‘significant brain damage', contrary to the two experts' opinion of Bridgend hospital and that I may have a ‘brain tumour' making me far too dangerous ever to be let out. Cooke et al read the Doctor's report that I should be transferred to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, most likely for life.

                    That is exactly what the State is now considering for Norman, please believe me.

                    Remember, Voltaire said something like, "When the State gets it wrong, it is dangerous to be right".

                    So who's for demonstrating outside Leeds Prison in a less orthodox manner? I say this as I recently published, on blog, I had bought a 'firearm' or was it a 'machine gun'?  I forget which, but anyway, the Cardiff police failed in their attempt to fully interview me on the matter as there was a possible suggestion of there going to be 'blood on the streets of Cardiff'. That is truly 'in the cards' but they have now expressed their disinterest, as I may have named the wrong city from where wide spread protest is now more likely to break out.

                    PS.  I assume someone has organised for Norman to get a proper newspaper each day, a Daily Telegraph perhaps?




                  • Norman Scarth RN Rtd WW2 Hero Jailed following Sincere Protest needs Your Help!

                    HELP NORMAN CAMPAIGN Prison Number A1903 CF  

                    Video: A Den of Evil - Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth in court 28/6/2011 

                    World War 2 veteran, of HMS Standfast sinking of the Scharnhorst and  campaigner  against the  corruption in English and Welsh  Judicial System, that is now rife and  where the General Public do not realise just what is going on!

                    Nearly all the Judgments are written out before the hearing has even taken place, especially if politically sensitive. Pensioner Norman Scarth has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for recording in court without permission. All mail sent to prisoners is vetted and censored and every word must be checked. To show your support please send  anything, telephone directories, books, magazines, old Shopping Catalogs, old newspapers, any old WW1 machine guns you may have lying about to:  

                    Norman Scarth
                    c/o Leeds Prison
                    2 Gloucester Terrace
                    Stanningley Road
                    LS12 2TJ  

                    To keep Norman's spirits up, include hidden messages by highlighting a few words, like 'Helicopter coming next Tuesday', if that fails, 'Captain Kirk in his Starship on Wednesday' or 'file in a Breton loaf', etc.  Please pass this on to everyone you know and send this campaign viral!

                    (PS Norman, I have commissioned, without the requisite planning permission, for the first tunnel to be dug)

                    'Mindset' of South Wales Police

                    A topical sample of what Norman is fighting about

                    Paragraph 10 of 25th July 2011 Welsh court "note of judgment" could not be further from the truth and the trial judge very well knows it.

                    It was Mr Kirk, not legal services, police or the court who made the court application.  In October 08 Mr Kirk had been refused the disclosure of the identity of police at incidents involving him and his veterinary practice, incident numbers, progress and findings of his numerous reported thefts, burglaries, criminal damage and arson etc on his practice cars and  property. 

                    Not one of some 40 odd incidents were properly addressed by the police and disclosed to the injured party.

                    The parting management judge, HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC, having granted Mr Kirk a jury trial, earlier, only for police to have it overturned, therefore ORDERED the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and no one else, was to swear and sign, within the first week of January 2009, an affidavit that Mr Kirk had had full disclosure!

                    Mr Kirk knew, that early October 08, when he posted the application his life would now be seriously threatened and so took the necessary precautions, particularly within his family to safeguard further loss likely to occur. The inevitable collateral damage was obvious once the proverbial '*** hit the fan'.

                    The police ignored the judge's court order to disclose information of incidents, of course, in a similar fashion as witnessed throughout the past 20 years of this litigation. Ms Wilding, however, promptly handed in her resignation.

                    It was not until Mr Kirk entered the police lawyer's offices, Dolmans, some six or seven weeks after the court order dead line, he stating the arrest of Ms Wilding if she did not immediately sign. She signed the false affidavit within the hour!

                    Contrary to 25th July 2011 judgment no police took Mr Kirk to Bridgend police station on 18th June 2009..... He went of his own volition and made a detailed statement of complaint because the police at HQ refused. His complaint at their other police station was promptly shredded.

                    Dolmans were asked to quickly write a statement of complaint on the 20th, in order to arrest Mr Kirk using an armed police helicopter raid on Mr Kirk's home. On the following day, with 20 odd men, some armed for back up, hoards of police surrounded the premises as Mr Kirk and his family was having tea in the garden.

                    Operation Chalice was, within minutes of helicopter overhead aborted only to repeat the whole exercise, the next day, 22ndJune2009!

                    Next day police included ‘Operation Orchid', in the dawn raid, using a 2nd squat team to snatch, Genevieve, Mr Kirk's then 10 year old daughter, on the pretext of the dreaded welsh social  services opinion, reliant on falsified Dr Tegwyn Williams psychiatric reports, made her environment far too dangerous to remain with either her mother or father.

                    South Wales Police had been promised the support of a string of bent Welsh judges, in the cartel, to keep Mr Kirk locked. It was the machine gun trial judge, the thoroughly deceitful Paul Thomas QC who, apart from many other abuses of Article 6, refused Mr Kirk the right to ask just why the two raids on his house was needed and why one at all, when the police knew, all the time, there was no WW1 Lewis machine gun in his possession?

                    Para10, is just an example of police drafted documents riddled with deliberate lies, this time backed by another head of the current incestuous Welsh judiciary, this time in the civil sector. Are you surprised, after following the disgusting conduct of Nicholas Cooke QC, Recorder of Cardiff, caught on tape, attempting to lock Mr Kirk away without trial?

                    It was from that very day, 25th Feb 2009, MAPPA and Dr Tegwyn Williams were mobilized by the Crown Prosecution Service and the South Wales Police, with their introducing spurious excuses  to set me up to be shot.  By using this carefully picked local trial judge, it is assured that certain past incidents and court cases, identifying 20 years of covert police surveillance and court corruption, none of it will ever reach a witness box.

                    Dolmans, solicitors, even printed out, in the affidavit, the Chief Constable had ‘no knowledge of court cases' and even the incident when police used a crow bar and sledge hammer to break into Mr Kirk's veterinary surgery when they could have just asked for a key! A squad of police had put back an apparently evicted police inspector's daughter that had been squatting in the flat overhead with a man involved in drugs. 

                    This trial judge has tried to fool the website readers, in his judgment, by stating  that the police did not commence 24/7 armed protection of Wilding until after Mr Kirk's 18th June 2009 detailed complaint of perversion of justice, at Bridgend police station.

                    He has just refused to release MAPPA minutes identifying the very names ,dates and places of the conspiracy to kill...that is how evil these judges are in Wales really are and no one is doing anything about it

                    Norman is, mind you but the politicians, most culpable continue to turn a blind eye and sit on their hands waiting for their pension.

                     Immediately after Mr Kirk's entry to the inner sanctum of Wilding's office block, to exchange witness statements, right inside the Bridgend police HQ heavily guarded compound, he was, much later, surrounded by a heavily armed flack jacketed squat team, in tin hats, brandishing automatic weapons and stun and smoke grenades around their belts. 

                    Now readers may understand why Elizabeth Paul, a seasoned social worker or another from Caswell Clinic, Bridgend Psychiatric prison leaked part of the MAPPA minutes of 8th June 2009 shedding more light on the conspiracy to having Mr Kirk shot. If that failed Dr Tegwyn Williams was at hand to having me, whilst unconvicted, locked away for life in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison

                    Norman Scarth knows this language only too well which is why he needs your help, NOW, before they try playing, on him, their ‘Gulag card' to be locked away for life. 

                    Only this morning, 28th July, my 4th general practice in just over 12 months, trying to get sight of myown  medical records has failed.

                    Following the South Wales Police plot to getting me shot and Dr Tegwyn Williams employed to falsify my records in his Gulag prison the NHS (Wales) is running scared instead of giving proper disclosure of just what else went on, in Caswell Clinic, with a string of bent judge, police and a rogue doctor to fail their mission.

                    Who will be next, Norman?

                    It more than stinks, doesn't it?

                    It is time we took to the streets with ‘Lawful Rebellion'... and that means YOU!

            Tel 0790 793 7953

                  • Police MAPPA Conspiracy to have me Shot, well, I have just bought a Firearm to Defend Myself which means Anarchy and Blood Spilt on Streets of Cardiff & Bradford

                     Court of Appeal sent

                     Notice that Friday 29th July Hearing

                    Cancelled and adjourned to

                     9.45am 28th September 2011

                    Apologies for all those who had planned to come. However, the Dr Tegwyn William's case is still at 2pm 29th July where he will attempt to get the case struck out! Any one needing copy of Particulars of Claim/false psychiatric reportsetc  please e-mail me

                    But as to why, we will hear about later .


                    ‘Pass the Parcel' or ‘Rivers of Blood'?

                    Yesterday, as I was leaving Cardiff County Court, I was accosted by two plain clothed policemen in the foyer who asked me if the current blog on my website,, meant ‘I had bought a shot gun' and could I explain, ‘blood on the streets of Cardiff and Bradford'?

                    I asked, before I could answer, that I needed to be reminded of the exact wording. The two police were unable to repeat the exact words or provide a copy of the blog article. I was then asked what form of transport I was using. Was there was any legal obligation, on my part, to answer that question either, I asked? I did not wait for their answers and left.

                    Deja Vu, Maurice? Are they sure it wasn't another machine gun I had just bought?

                    So, somewhat perplexed, I went to the Central police station to try and establish just why I had not been set up to be shot, like last time, as a level 3 MAPPA most dangerous, now roaming the streets of the UK?

                    Why, then, was I not arrested and remanded in custody again, for nearly eight months or, at least, cautioned and interrogated for days?

                     On the previous occasion, in June 2009, police attention related to an advertisement for the sale a dilapidated decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun, attached to the nose of my DH2 replica fighter aircraft. She was used for air displays, including the Farnborough Air show and the gun advert had been currently running in aviation magazines, including a CAA one and had been on my web site for over eight years!

                    The aircraft and antique Lewis had been sold well over a year before to a display team in England. The new owner, an ex RAF armourer had managed to get her working but as the jury commented, why was he not, with the original owner who sold her to me, also in the dock?

                    During cross examination it was established the Welsh police, English police not touching the incident with the proverbial ‘barge pole', convert her back to looking like when I was the owner.

                    The CAA's handling of this was, in particular, interesting and in the way they ordered all other four ‘guns' to be rapidly removed from the RAF Hendon museum and elsewhere.

                    The jury particularly noted how the Welsh trial judge repeatedly intervened each time I wished to examine the exhibit for traces of the new owner' paint, I could see from the dock, left in the cracks of the magazine.

                     The jury, after the first day of cross examination, also commented of the obvious gap in the audit trail, in the two thousand mile journey around the UK, whilst police, often driving alone, took a prohibited weapon to the South Wales Police forensic unit for their ‘modifications'.

                    It stinks doesn't it?


                    So, at least, there was no armed police response unit this time, exceeding twenty five officers in the dawn raid and an armed police helicopter overhead directing operations.

                     Well, there must have been MAPPA involvement again?

                    Multi Agency Public Protection arrangements  or IAG (Independent Advisory Group) with senior police must have occurred with another type ‘Operation Chalice' or Operation Orchid military agenda.

                    [This coming Friday's hearing includes my appeal for further disclosure of 2009 MAPPA minutes, some already leaked. This must now be expanded for the latest 20011 records kept in Police HQ, Bridgend, including the air brushing out of all my involvement with MAPPA at the 4pm 17th December 2009 Caswell Clinic meeting , chaired by Dr Tegwyn Williams in the presence of the Defendant (Respondent), the South Wales Police ]

                     The latter ‘operation' was the code name, last time,  to snatch our then ten year old daughter by Welsh Social Services, terrifying my then wife, almost witless, the Chief Constable stating our home was far too dangerous for Genevieve's safety.

                    Disappointingly, at the front desk of Cardiff Central, I was told the police inspector, ‘in charge' of this new fire arms case, was ‘unavailable' and ‘no one else could help'!

                     So I took the opportunity to finding out what progress there was, at least, following my two years of detailed complaint on the 'machine gun' incident that lead to my incarceration where, once locked up, I was falsely sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act with repeated police applications to Cardiff Crown Court that I must be sent to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, before or after the trial, effectively for life.

                    No progress for me, apparently, which was of no great surprise, bearing in mind both previous and current Chief Constables of South Wales Police, Dolmans, their lawyers defending my nineteen year running damages claim against them and Dr Tegwyn Williams, following new evidence, all featured in the advice from Bristol magistrates that I direct the serious indictable allegations back at the Recorder of Cardiff.

                    Within ten days, despite the new evidence, including part of some of the leaked MAPPA minutes, the Chief Executive for the South Wales Police Authority, a Mr Fry, stated in his 19th July 20011 letter:

                    'I do not intend to investigate your case further '.

                    But hang on a moment, what, if at all, has he examined, in such a short space of time??????

                    No one has come back to me or to my named witnesses, for further and better information.

                    But, hang on a moment, was it not, in June 2009, Judge Cooke QC, the Recorder of Cardiff, who attempted to close down my website for the second time, while I was in prison, the judge being caught on tape, scheming with the CPS over manipulated Texas State Psychiatric Prison records, also denied me, when deliberately excluding me from the hearing.

                    But hang on a moment, was it not, on 2nd December 2009, the police CPS prosecutor and rogue doctor, Tegwyn Williams with Judge Bidder QC were also caught scheming on the tape, for the police to obtain my imprisonment for life and so avoid the imminent civil also refusing me bail after hearing the most bizarre of arguments?

                     Who cares, in these days of judicial and policing meltdown in Cardiff?

                     Remember twelve or so  Cardiff police now currently facing an ongoing trial for another case of 'bullying' witnesses, just to send innocent to jail, 'The Cardiff Four'.

                    But there is a Crown Court procedure, Norman reminds me, to deal directly with serious criminal offences that occurred in their own courts!

                    Bullying, in the South Wales Police? Perish the thought!

                    I left Cardiff Central Police Station and went straight to the Crown Court, next door, to establish why judge Cooke's delay, following my handing in to him, on 5th July, a list of criminal allegations, some as 'private prosecutions' to finally bust their corrupt judicial money making game and possibly, their ‘Achilles Heel'.

                    Charges included ‘shoot to kill', ‘attempted murder', ‘perversion of justice', ‘false imprisonment' and ‘falsification of medical records' to pervert the course of justice', all implicating the South Wales Police , their lawyers and, of course, Dr Tegwyn Williams of South Wales Police Forensic Unit, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend.

                    I was refused entry to the Crown Court building...."You are not allowed in".  "Is that a promise?", I asked

                    The Cardiff Crown court manager told me the learned judge had directed them to Cardiff Magistrates, of all places!

                    But was that not the same place as District Judge Brown had ruled earlier on similar but different charges to Bristol? He had said each private prosecution was laid from a man appearing to be suffering from a 'paranoid delusional disorder' in that he believed he was being persecuted by the South Wales Police.

                    I refused to leave the Crown Court, wishing to be a member of the public to watch the allegedly corrupt South Wales police officers under cross examination in the ongoing 'Cardiff Four' alleged falsified police evidence, those many years ago.

                    "We will call the police", said the manager, "and they will arrest you". So I waited and waited for the 75 yard journey from the police station, opposite to be traversed by armed police men.

                     I had even asked two in a squad car, right outside the court front door, to stay a minute as there was about to be a possible 'breach of the peace' and would need their assistance (in an arrest) as I ‘forced entry' into the court building. Eventually it was established the police had refused to attend so I promptly left.

                    Just another indication of just how serious things have become, here, in South Wales, leaving little alternative for many, to take to the streets in order for the ‘thinking section' of our politicians to restore law and order.   

                    So, on leaving the court building, off I trot to the magistrates, next to Cardiff prison, only to be told no one knew anything about the case coming from the Recorder. It took just under forty minutes, there being no intention of my leaving the building, following the threat I was going to be forcefully evicted.

                     Eventually the court clerk admitted the ‘possible' file was locked up in the court filing cabinet but no one, available, had a key!

                    Enid Blyton could not have done better.   

                    Let us see what Mr Justice, from the Royal Courts of Justice, thinks about all this on Friday, 29th July, at 10am, in Cardiff Justice Centre.


                    MAPPA minutes conspiracy, of 'shoot to kill' by South Wales Police in June 2009 and when that failed, Welsh Social Services storming our home, protected by armed police,dogs and helicopter, should I resist their snatch attempt of our 10 year old daughter.

                     All this was pre planned and  agreed and recorded by South Wales Police, Welsh Social Services, Probation and Dr Tegwyn Williams' Caswell Clinic Psychiatric prison. Police were  desperate to kill me off or delay me, as a Claimant, from prosecuting 20 years of police bullying, malicious prosecutions and false imprisonment.

                    Some Caswell Clinic staff, unbeknown to the Director, Dr Tegwyn William, also attending 2009 MAPPA monthly  meetins, during my incarceration, have now leaked their official record to confirm the above.....see downloads for documents etc. 

                    Prolonged imprisonment had nothing what ever to do with ten Cardiff judges who, ever since, simply rubber stamped a Section 35  Mental Health Act Order or refuse bail as I was considered in the top 5% most dangerous.

                    So, when I won the machine gun trial, on 9th february 2010 why was I released without explanation?  To fool the tax payer and general public my farcical trial and nearly eight monrths imprisonment was lawful?

                    And what about the Dr Williams' numerous false medical reports, to keep me locked up, stating I had 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour/

                    No one in Wales has ever told me about my percieved malady.... Not without trying mind you.  I am unable to retain a GP, for the politics implicated or even get a brain scan!

                    I had to go to France to get one.

                     It took quick action by my kid sister, Celia, in Jersey, to obtain a transcript account of 2nd December 2009 clandestine hearing, with Dr Williams , CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow and equally evil, Judge Neil Bidder QC, all huddled mumbling together in some corner of a Cardiff Crown Court unaware someone had, inadvertently, switched the tape recorder on!

                     Me, not allowed out of my cell, this incestuous cabal of what is now so sick in our UK law courts discussed whether the three of them had, at last, enough to have me locked away for life, possibly, in Ashworth t high security psychiatric prison.  

                    29th July Court of Appeal hearing will reveal more about the deceit riddled Welsh police protected by their cosy relationship with its very own, they hope, wicked judiciary.


                    Achilles Heel

                    NOW Cardiff judges are blocking my  Private Criminal Prosecutions, re Dr Tegwyn Williams, Barbara Wilding and Adrian Oliver,which  will also be  before 29th July Court of Appeal Hearing 10 am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. A mere few nanoseconds, on each issue, I am informed, is the order of the day.

                    There is going to be trouble, big time.....

                    But it is a people's court, isnt it, needing a jury to decide. 

                    Imagine, if you can, the police, represented in court for the  past around sixteen years, have offered no opposition to disclosure of the MAPPA minutes to me, under PII (Public Interest Immunity).

                    The judge, HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, striking out the politically sensitive incidents of 35 ot so, in my first three of six actions for damages, has read the minutes also!!!!

                    His Honour told the court no names of the agencies or secretary, making seven monthly  minutes, appear on the copy given to him by the MAPPA Co ordinator, Nigel Rees!!! 


                    And where better to start than Cardiff? Bradford?


                    Cockeyed Cardiff Court Conspiracies, as predicted

                    The Cardiff Court, hearing, last week,  was to consider the disclosure of MAPPA minutes, created following seven clandestine monthly meetings in police stations or Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, commencing on the 1st and 8th June 09 with South Wales Police, Probation, psychiatric staff and/or  prison personnel etc. They all sat around a table conspiring to have me shot.

                    Caswell Clinic staff, at the first meeting included social worker Elizabeth Paul and TG, [substantial reward for TG identification], are identified in leaked memo.

                    Yesterday, realising I knew Elizabeth Paul and Dr Tegwyn Willliams had attended my MAPPA meetings  with high ranking police officers, the proposed trial judge ruled I could not, during the substantive trial, next year?, from around one hundred witnesses or so, call any of those at each MAPPA meeting, revealed by cross examination.

                    [ Do they just make up this Enyd Blyton stuff, as the mood fancies?] 

                    Again a substantial reward is offered for the names of each government or Welsh Assembly employee who were at one or more of the seven, at least, clandestine MAPPA meetings. The police continue to be allowed to hide identity of police at incidents, court documents and even incident numbers!!!!

                    The 29th July Court of Appeal at 10am is destined for another absolute farce, to cover up the wide spread corruption in Cardiff courts.

                    When  failing to getting me shot, leaving my arrest for several weeks, I am imprisoned for trading in an antique decommissioned machine gun, attached to my replica WW1 display aircraft!  Sold a year earlier, the remaining six MAPPA meetings diverted to achieve my extended imprisonment under the 1983 Mental Health Act, all present looking for an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection).


                    Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, in July 09, asking in court,i my being refused right to attend, if my web site had been closed down yet? This rogue then  quickly employed another local villain, the Welsh psychiatrist Dr Tegwyn Williams and almost managed my permanent imprisonment with the doctor submitting a string of false reports to at least six judges.All must have known, only too well, his evidence was most likely false, he not even bothering to examine me for his first 3rd August 09 report!

                    As to whether he was qualified to interpret a specialist brain scan, is obvioushe as he was vrelying on a psychologist mate from Swansea University with, apparently, no medical qualifications whatsoever!

                    This Professor Roger Wood, co-defendant in 29th july at 2pm hearing lied in his September 09 'medical report' of me, written to Dr Ruth Bagshaw, another witness, shortly to be heard on oath. When I won my Feb 10 'machine gun' case, he quickly re-wrote the report, promised my incarceration for life, back dating it to the same 09 letter to Dr Ruth Bagshaw of Caswell Clinic, but refering to a retired chief of police, Barbara Wilding who did not in fact retire until 31st Dec 09!

                    These are just a few  examples of the games they regularly play in  the Welsh law courts with the ‘Taffia' and their priority 'gravy train', desperate for an independent judiciary, almost like Scotland, no longer answerable to the English tax payer.

                    But you have heard nothing yet!

                    His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC went on to say that he  took the 'slim file' of MAPPA minutes from the police staff, a Mr Nigel Rees and read it, only to promptly return it to police HQ, Bridgend, refusing even to take a copy or indicate the minutes' content, neither identifying the author or just who was present...

                    Police lawyers argued the file was not ‘police property' and only consisted of Agencies' notes under the control of the Probation Service! More porky pies.

                    No one would tell me, in court, as in prison, just which agencies were at the meeting's discussing my likely demise or permanent incarceration.

                    Why? to prevent my court disclosure applications to the High Court judge, next week, he being sent down from London by the notorious HM Court Service (Wales), to go through the motions of why the main incidents have been ‘struck out' in my nineteen year quest for so called justice.

                    Spurious non sensicle  arguement is their regular game now in our law courts,licenced to print money and anwerable to no one.

                    On 29thJuly at 10 am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, before Mr Justice Kitchin or Beatson, possibly, and, again in the afternoon with Dr Tegwyn Williams' 'perverting the course of justice' case about to start, also funded by the NHS (Wales) ie the English tax payer, fighting now for his liberty, at 2pm........should be a bit of sport, free candy floss and sticky buns, at the interval, for all who come.

                    As with the machine gun damages claim lawyers for Williams will be applying for years of delay, all waiting for me to die.

                    Things then appeared to became even more farcical yesterday, when the judge stated the MAPPA ‘minutes', some already leaked to me, stating I was 'likely to get shot if I approached the Chief Constable', could not be found in Mr Nigel Rees's 'slim(e)' pile.  Why not? Apparently each agency have their own notes and someone writes the minutes but who checks them as agreed?

                    The judge, when asked, my needing the names of those present, to give evidence, shortly, in the ‘machine gun' one million pound damages claim said, 'there are no names recorded in the minutes'..

                    The police lawyers were quick to add they had not seen the ‘minutes'!  Laughable, if it was not so deadly serious.

                    The QC then attempted to persuade the judge the ‘minutes' were not under the ‘control' of the South Wales Police! I was, of course, refused the information as to just who did have overall control? the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales)?

                    Clearly the purported papers, before the judge, were highly unlikely to be the original and I said so, as with the ‘executive summary' of all seven months meetings, released by police HQ at Christmas, following my application, clearly having been frantically rewritten by the police, following the  specific Court Order for disclosure.

                    Eventually the judge bent a little more by ordering a copy of the purported ‘minutes' to be secured by the court,after all, in a ‘sealed envelope', to be signed by him on each page, following my allegations that the ‘original' minutes could not have been disclosed, if there were no names on it and a vote recorded being taken, each month, as to  a true and fair account of the previous proceedings!

                    Due to the manner in which I had been registered, by Cardiff's capricious cabal, as top level 3 MAPPA, in the top 5% most dangerous 'at large', set up for a few weeks to be shot by police marksmen, is it not  the makings of an amusing new board game or class action at the Court of Human Rights?

                    The MAPPA last purported meeting was in Caswell Clinic, on the 17th December 2009, with me in 'solitary', in Cardiff prison, just before the ridiculous ‘machine gun' trial.

                    Now, with Dr Tegwyn Williams obviously being made to withdraw his scandalous allegations of my brain tumour and permanent brain damage, by the Princess of Wales only brain scan, in August 09, being leaked by yet another well wisher or old veterinary client, just what will they try next?

                    Would I have loved to have been a ‘fly on the wall' in that meeting, only for my MAPPA encounter to be 'air brushed out' of the MAPPA records like Austin State Psychiatric Hospital did in Texas, USA, following my lawful landing in a farmer's field over four miles away from President Bush's ranch.

                    Re "anarchy" by Sabine K McNeill: it should be noted that Tony Farrell, Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police, was dismissed after he concluded that the "enemy from within", aka state terrorism, and the complete breakdown of confidence in Government, presents a far greater risk for violence than any other outside foe. 

                    See Terror threat is in UK Government (video interview) or British Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell: 9/11 and 7/7 are Acts of Internal Tyranny.

                    You could also take the risk of reading about that a 'false flag attack' was planned to take place in Berlin. But, thanks to two lawyers who submitted a 400-page document and another very different report to the highest official authorities and a LOT that happened on the net, especially, the operation was cancelled. More on First we bomb Manhatten, the we nuke Berlin: 26-06-2011, 7:17pm  


                    In the Court of Appeal                                             Appeal Nos. CF029/2011a & CF030/2011a


                    Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, Cardiff, South Wales at 10am 29th July 2011


                    Maurice John Kirk v South Wales Police (6 Actions)


                    Appellant applies to court to:

                    • 1. Uphold the Bristol District Judge's 4th July 2011 decision that Appellant's private criminal prosecutions are dealt with by the Cardiff Crown Court where most of these criminal offences took place.


                    • 2. Examine Dr Tegwyn Williams falsified numerous court reports, between 7th August and 17th December 2009 inclusive, for the Chief Constable, CPSand agencies within MAPPA, disclosed in leaked MAPPA minutes, to keep the Appellant locked up in prison and so prejudice these and other civil damages claims against the South Wales Police and order the NHS (Wales)m to carry out a follow up brain scan.


                    • 3. Overturn the 29th June 2011Cardiff District Judge decision and issue summonses for these private prosecutions also to be dealt with by Cardiff Crown Court as English judge has already advised.

                    Cardiff Magistrate's decision, not to issue summonses against Barbara Wilding, Adrian Oliver and Dr Tegwyn Williams, was conveyed thus:

                    Dear Mr Kirk,

                    Your application to state a case, received on 5th July 2011, has been considered by District Judge Brown.  District Judge Brown deems the application to be frivolous, and in accordance with Section 111(5) Magistrates' Courts Act 1980, has refused to state a case.

                    Yours sincerely,

                    Sally Lewis
                    Legal Manager
                    Cardiff Magistrates' Court

                    • 4. Order current proceedings in the County Court be stayed pending the outcome of criminal proceedings in both Cardiff Crown Court and England's High Court.


                    • 5. Order current proceedings in the County Court to be stayed for a response from the Professional Standards Department, South Wales Police HQ, IPCC and an external police force, Gloucestershire, all of whom have had service of the relevant facts for an independent enquiry.


                    • 6. Order disclosure of original versions of ‘laid information' of ‘Breach of the Peace' allegation, every one different served or not served on Barry magistrates by Crown Prosecution Service solicitor, Jackie Seal in ‘struck out' incident at Vale of Glamorgan Show. Order the next version, handed to the Appellant, this time during Recorder of Cardiff's Crown Court hearing and final version handed to Bridgend magistrate's clerk also different to any other, causing allegation of BOP to be withdrawn for fear the Appellant would refuse a ‘bind over' and so go to prison.


                    • 7. Order witness summons to be served on Ms Jackie Seal, to attend with full records of the incident.


                    • 8. Order original overhead video of police, caught beating up Appellant in Newport Road, Cardiff, before being redacted of the police breaking into his car, thereby giving evidence of the full extent of the violent police assault, be disclosed the Court of Appeal judge


                    • 9. Order redacted overhead video of police, caught beating up Maurice Kirk in Newport Road, Cardiff, [see website videos],another ‘struck out incident' subject to appeal, released only after a year of appellant's refused applications to police, CPS, magistrates and Crown Courts.


                    • 10. Order summonses to be served to attend on those handling that video record of the incident.


                    • 11. Order original custody videos from Rumney and Roath Cardiff police stations, where Appellant was further beaten up by South Wales Police.


                    • 12. Order witness summons to be served on whoever recorded the videos and who had control of them only to be redacted from waist level upwards so as a court could not identify the assaulting police officers.


                    • 13. Order disclosure of Dr Metters' hand written notes, used at 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting in Barry police station, to register the Appellant MAPPA level 3, top 5% most dangerous.


                    • 14. Order witness summonses to be served on social worker, Elizabeth Paul and disclose her original notes to identify, TG (? Dr Tegwyn Williams) and mental health nurse, also from Caswell Clinic, who attended the 8th June 2009 Barry police station MAPPA meeting.


                    • 15. Order witness summons to be served on Dr Tegwyn Williams to attend with Appellant's medical notes created that caused his reports to be written and submitted to 7th August, September, October, November and 2nd and 17th December 2009 Crown Court hearings, to oppose bail, seeking the Appellant be transferred to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison for an indeterminate period.


                    • 16. Order a witness summons to be served on Nigel Rees, of South Wales Police HQ, Bridgend, to attend and confirm, from MAPPA agency records, the adjournment of the 2010 pre planned ten week civil trial, following Appellant's false imprisonment by police using false Dr Tegwyn Williams court reports to oppose bail, prolonged not just imprisonment but the date for the machine gun criminal trial thus preventing the Appellant from having surgery, in Wales, for a total hip replacement.


                    • 17. Order Nigel Rees to attend with a copy of the purported MAPPA minutes supplied to and signed by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC and a true copy identifying those who attended seven meetings to obtain the Appellant's continued imprisonment.


                    • 18. Order a witness summons to be served on Chief Inspector J Dave of South Wales Police to attend and explain why, at 4pm, on 17th December 2009, immediately after the Appellant's refused bail application, in Newport Crown Court, all MAPPA dealings with the Appellant were quashed without explanation ever since.


                    • 19. Order witness summonses to be served on both Chief Constable and Adrian Oliver to attend and disclose evidence, in their control, confirming the appellant was in possession of a prohibited weapon, contrary to the 1968 Fire Arms Act and was a mental health risk to both his youngest son and youngest daughter. None of this was disclosed before the criminal trial or offered in evidence.


                    • 20. Order Adrian Oliver to attend with full particulars of his complaint, re ‘threat to commit criminal damage' causing the Appellant's arrest and custody, on 22nd June 2009, having repeatedly refused previous Court Orders to so disclose.


                    • 21. Order HM Court Service (Wales), following HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC's order for the Appellant to have free court transcripts of 2009,T20097445 Machine Gun Case, to reimburse the Appellant.


                    • 22. Order HM Court Service (Wales), following HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC order to disclose Dr Tegwyn Williams' records of the Appellant, his patient, referring to his significant brain damage and suspected brain tumour, retained by the Cardiff Court following the 2nd December 2009 hearing.


                    • 23. Order the Defendant to release the names and addresses of witnesses, for trial, in each of the hundred or so, police incidents, many witnesses traced from the South Wales Police Pension Fund available to the Defendant but not to the Claimant.

                    Does the Claimant have to resort to employing ex-News of the World reporters, to find witnesses already known to the defence?

                     A £10,000 reward, so far, for the whereabouts of some vital witnesses, known by the police, is not enough, apparently, to fight locally entrenched deceit denying the Claimant speedy remedy and a ‘level playing field'.


                    • 24. Order the consolidation of the Appellant's machine gun Action with two or more of previous Actions.


                    • 25. Order a criminal investigation to be expedited following the fresh evidence from the above named witnesses and information recently given to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC of the continuing mindset of the Defendant with a string of furher false imprisonments, bullying, malicious prosecutions and harassment since the Appellant's 9th February 2010 Crown Court acquittal and immediate release from prison.


                     His Honour was told eleven of the jury volunteered the fact their verdict was decided on the very first day of police evidence.

                    • 26. The Applicant appeals the MAPPA Orders 1, 2 and 3 of 12th July 2011 Cardiff County Court, refusing disclosure or criminal investigation, to be transferred out of this incestuous environment of South Wales.


                     This list is not exhaustive due to the continuing conduct of both the South Wales Police and HM Court Service (Wales).


                    BEWARE, TAFFIA, , I AM OFF THE MORPHINE


                  • Trial Judge Orders Release of South Wales Police Confidential MAPPA Minutes! Trouble Brewing?

                    [Today's cockeyed court verdict on site tonight]

                    A huge police team of  lawyers, today, respond by telling court and my supporters they have not even read them!

                    Am I to believe I live on some other planet or just crawled out from under a stone?

                    So is the judge expecting me to believe he is reading, tomorrow, before the 11am hearing continues, the original records?

                    Record of seven clandestine police meetings, first to get me arrested for trading in WWI antique Lewis machine guns and, once  having me locked up in Cardiff prison, using a crooked doctor, a Dr. Tegwyn Williams of notorious Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, to fabricate reports, an excuse to stop the trial and apply to have me diverted to Ashworth high security prison, for life?

                    I really thought I was now off morphine and other such mind hallucinating drugs!

                    Dr Tegwyn Williams told countless Cardiff judges in 2009, I had ‘significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour and was too dangerous to be released..

                    Interesting, he with no qualifications to do so, but no Welsh judge or Dr  has ever bothered to tell me any of this, during my seven months incarceration in their Welsh hell hole, built purely to feed the 'Taffia gravy train'.

                    Dream on, boys and girls. I watched most days Dr Tegwyn Williams, in partnership with an NHS (Wales) administrator, quietly syphoning off  appropriate Caswell Clinic patients to one of their very lucrative private clinics....all funded and paid for by the readers of this blog.

                    South Wales Police have a new problem now.. The trial judge is, simply, buggered.

                    By reading the forgeries tomorrow, he has to identify the authors of those who sat around the table in Barry police station on the 8th June 2009, planning to having me shot. See this leaked report!  E P stands for seasoned, no nonsence, Caswell Clinic social worker, Elizabeth more names of that frightening three month  experience of mine, in Caswell Clinic, will trickle out on these blogs up to trial date when reach will receive a summonses to give evidence of what evilness they witnessed under Dr Tegwyn Williams 

                    He also has to identify those at the remaining six meetings in Caswell Clinic, each month, all trying to thrash out another way, my now being in prison, of keeping me locked up, unconvicted, to screw up my prosecution of 10 years of extreme bullying by a police force that had clearly lost its head.

                    On the 17th Dec 2009, the last purported MAPPA meeting, someone removed my name from the register altogether! Tomorrow we might find out just who?

                    No one told me why I was no longer on MAPPA, just days before the farcical machine gun trial was due to start.....but 'truth will out'.

                    Tomorrow, at 11am in the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, the case continues and  I suggest you should not miss it for ‘all the tea in China'.

                    The QC and solicitor, methinks, were lying today and should be arrested.

                    If the police do not now arrest Dr Tegwyn Williams the learned judge has new a very huge problem.

                    All welcome to witness!

                    Caswell Clinic staff, Barbara Wilding and Dr Tegwyn Williams etc will be among many new faces in the trial, all made to give evidence on oath. The trial is now listed in the New Year, which year is debatable, to last, they estimate, for only nine weeks.....just where do they dream up these porky pies?

                    Key prosecution witnesses, to confirm the extreme bullying by South Wales Polikce, have, after 19 years, just  been located!

                    So boo to those who snear at the 'ram butting the dam' is a 'gurt' crack appearing.

                    Free candy floss and ice cream at the interval while the safety curtain comes down...

                  • Just how Incestuous can this Cardiff Court get? QC, Solicitor or Judge to be Arrested on Monday? [Can o fwydod]

                    On Monday, at 2pm, 11th July, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre my machine gun/false psychiatric reports, damages claim starts, having been refused a jury or it being transferred to England. They are for South Wales Police's unlawful attempts to having me jailed my life, unconvicted and attempting to have my 10 year old daughter ‘taken into care' by the Welsh courts, NHS and Welsh Social Services.

                    His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC has already ‘struck out' an incident when police were caught on their own overhead road video [see website You Tube], beating me up in a Cardiff street and, later, in police cells and another incident he knows about, when the police withdrew reason for arrest aka ‘Breach of the Peace'. This judge ruled, "damages cannot be claimed against police if, after each incident complained of, you happen to pick up some criminal conviction, however trivial, whether related or not!"

                    This same judge, would you believe, has already refused to accept some 130 odd allegations, lost by the police, winning only around 12, is not an extreme example of police bullying !. He has ruled the first five Actions for damages will not be heard together, transfered to the High Court or will get a jury.

                    South Wales Police will be asking the same judge these latest damages claims, that caused me over seven months imprisonment, including three months of shear hell in Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison, must be adjourned for at least 5 years to allow the previous 5 Actions be heard, appealed and disposed of in their usual perfunctory way.

                    This Cardiff Cabal, of deceit and intrigue, have already managed  to delay my 1st Action for damges for 19 years, my solicitor dying meantime, with key witnesses now either settled in old people's homes, senile or dead.

                    Come witness this judge block the recorded evidence of a criminal conspiracy by South Wales Police high ranking officers, in Barry police station and Caswell Clinic recorded in their own MAPPA minutes using the excuse it falls under PII, ie not in the public interest!

                    It stinks, doesnt it?

                    I am off the morphine so come witness real criminals being arrested, to eventually face private prosecutions by the people, their ‘Achilles Heel'.



                    Copy to HHJJ Seys Llewellyn                                                                   10th July 2011


                    Dear Mr Oliver and His Honour Seys Llewellyn,


                     The Criminal Prosecution of Dr Tegwyn Williams and Merging all twenty years grievances into a case that Judges then approve to hear before a Jury in England



                    We refer to the letter 27 June 2011 regards case management hearing 11 & 12 July should not go ahead if the plan is to prevent fair trial, by not allowing access to justice of the opportunity to list all twenty years grievances into a case where selected issues of the twenty years can then go before a Court preferably before a jury.


                    We apologise to Mr Oliver for confusion in how the original transcript of letters (and specifically the letter 23 June 2001) on behalf of Mr Kirk are added to by many volunteers. I hope we can clarify as follows


                    Whereas Mr Kirk would know of grievance as to why private prosecutions could occur to many. To date, may be for reason of logistics, those of us who try to Mr Kirk write with more exactness, only have clear enough evidence ‘to immediately proceed' with a prosecution of a criminal case against Dr Tegwyn Williams, in England, if necessary.


                    It occurs to those of us who try to help Mr Kirk write in ways more suitable to helping the working of the Courts, that it is within Mr Oliver's responsibilities to his client SW Police that he would be eager to bring a criminal prosecution against Dr Tegwyn Williams, so as to distance SW Police from being tarnished by Dr Tegwyn Williams criminal conduct.  


                    Given the basic evidence as below against Dr Tegwyn Williams is so very clear indeed, and obviously a very serious matter, if Police or their lawyers do not bring a prosecution against Dr Tegwyn Williams that leaves individuals in S.W. Police or individuals at their lawyers open to the charge of conspiracy with Dr Tegwyn Williams. It is a clear enough case to be easily merit and be investigated by an outside police force.


                    I am sure a man of standing such as Mr Oliver would not wish the good name of his client SW Police or their lawyers be drawn into allowing credible allegations of criminal conspiracy with Dr Tegwyn Williams. We therefore would like to hear from you as to how you propose to help facilitate a prosecution regards Dr Tegwyn Williams.


                    To clarify we remind that the clear criminal case against Dr Tegwyn Williams is that;-


                    1. Dr Tegwyn Williams wrote to and attended the Cardiff Crown Court, including on 2 December 2009, with information to substantially affect the outcome of the Crown Court and ways that could be expected to significantly contribute to losing Mr Kirk his liberty for life, by the single assertion that there was irreparable brain damage and possible brain tumour that affects behaviour.


                    1. Dr Tegwyn Williams must have known that Mr Kirk did not have brain damage (to affect behaviour) to merit indefinite loss of liberty.


                    1. Mr Kirk does not have brain damage from assessment in Wales, England and France


                    1. Dr Tegwyn Williams did not use anyone who is medically qualified to determine scans to say that Mr Kirk has ‘brain damage' and was not entitled to progress the view he did.


                    We ask you to receive this information with care and to be very clear, precise what you do with it and exactly who you pass it to at South Wales Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales).


                    As stated, we feel that in such a clear case of wrongdoing by Dr Tegwyn Williams, anyone not acting to bring a prosecution when able to do so, may be obstructing justice or merit charges of being in a criminal conspiracy with Dr Tegwyn Williams.


                    The outcome will also be added to the twenty years of events that we consider should go before a jury trial.


                    We look forward to hearing from your kind self with news of how Dr Tegwyn Williams criminal conduct is to be addressed.


                    Please would his Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn note that we feel the 'mindset' that may emerge from this letter can be so relevant to be ‘grounds to appeal' following the decision of HHJ Seys Llewellyn on 11 and 12 July 2011.


                     Because the ‘mindset' here can indicate whether there was substantial unfairness in previous cases, before His Honour Seys Llewellyn, to even justify changes to case law, we feel it should all be addressed.


                    We see grounds for using the EU Court of Human Rights limited on the kinds of such ‘very clear' issues as above.





                    Mackenzie Friends from around the world


                    Another approach is this, below or anarchy, perhaps and we take to the streets not forgetting other methods, in reserve, to concentrate their evil little minds.


                    Cardiff Civil Justice Centre 11th July 11 Hearing for MAPPA Disclosure and application to put off Machine Gun Damages Claim for Five Years


                    Kirk v South Wales Police    6 Actions for Damages

                    Kirk v NHS, Dr Tegwyn Williams, Professor Wood, HMP Prison Cardiff



                    • 1. A can of worms or a can of worms?
                    • 2. Last two years ‘mindset' of South Wales Police calls for the trial judge to re consider his 2010 judgments, currently subject to appeal.
                    • 3. Transfer all litigation to England
                    • 4. Transfer to High Court outside Wales
                    • 5. Consolidation of cases due to extreme and unusual case of blatant police bullying making previous case law, relied upon by Defence, as totally irrelevant.
                    • 6. Machine Gun case, falsified psychiatric reports and other failed 2010 police prosecutions, all for the Defendant to delay ongoing civil actions, should be given to an outside police force for a thorough independent criminal investigation.


                    •A.     HM Court Service (Wales)


                    • 1. HMCS refuse Claimant access to public counter
                    • 2. Communicate by e-mails
                    • 3. Make telephone calls for clarification
                    • 4. Allowed pay court fees by credit card over phone
                    • 5. Allowed to have affidavits sworn at court before a Court Order dead line
                    • 6. Conspired to prosecute common assault conviction (2nd Nov 2010), ignoring medical evidence, HMCS not placing evidence before the District Judge
                    • 7. Court manager & HM Treasury Solicitor's ‘internal memos', circa 2003, re ‘Vexatious Litigant' registration, revealing miserable but expensive attempts over five years + and losing vital court files to block Claimant's right to the rule of law.
                    • 8. HMCS refuses to disclose information to the Claimant in the trial and conviction, in Claimant's absence, now before Welsh Administrative Court. Immediate withdrawal of bail restrictions and arrest order when part release took place in May 2011.....utter abuse of process and criminal conduct.
                    • 9. Deliberate withholding of ex MP's obtained independent medical report for 2nd Dec 2009 hearing, castigating Dr Williams on intrusive dangerous POW unnecessary brain scan and giving false evidence for 10 Cardiff Crown Court judges.


                    •B.      Criminal Conduct of SWP solicitors, Dolmans of Cardiff.


                    • 1. False Feb 09 Chief Superintendant sworn affidavit despite Dolmans having been supplied with 50 odd Claimant lever arch files identifying the court cases and police break-in to his veterinary surgery with Barbara Wilding denying knowledge thereof .
                    • 2. 22nd July 2009 Dolmans had Claimant jailed and ignored trial judge 2010 Court Order to disclose details of complaint that had to his arrest and jail, designed to delay civil trials.
                    • 3. Dolmans fully aware Dr Tegwyn Williams' false psychiatric reports concocted by police for Claimant's incarceration in Broadmoor for life.

                    [‘Significant brain damage', brain tumour and evidence on 2nd December 2009]

                    • 4. Claimant receives Estimated Defendant's £800,000 legal costs
                    • 5. Refuse mediation for the cash or from tax payer quoting trial judge's view!


                    •C.      Trial Judge


                    • 1. Claimant refused to prosecute several incidents because convicted despite being unrelated to his proposed prosecution or after specific bullying.

                    Eg.    a. Overhead video catching Claimant being beaten up by police

                             b. Breach of the Peace allegation withdrawn due to forged police papers, countless court irregularities and CPS perjury before Recorder of Cardiff.

                             c. Roundabout incident and motoring conviction irrelevant to "We will get the ***" said by police and overhead heard by veterinary nurse planted in back of court due to Claimant's absence. All refused incidents now subject to appeal, in Wales, having been refused an English court.


                    • 2. Refuses to consolidate.....4th, 5th damages cases and 'machine gun' case whilst defence application is to put off the latter, effectively, for 5 years.


                    • 3. MAPPA minutes disclosure so far refused identifying more in the conspiracy, sat around eight tables, to have Claimant either shot or jailed, IPP, for life.

                     ie  8th June 09 Barry police station MAPPA meeting, no one ever told the Claimant and  1st June 09 IAG meeting at police HQ,  3 weeks before  arrest registered in level 3 MAPPA, top 5% most dangerous ,  with the hpe of getting him shot (see leaked MAPPA memos). 17th Dec 09 Claimant's name removed from MAPPA surveillance, again, without explanation or knowledge of  Claimant until too late to inform judge for bail.

                    •D.     Machine Gun Trial

                    South Wales Police arranged with CAA for four other identical ‘guns', on replica WW1 aircraft or museums to be taken by owners to gunsmiths! In Claimant's case the Welsh police travelled with it, often alone, 2000 miles, contrary to HO gun Regulations, touring the UK desperate to frame the Claimant for mandatory ten year prison sentance.

                    English police washed their hands if it refusing to arrest either new owner or previous owner of Lewis machine gun so Welsh police called them as prosecution witnesses after attempting to modifying the ‘gun' more, for trial, police knowing the new owner had , himself, modified it, contrary to the 1968 Fire Arms Act.

                    Machine gun trial heard no evidence of Claimant's ‘permanent brain damage/brain tumour' with the trial judge pretending he knew nothing of it.

                    Claimant refused repeated bent legal representation, sent into prison, gave no evidence, called no witnesses , refused judge's demand for defence statement, refused to sum up , jury making up its mind on the very first day of evidence stating, to the Claimant's friends and relations in a Cardiff restaurant immediately after the shambolic trial, "all the police were lying".

                    NHS, Williams, Prof Wood, HM prison (Nov 2010 £50,000 judgment awarded to Claimant, by trial judge against HM Prison Cardiff is still live. Retired HM Governor ignored thi judge's Order for ‘Governor at the time' statement for any disclosure of audit trail or did HMCS block serving of the summons for false imprisonment in the first place?  It stinks, doesn't it?

                    •E.      Police/NHS/Dr Tegwyn Williams/ Professor Wood/ HM Prison Conduct

                    Claimant' forced prolonged illness was a deliberate tactic by most of above Defendants to prejudice his civil litigation.

                     After Claimant's release from prison, on 9th Feb 2010, NHS refused to carry out a brain scan or operation, Welsh GP practices refused Claimant as a patient and only by going to France did he obtain a brain scan and urgently overdue hip replacement, in March 2011, to get him off powerful analgesics and other mind hallucinating drugs for acute pain.

                    Human Rights abuse was rife, but who, in Wales, is counting?



                    Another typical  example of antiquated adversarial UK legal system, contrary to European methods of obtaining the truth, propagated in Cardiff, this time,  for their HM Partnership  ‘gravy train' to prolong proceedings for as long as possible using, yet again, the tried and tested method of ‘Treacle Treatment', to Delay.


                    • 7. By this court, not consolidating cases, not transferring to the High Court, out of Wales and for independent police force not examining Claimant's private prosecution evidence served, again, this week at Cardiff Central police station and currently before an English criminal court, this trial judge is at serious risk of abuse of process, blocking mediation and settlement out of court, many knowing a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice within the Welsh judiciary is proved.


                    • 8. The Defendants are relying on the usual ‘treacle treatment', for a Claimant against the State, to either ‘run out of money', ‘run out of steam' or, simply, ‘die'.


                    Voltaire wrote, something like, When the State get it wrong it is dangerous to be right'.  

                    The Claimant believes, there is only one truth, no matter which litigant has control of it.


                    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

                    St Doha




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