This villain NHS doctor and a serious danger to others, without qualifications and contrary to all the experts involved, both before and after Maurice's incarceration in his evil laboratory, Caswell Clinic, wrote numerous false medical reports that were fabricated specifically for 10 Cardiff Crown Court judges to oppose his prisoner any chance of bail during his almost 8 months in Cardiff and Caswell prison.

On the whim of Barbara Wilding [next poster], the South Wales Police Chief, just over some antique WW1 remnants of a gun, even when they knew full well, it would never get across a British jury, had to dream up some other strategy to lock him away...

IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) needed attempted by police and CPS by using two 1983 Mental Health Act reports from two rogue doctors.

.......... Tegwyn came 'a running'! 

His report alone was sufficient enough to lengthen Maurice's imprisonment and had the duress on Maurice's wife to sign their pre-prepared witness statement. If it had not backfired, in 'Operation Orchid', he would still be in jail.

Witnessed by Caswell Clinic staff, at the 8th June clandestine MAPPA meeting in Barry police station, of all places, Maurice was being set up to be shot.

Clinical Opinion by Dr. T Williams

Dr Williams, in August 09, was more than eager to produce the necessary goods for Maurice's protracted  imprisonment, for life without trial. This would bury Maurice's already 19 year running civil action for damages, against the police, for 10 years of bullying and numerous maliciolus false imprisonments, all originally orchestrated for the purpose of getting him struck off as a veterinary surgeon, for life.